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  1. Dam!! So, how it is supposed for us to make a tank rush???
  2. ThE_CrOw

    Death Hand reload

    Ahhh... The pleasules of old games... ;) I'm still of the time when building 10 hark palaces were the final signature for the anihilation of the enmy... What a beautiful irony...!!! ;D
  3. Anyway, I think that ww will never do emp2, because they have more to think [hide](Like the disaster that was C&C- Renegade... :P)[/hide]. So, the only thing that we can do is annoy them with e- mails... BTW, does anyone has the ww e- mail (I'm not in th mood to go look for him... HERE BOY!!! ;D) HAVE AN EMPEROR DAY!!! [hide](With clear allusion to someone... :))[/hide]
  4. I already download ti. Tks ken124578 :) ;) :D ;D
  5. Tks ken124578. I'll download it now, and I'll tell ya something then. :)
  6. Well, most people goes to fight for Atreides because they're noble. No one wants to be seen as a psycho (Peter DeVries), or as some kind of failed attempt of superbeing (Speaker). In Dune 2000- Atreides (Most balanced), Harkonnen (Most strongest), Ordos (Most deviators). Atreides in E:BFD have the anoying fact of speed and lach of heavy units. Now, Hark has great forces (The Devastators kickass), and the Ordos have the speed and regenaration on their side. So, in my point of view: E:BFD- Hark, Ordos, Atr. Dune 2000: Hark, Atr, Ordos. Of course, this is my oppinion... About the better house: The better house is the one that you know how to take advantage from their units.
  7. Yeah. The puzzle part they forgot to put it, because the only puzzle part that I remember is the one where you have to cross the sand in front of a worm...
  8. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa... LoL. You're right. Even in the fist Dune she was more beautiful... EVEN HARAH is more beautiful in the first dune than in this Chani...LoL 8)
  9. ThE_CrOw

    Dune 2000?

    The game is good, but, as jubei told, buy it only if the price is low. And the mission objectives are good. Yes, it's true that you always have to destroy something, but even that is fun... Especially the last Ordos mission (and more I won't say...)
  10. ThE_CrOw

    Dune 1?

    Roger that ken. :-
  11. It can't be true. I think that no ones knows about dune because no one understands it. :D Don't NEVER forguet this phrase: "The human being is alrays ready to deny what doesn't understands." Meaning??? If persons doesn't understands terms like Kuisath Haderach, Ya hya Chouhada, or Kull Wahad, how come they will paly the game? They think that those terms come in the game ::). If the game was acconpanied by films in the cinema, maybe persons would understand better this sci- fi classic (and therefore, buying the game) ;D
  12. @ Earthnuker: I alredy went to that site, so, it is paid. THAT SUCKS!!! Anyway, I hope that ken 124578 has some news tomorrow... :)
  13. Well, I also love the dune saga- I love it to the point of buying all the books :O. I'm now just expecting for the preludes to dune, and I already have the "Butlerian Jihad" in store waiting for me... ;D But, as I was saying, I'm starting to see that ww uses the dune saga as a testing facility. For example: Emperor was the testing game for ww 3D engine. I bet that the next C&C will be 3D, and much better. And also Dune 2000, That permitted the development of the engine of C&C: RA2... ??? I don't know. This might be influences from EA... :-X Meaning??? I think that games like emperor or dune 2000 will never have continuations (Even if their fans ask for it) because they' re only for experiments... Unfortunely, I see that it's just like THAT!!! >:( >:( >:(
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