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  1. I'd be really interested to see what a Dune army circa Paul Atreides time looked like swordsman, spearmen, maybe even axemen[?], slow-projectile squads maybe? wouldn't conventional shields still be useful for trapping the opponent's weapon?
  2. Duke Leto: Liam Neeson, Christian Bale as second choice (Bale is a bit too young) Jessica: Lena Headey or Cate Blanchett Duncan Idaho: Gerard Butler Gurney Halleck: Ray Winstone Dr. Yueh: Gary OIdman Stilgar: Ghassan Massoud Chani: not sure Paul: James McAvoy The Baron: Ian McNeice Piter DeVries: John Malkovich, Alan Cumming, Robert Carlyle[?] Feyd : Ben Foster, maybe Rabban: not sure Mohiam: Sigourney Weaver Shaddam: Ken Watanabe Irulan: not sure Fenring: Willem Defoe
  3. Just to clear things up, is it the force/energy of the object or simply its velocity? because if it were the energy rather than just the velocity, the shield wouldn't have a speed setting it would have an energy setting in that case less massive objects could pass through at greater maximum speeds than heavier objects, but in the books it seems that the shields only take speed into account also I thought that, against a shield, the tip is more effective than the edge because a slow thrust is more effective than a slow chop you can gently press the point into someone but that doesn't really work with the edge
  4. I thought the exact same although historically there are straight and slightly curved kindjals (both double-edged), I think in the Dune appendix, the kindjal is described as having a slightly curved blade around 20cm long (this probably fits the description most closely) I also thought that most of the weapons in Dune had to be shorter stabbing blades, but then again Duncan said something to the effect of "there is no art in killing with the tip" (or something like that) and if I recall correctly Paul used a rapier against Gurney but yes, penetrating the shield with a knife or shortsword in a fight would be much easier than say penetrating it with a 7 foot spear killing with the edge would also be really difficult against a shield fast hacking and chopping blows would be deflected, so I suppose a slower slitting attack would be the only way to use the edge effectively, but then why not just a slower, more efficient thrust?
  5. One of the signature features of the Dune universe was the use of personal shields and old-fashioned blade weapons in a highly futuristic setting. Kindjals seem to be a popular weapon in the series. The swords are never described in detail, but rapiers are mentioned. What types of blade design do you think would be appropriate for the new Dune movie? I've included some pictures of kindjals, japanese shortswords/knives, roman swords, and rapiers I personally think the kindjals and the roman swords are more fitting for the Dune universe than fancy rapiers and asian swords but what do you guys think? On a side note I also liked some of designs in the Dune miniseries. The Sardarukar knives and the one (can't find a picture) Gurney Halleck used looked pretty good. I still however haven't seen a crysknife that does the descriptions in the book justice though. 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
  6. I can't find it at the moment, but somewhere in this article http://dune2k.com/Community/Articles/Warfare I could have sworn I read something to the effect that shields repulse each other when they come too close together
  7. on a related note i'm assuming that the shield does not envelope the blade held in the wearer's hand since if it did the shield around the blade would be repulsed by the opponent's shield so I don't see why a shield would cover the gun
  8. I came across these interesting tidbits in an article on Dune warfare featured on this site: http://dune2k.com/Community/Articles/Warfare A shield can be modified to provide only partial protection to its wearer...this shows that shield configurations are flexible and can be shaped to a particular task. Conversely, fast moving missile weapons cannot be fired from within a shield. This causes a shield inversion and the resultant impact radiation cooks the shield wearer very quickly. A second limitation on shield use is the exhausting effects on the wearer when deprived of sufficient oxygen for any significant length of time. If all this were true, couldn't shields be configured to provide close to full protection while allowing the wearer to breath with more ease or to fire guns? (for example a shield that has a few small wholes in it for air and leaves one of the wearer's hands exposed)
  9. a lot of Dune fan fiction is quite good...I know how hard it is to pull off decent fan fiction, I've tried albeit not Dune-related, so kudos to those who can do so in as rich a universe as Dune what I was saying is that the books by BH and KJA, professional writers with editors at their disposal, are being outdone by casual RPG threads, not even actual stories...come on that's embarrassing lol, I was going through some of those in the fanfiction section and by the third or fourth sentences it was already more engaging than any chapter from Butlerian Jihad
  10. I didn't read Sandworms (thanks the lord) but I hope to god that BH and his buddy didn't actually used the word "bad" to describe how Sheanna felt...
  11. Erasmus was a semi-interesting character, but in the end I believe BH and KJA wasted Erasmus's potential to develop into a truly original and engaging character, I think the sad fact is that BH and KJA aren't talented enough to engage the reader, and as was mentioned, a semi-interesting character in their writing is the exception not the norm with a bunch of bland, faceless characters like vorian, xavier, abulurd, serena, iblis, agamemnon, norma, aurelius etc, etc
  12. yes but a little entertainment is better than nothing, which is what I got out of the man v. machine series related to Dune only in name
  13. I just dug out my copies of the LoD trilogy and all I can say is it's the ultimate example of bland, lazy, "churn one out every year" writing I browsed the fan fiction section of this forum and some of the RPG threads were more engaging than BH's writing...it's that bad, it really is, AND I just found out by reading Amazon reviews that BH and KJA attempt to pass off the originals as inaccurate in-universe texts written by Irulan, so now they're pretty much free to rewrite whatever they want, that is seriously the last straw
  14. my friend you have accomplished in a few paragraphs what Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson could not in a full-blown trilogy
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