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  1. Guys, please forgive me for my missing number of synapses, but does this mean "if" we can work on it some more, we can save our games replays and watch them afterwards using some kind of "demo.exe?" that would be.. wonderfull..
  2. So we cant change it? Something strange is, when i give the worm a bullet weapon with a range of, say, 3 and 300 damage, the worm kills everything it can, but it does not disappear after killing. So the weapon type somehow also plays a role in it.
  3. Heya guys; I was wondering if there was a possible way that we could add in-game text messages triggered by events or time variables. It could really enhance the storytelling, which is very important for a dune game. This sounds possible as there is the option for in-game messages, like when you select a building for the first time they show up and tell something. And there is that message that tells there is not enough concrete space. I also would like to remove the option that when you are out of harvesters, the game brings one for you. Or at least making it a very late delivery could be wonderfull. I believe both these aspects are buried in exe right? Also, there are crew values for vehicles in the manual. Sometimes when your harvester gets destroyed, a single soldier is given. And when buildings blow up, they leave back random number and hp of soldiers. These could be used to create interesting options. Does anyone have any idea on them? Feels like the more number of crew for a vehicle, the more possibility of a survivor soldier emerging from its ruins. I will check nyerguds editor and try to figure out. Buildings slowly degenerate when without power right? They also degenerate faster when built on bare rock. So there is a kind of degeneration value somewhere. and when you repair a building it regenerates so there is some code about it too. Repair facility repairs vehicles too. Can we somehow make regenerating units or units with a limited lifespan? Spice bloom is also interesting. Does anybode know where are the codes for it and what could possibly be done with it? Maybe we can use it like crates of red alert and similar? -Manual has hints for this. It says it may contain an abandoned vehicle or credits or spice, and if you shoot, you destroy if there was a "prize" and if you walk over you lose your unit if its spice. In the game, there is only spice. Does anyone have any idea to solve the half damage in some directions bug? This is also interesting; how does the game decide to deal half damage? How can we use this?
  4. I cant figure out which piece of script in worms lines refer to three swallow limits. There is no value set to "3" inside or i keep constantly fail to see it. Does using new version of the decompiler make any changes in the values? I am absolutely sure there was a "push 3" line with another decompiler. It was not towards the end though, it was closer to middle. So maybe it was in general section? Being a complete noob on programming doesnt help either. I am thinking hard on possibilites of all this "pushreg popreg push" mess, but i cant form the picture. I know the stack uses the first value last, the values are used from last to first. But how do i change a value which is not on the top? This worm thing is important to any modder. Shai hulud should be more fearsome, both hp wise and duration-wise. (maybe even a little bit faster)
  5. Yes it worked! However your decompiler handles everything in a different way i guess, because when i used another one before, all lines had a line number. I also couldnt see which part belonged to which unit. Differences is not just these though, i couldnt find push 3 anywhere. This is not too important now because i know where the worm codes are thanks to your decompiler. However being a complete amateur, i cant resolve all the codes, nor how they work. I learned basic when i was 14, which was completely by accident when i tried every command in dos. This one is quite different. It feels so abstract to me. Anyway, what i am trying is to make permemant worms, which do not vanish when they eat 3 units. I found the first few lines could be about it. But the pushed value there is 0 first, 10 second. So another line checks if they are equal, and if it is, "destroy" is executed. But on what? On the worm or on target unit?
  6. Ermmm... I am getting an error from windows like "the application couldnt be started because it was not created correctly" I am not sure about the exact translation. It advices me that reinstalling can solve the problem. Did i miss something?
  7. Hey! Does this mean we can now toy with unit.emc? Other decompilers messed it up in the process so i couldnt even try to make worms ever-hungry (which means they dont get lost after 3 swallows.) I believe i have found the piece of code for this, but i wasnt sure. This EMC thing looks to insubtsancial to me, but there is only one "push 3" in the code. This should be it.
  8. This is becoming very handsome :) Today i inspected your method for sardaukar. Thanks for this nice touhce!
  9. Yeah you are really deep into it. I almost suspect you are one of the programmers :D
  10. Heya everybody! Been away for a while as my mother had an operation, now she is fine and i am back to work. Today i made some more playtests in first 4 levels and tried to make an interesting 5th level. To emphasise more on infantry, i made it more like a reinforcements war; with almost all reinforcement being infantry. I will try to show the first sardokar here; I hope this level will have a distinctive playstyle too. I played it for once, and not to the end of it as work got huge again suddenly, but up to part i played it was nice, forcing me to use some harvesters to crush infantry. It suddenly became a twofold gameplay of using my reinforcements to attack enemy base while trying to defend at the same time. Hope to finalize it tomorrow and move onto next level. After all levels done, i will get into mentat image thing. Btw i am happy concrete bug is fixed! I can imagine the relief MrFlibble! Oh-btw-i will try to do the same sardokar thing as in d2ext. of yours, if you would aprove. Wind out.
