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Dungeons and Dune: Gob's Dungeon

Edric O

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I hope you are still alive with this project. I'm even in for a one on one. Been playing and especially DM'ing in DND myself for 10+ years.

Hope this is not thread necromancy, but necromancers are good parts of rpg's anyway.

I will be in and will play in any medium and possibly any time.

So please still be alive...

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Ah, yes, this project. I would still be interested in running it, but as Dante said in his IM to me, we'd have to find some imaginative way of doing it... and we have 3 months to think of one, because I definitely won't have time for it until late May or early June.

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The main problem is time. We don't have enough of it, and that we do have is spread across an uncomfortable distance.

Soooo, real-time running of the game would be possible, but difficult to achieve. The alternative is that it's run as a normal Fanfiction RPG, however this method poses serious challenges. Firstly, we would almost certainly end up in a position where the entire team is waiting for one person to post, and that person is taking a few days off. Secondly, combat would be a nightmare. Rolling for hit, rolling for damage, mitigating factors, discussing problems with the DM... Nightmare, seriously.

Both of these options seem impractical to me, so we have three months to come up with some sort of middle ground. I have to admit, I'm at something of a loss. Most of the actual RP could be done here on the forum, but that lacks a certain... liveliness that I expect a live game would provide. Combat is fast paced and has a lot of steps, it would need a way to take place quickly or be changed so that a slower pace does not significantly alter the game. This might change the game beyond the scope of DnD though.

I'd like to add for the record that when I graduate I'll be available at about all times too. Probably.

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Here's a thought, borne of the few "preparation threads" that have existed in Fan Fiction in the past.

We could have three different threads - one would be the main "story" thread, where Edric would be the sole poster.  He would begin by outlining the scenario (like he has done at the start of this thread).

Then, there would be a sign-up thread - rules for signing up would be put here, along with guidelines on creating a character (could take some pointers from Cyborg's Junigard sign-up thread for this part).  Anyone could join in at any point - it would just have to be incorporated into the storyline.

The third thread would be the "discussion" thread, where we would all post our thoughts on what to do next.  This would allow turns to be thought out and actions decided.  Then, when a consensus is reached, an elected "spokesperson" would either post the official decisions, or better yet, IM Edric with the actions to be taken.

Edric could then do all of the rolling of dice behind the scene, maintaining a sense of creative license as opposed to relying on hard numbers or having to trust everyone to be honest.  Then, once the results have all been calculated, Edric would post in the first thread with the progression of the scenario - more discussion would then follow in the discussion thread, and so on and so forth.  Any new sign-ups would be integrated into the next turn (or the turn after, depending on the amount of discussion and decisions made at that point).

How does that sound to everyone (especially you, Edric :P)?

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