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This could get messy, but let's go for it anyway.  What are the funniest posts you have read on this site? 

An example:

I fixed the name and website of the maker of the IS Mod, although I still don't know his name, I used his initials IS in the name. Hey guys I was just wondering any females playing Emperor? If you're female, mail me I'd like to know. I'm not going to harass you or anything I'm just curious, for the only people I know on the forum are males, so it'd be nice to meet a girl for a change.

For all of you having problems with my oh so great English, a directory is the same thing as a folder!

Oh alphabeta4000 needs ideas and artists for his second version of the Subhouse Mod. Go to the forum and let him know if you know of anything.

This was a News post in the Dune Editing board.

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I rather enjoyed it as well. Don't suppose there would be a way to get it back, now that the issue has died down. Mm, I suppose it would still be as hurtful to Reactor as it ever was. Shame.

Guess I'll just have to try infiltrating the dungeon again.

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It's Hungary :) It never occurred to me that the flags of Hungary and Iran have a similar color scheme :)

I can't remember, but he was a soldier fighting somewhere, that's what I know.

A superhero, rather. A nuclear superhero fighting demons.

I sound ridiculous :D

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