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Absent to play for 3 years , probably;

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I m not going play emperor for a long time.

The problem is , hard study.

I need get the time i have been playing emperor to study untill i get my life resolved.

so i would back again.


I see u guys in the future , and i will catch ur msn in own site , dune2k. :-

I dindt get mad at someone. ;)

i like every1. ;D

I would like to play that tourney but , i need get a thing before i get old. ??? >:(


let it to after. >:(

late guyes , and good luck; ;)

Bye silontee , lastgoyo , spazelord , and mordusxxx, I will back a day to teach u guyes how to play.

I won all u guyes recently and now , i m going out .

But , i will back to teach u guyes how to play haha , and i will show u guyes a high secret top tech , i havent showed it still.



late .

The great , bigb0ss.( that is my nick ur (*&(*&&(*& ) dont copy it lol.

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f*k this shit yuko?  who put this crap in ure head man?

1_ the only thing worthy in ure life is emp and that is the only thing that made u feel

  that u are something in this life  ..

2_ you are already old what are u going to study in 3 years? lol even if u did you wont

get better we all studied and eat shit in the end dont even bother man...

u really sound like a loser

3_ what the problem if u study and play like pearl and spaze? 1 hour of emp

wont hurt ure study and will make u relax and study better

4_ i think u are scared because am coming back to the tourney  and want to disappear

before i see u ... and u will properly get back after its done ..

but i dont want u to run and i promise you that if u face me i wont kill u so fast ...


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