  11. Interesting. Today was full of work and i am still at work too. So not much development. But i have already changed many tracked movement type to wheeled already. So possibly the burning down animation for tanks and siege tanks will go away seemingly. The -get damaged when crushed- option seems wonderfull. Not that there are many vehicles that can do so in my mod, but its still tempting. And the possibilty to modify the raider trike to some serious infantry power (for fremen or sardokar) is quite tempting. This week i am going to have a break at work for about 5 days, in which i hope to at least complete my level design. After which i can go on with my experiments. Thanks for all the support guys!
  12. Here are some of the changes i am thinking to make on units: Infantry: will be a little bit (about %15) cheaper, will have a longer LoS, will be uncrushable except harvesters and devastators. Trike: will increase LoS greatly and speed and hit points slightly. Raider trike: will be a lot more expensive but will have superior firepower. Ordos will be given normal trike, while raider one will be like a fast tank with low hp. will reduce the weapon range greatly though... Quad: will almost be the same. Basic tank: will be dirty cheap, rapid fire low damage medium range vehicle. Siege tank: will amost be the same. Rocket tank: will almost be the same. Might consider a slight range increase to better take down turrets. I must see how the cpu uses this though... If they are complete failure, i might indeed shorten their range to force the player when facing turrets. Deviator: Will launch small misiles rapidly over an extreme range. Player will not be able to build or order them from starport. They will be expensive and slow to build, even for the cpu. So no more gas thing. Saboteur: I will see if i can change saboteur to something else. What i have in mind is a close compat specialits sardokar which will be a real trouble to player. I will show a few of them in the mid levels which will demonstrate their serious power, and i want the player to live a shock when they rain down to him in final level. I hope i can do this. Unfortunately, there seems to be no way left to them for fremen. Which should have been superior to emperors troops. I may try to change the raider trike to fremen, however this will be the final touch if i can. Turrets: Will require double the energy (maybe even more) and money. I dont want the player to sit back and enjoy. He should be in his toes all the time. Also note that this mode will be for veteran players. So no laziness! Work up your fingers! Most buildings: Will have slightly more hp. Most importantly, construction yard will be about %30 boosted. No easiy opponent finishings. Worms: will move faster. fear the shai hulud and love the rocky terrain. Bring back the strategical movement factor.
  13. Waiting for it! I really need something like that... Yesterday i played another level of harkonnen at hard setting v1.07. for the first time the computer was able to beat me, because of my untis superior pathfinding capabilities. When i noticed that backup did not came yet, my combat tanks were fighting inside enemy territory for almost 10 minutes, all in red hp and burning. (micro helps extend thier lifetime) I looked at my base and saw them all stuck in the bottom of my bases hill area. they couldnt succeed.. Neither could i. All my units died, some big amount of atre combat tanks and quads arrive and i reload the game. A tiny hope? ... maybe... maybe...
  14. Its all right if Fremen are always allied with Atreides. It suits my scenario. However, i wonder why fremen worms attack atreides units, in this case. And why do they prefer player units over enemy ones? 3rd level was very fine. I had given the player a single basic tank, but noticed it still makes huge difference, even when it cant crush infantry. I am trying to give the basic tank a capability so that it can still be producable in latter levels. The way to make units still preferable should be about giving them unique abilities, or boost one of their abilities so high that you may need them later. Like a trikes speed for scouting, or even hit and runs. Siege tank in every aspect is much more stronger than a normal tank. To solve this i have to change the potential area of at least one of them. Giving the normal tank the ability to crush infantry might solve this, however this may again trash the infantry thing. Needs a lot playtesting. Open to advices, your wind. (damn i wish i could add a regeneration ability to a unit...)
  15. Thanks for the screen. I hoped to work on them today, but work is getting large, probably wont have time today. And i have yet to playtest my third and fourth levels. Third one is a basically, defend your base from a constant rain of enemies till the reinforcements arrive, and fourth one is a classic build and - destroy enemy style. I am having hard time giving theme to my levels because of the limitations on win/loseflags. Will try to color them up as much as i can. Hope you will like it guys... EDIT: oh btw, i am going to change, currently bugged and out of style deviator to a rapid - mini rocket launcher. Small amount of damage for each misile but they rain. Will be only limited to Harkonnen. And.. do you have any idea how to make a cpu fremen ally to player?
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