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Death Hand reload

Guest Ahmad Rony

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Guest Ahmad Rony

hai...Iam rony....

I wanna ask about something guys....

Can we reload DeathHand such a LovelyWeapon.....oh i really love that goddamned.... ;D ;D ::)...

please help me fellas... :D

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naah, the inaccuracy makes up for that :). though in the last mission for atreides or ordos it becomes quite cheesy. 2 of those freaken missiles fired at your base. If you are unlucky (like i always am) they will destroy your entire base (you know, the thing always happens to me). and you can load and hope for that 25% freaken lucky chance that it only destroys half your base

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You see if the death hand was more and more accurate it will be unbalanced. A rain of death hands isn't satisfying because of their awful accuracy definitely not a spear head for a attack. Only good way to use a death hand is to save the game and re-load the level and keep on doing that but depends on how far the enemys base is ? and how far your base is from it. The death hand is definitely not the wise Martial's choice. The choice is only used when the enemy base is shown.

Then other good way is if you are playing as Harkonnen

you may use the enemies technology for Example :

1. go to [CHOAM]

2. Add Deviator=99,Devastator=99,Sonic Tank=99,Thopter=99,Saboteur=99 and so on.

3. Use this format for all the level's inlcuding level

1 or 2 or 3 and you may request 11 Orntithopter's as long as you change the enemies refinery to a starport and make it Harkonnen.This is a fun way to destroy the enemy but only if you have the Credits for it or else stick to your base units.


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