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Vanquishing Giedi Prime

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For attack or defense?

For defense:

Have enough cobra's for defense and some backup defense (las tanks)

For attack:

No frontal attack, bridges are not big enough. Use a group of Sardaukar in APC's. Carry them with Adv Carryalls, move to a good spot and attack!!

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maybe it only happenes to me but...the harkonen always (at least with me) they always nuke the mcv you last deployed.

like, you have an second mcv and you deploy it miles away from your base then they still nuke that second mcv cause its the last one thats deployed.

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i got the sardaukar. but im not sure if i got the Tleilaxu. i think i havent got them. but Tleilaxu are good at times. i know most ppl say they suck (sorry for using that word). but the AI doesnt use engineers or repairvehs.

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well... sure.... but listen to this.... perhaps you would not agree with me.... but sometimes i have (in multiple games) a harder time to defeat an AI player than a human player cuz the computers always sends a mixed army.... it will not only send laser tanks or only cobra's.... there are always mortars, chemical troopers, AA troopers and stuff with them so I find it hard to develop a strategy that the AI cannot beat....

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