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  1. I think the ranks on this site should be given by the quality of the information, not by the number of silly posts that one can make ! What do you think ?? I haven't posted that many, but i can tell that the ones i wrote are a lot more substantial.... Greetings :P
  2. oh..... and dont let them grow using eye in the sky units... ! ;D
  3. Build up good defenses and many fremen cause they are invisible.....
  4. House Ordos already existed since the film, but the thing was that they appeared just a second. The escort that the creature has (interpeters) come from house Ordos. ;D
  5. quick walkthrough for this level : take the construction yard and heavy factory. then build barracks next to them and
  6. An easy way to get rid of Tlexiau : when a unit has been contaminated simply take one missile trooper and fire at your own unit (with the ctrl key you can do this) , after one or two hits
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