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Yeah i'm still virgin!!! (hehehe i'll keep this to myself!!)

Well for me Gaming is the ultimate pleasure!!! Evne though I have my Girlfriend and bedmates their nothing compared to Games....

Gaming gives me that rush that makes me feel ALIVE!!! (it also makes me cum when I see Yuna (final fantasy X-2) changing to her battle outfit in FFX2)

Well real sex has it's disadvantage...

You can have AIDS, STD, HIV, and other genital disieses!!! (if you don't have the proper condom!! Hehehe!!)

cool post from a dude who serves "the ministry of the empire of Harkonnen" his name is Ray Godly.. been offline for years.. almost all of his posts made me laugh.

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Hey there !!!!

Just logged on  very hot topic now eh!!!

Well i think Generals Really sucks!!!

SC is very good the best Blizzard can offer!!

Has anyone played Ascendancy???? This game really FUCKING KIKCK ASS HARD!!! IT BENT MY DICK HARD!!!!


That game must have really "fucking kikck ass hard", same goes for the dick bending.

He... He also said something along the lines of "Gaming/Yuna makes me cum" and he prefers his games to his friends and girlfriend... Sick...

Btw, from what I read from that topic... People seem really sex obsessed...

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yeah... lol...

that guy (Ray Godly) even criticized one of my posts (gotta look for that one shortly), saying that I'm going crazy (though that post was just about demonic possessions).

I chatted with that Ray guy a couple of times. He's obsessed with the furry, he's having an animal incest. He's busy making "roll-playing novels (as in roll, not role)" about some story of a child who is aided by his friends to stop some evil (typical RPG storyline) and he let me read a few. Looked just like this (sample on Dune):

Feyd Rautha: Speak!

Paul Atreides: *moves sideways*

Feyd Rautha: HiyahhH! *dives towards Paul with his knife flashed*

Paul Atreides: dodges the fatal blow.

"Fhsyuwww!" The knife hit the ground! (WITH SPECIAL SOUND EFFECTS! OMG)

I dont know if that guy is still alive today... I reckon that he's now dead. All i can remember is that he said to me that he got an argument with a moderator here thats why he stopped visiting fed2k.

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I remember Dragoon explaining how the psp was superior to the DS, because it didn't have a stylus that could be lost. That was pretty hilarious.

As for reactorfighter, he just wasn't a very bright person. A golden opportunity for the people here to display their cruel and harsh wit. It's like the people that are bullied in real life, finding someone to bully online. We had lowzeewee applauding too.

Where is low now anyway? He doesn't even pop on msn.

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I remember Dragoon explaining how the psp was superior to the DS, because it didn't have a stylus that could be lost. That was pretty hilarious.

That was one facet of the argument, yes.  But I agree it was hilarious.  I had a friend of mine read the thread.  He and I still laugh about your analysis of my arguments.  He now uses it as part of his varied arsenal of abilities to annoy me in humourous ways.

He even made a character on WoW in the beginning - a Paladin called Spectral.  He used to log on and go off on tirades about comparing bananas to soap dispensers or somesuch, to try and replicate some argument you made about the DS or the PSP being like a mobile phone, or something.  I forget the real reason now, it's been so long.  He deleted the character and re-made it into a priest.  One of his mains, now, would you believe.

But he did make a little song about it, to the tune of French Erotic Film.  I'll not bore everyone with the lyrics, but it just goes to show how hilarious arguments can lead to lasting, very amusing results.  I know that my friend and I will have fun for years to come remembering the ramblings of that thread. :P

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Hey, I bought a DS.  Play it regularly, much more than I play the PSP.  Lost a stylus recently, but mine was from Japan and came with a shiny spare.  Still quite convinced that the PSP is a better machine all round, though.

Doesn't change my liking of the DS, nor my playing of my 360 or Wii and notably not a PS3, so not a fanboy after all, eh?

Ah well.  It's all water under the bridge now.  I'll be the first to apologise for any angry outbursts, but you have a talent for infuriating people.  And after all, it's all just opinion. ;)

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