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The ultimate 1 vs 1 building order


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SO this is the best building order ive figured out. Ref Bar Fac Ref Sard Ref Sard Sard Fac Ref Fac Frem Frem Frem Ref Hang Star Super then whatever you choose, you have to build one harvester before anything else, and then build ten of the lowest tanks you can build, after that you will have to build an mcv and start a new base. never let up on your upgrading your refinerys, always check that, and always have support around your spice, if you get droned that your fault, keep a heavy ground support up, bikes, light inf, sards constantly once you get enough of an army you can go to your next tier, that goes for all units.... good luck and have fun guys :O

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and and its depend on your oponent's balance, coordination, handling, regard, esteem, honesty, knowledge, information, brave, character, conscience, conscious, mercy, hope, curiocity, anxiety, challange, science, magic, fascinate and and and ideasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :)

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there is not the problem THE MAP;

i can use that bo and own jeffn00b in sandy pass.

there is a point of using that bo ,

not losing time of money ,

but , its not my favorite,

U guys said depend of ur oponent


we could use that bo and win

if it depend of his eyesight.


ASS: master youko

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