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Your cast for the upcoming Dune movie


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Duke Leto: Liam Neeson, Christian Bale as second choice (Bale is a bit too young)

Jessica: Lena Headey or Cate Blanchett

Duncan Idaho: Gerard Butler

Gurney Halleck: Ray Winstone

Dr. Yueh: Gary OIdman

Stilgar: Ghassan Massoud


Chani: not sure

Paul: James McAvoy

The Baron: Ian McNeice

Piter DeVries: John Malkovich, Alan Cumming, Robert Carlyle[?]

Feyd : Ben Foster, maybe

Rabban: not sure

Mohiam: Sigourney Weaver

Shaddam: Ken Watanabe

Irulan: not sure

Fenring: Willem Defoe

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James McAvoy can't play Paul Atreides. He's already played Leto II.

Shaddam - Val Kilmer [the one good thing out of Alexander, the movie]

Paul    - Shia LeBeouf

Leto    - Antonio Banderas

Jessica - Wynona Ryder

Mohiam  - Sigourney Weaver [o yeah, got the Alien:Resurrection thing going]

Vlad Harkonnen - Ian McKellan

Feyd Harkonnen - Rob Patterson

Yueh    - BD Wong

Chani  - Jessica Alba

DeVries - Brad Doruif [Alien 4!]

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Heres my list of who I would like to see in a dune remake.

Paul - Unknown young actor(s). preferably two brothers of varying ages who look similar. great for young Paul and Paul Muad'dib. (I'm not being too unrealistic am I?  ::)

Jessica - ??? (This one's harder to pick than a broken nose)

Leto - Viggo Mortensen.

Thufir - John Reese Davies.

Gurney - Ron Perlman.

Yueh - Kevin Klein.

Duncan - Liam Neeson.

Baron - Jack McGee.

Beast - Glenn Jacobs (Kane - Wrestler)

Pitr - Gary Oldman.

Feyd - Young Unknown.

Shaddam - Anthony Head.

Fenrig - Steve Buscemi.

Mohiam - Angelika Houston.

Stilgar - Gerard Butler.

Chani - Young Unknown.

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I'm definitely going to see the new movie, if it ever comes out.

My first hope is that it's going to be a decent movie on it's own. I've recomended to several of my friends that they read Dune and lended out my copy more than once, but nobody actually bothers to read it. It would probably be much easier to get people to see a movie, after wich I can always recommend the book.

My second hope is that it stays reasonably close to the book, though I realize that a lot will have to be cut. The miniseries was okay in that respect, allthough it also added some irrelevant and unnecessary subplots.

So far, I've never had the chance to discuss Dune with someone in real life despite the fact that it's supposedly the best-selling SF novel in history.

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