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Most over rated games ever


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i'm going to sound really hypocritical here but world of warcraft is pretty over-rated

i play it almost religously but once you've maxed out your lvl and have half way decent gear there really isn't a whole lot of interesting content

new bosses seem to be remakes of old ones

and people who've maxed out actually have nothing to look forward to until the next epansion...

for a game that's supposed to be open ended and balanced there is alot of over powered end game people that have their T6 gear and have nothin to do but bug other people trying to enjoy themselves

Over-rated for sure... but also annoyingly addictive =/

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Once again, I'd like to try and get a better definition of over-rated.

If someone were to ask you, "What is the best MMORPG in existence, bar none?".  I guarantee you that the majority of people (that cared about MMO's, anyway) would reply with WoW.  This is simply because the majority of MMO'ers play WoW.  It just happens to be the best game out there.

Now, it's not unreasonable to say that there has been a fair share of competitors arrive and fail to compete with WoW.  They didn't even come close to WoW's success.  Games that came before it faltered under it's ominous shadow, and even the newcomers like Age of Conan, Warhammer Online and whatnot are going to be hard pressed even putting a dent in Blizzard's subscriber figures.

So no, WoW is not "over-rated" my opionion - it's classed as the best MMO out there, and one of the greatest games of all time, and the opinion of the majority is with me on this. :P

And endgame content isn't all there is to WoW.  Try leveling alts; I know that's where I get most of my pleasure from the game.  Barely touch my Level 70 Night Elf Druid nowadays.  I like exploring, developing and nurturing my character.  Might even try an RP Realm one of these days, just for a little bit more immersion.  Mix it up a bit, and you'll find that the game has a lot more to offer than repetitive boss encounters.

For the record, though, Blizzard have done a damned good job of making encounters unique.  And yes, WoW is damned addictive. :P

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I play WoW due to PVP, and if a server is without PVP, it's really only 40% of the game right there. When you're in Hillsbrad Foothills killing these farmers and peasants and a guy from the Alliance comes up behind you and shanks you, WOW! what a rush. Of course, my shadow priest would just put fear on him and run away (or stay, depending on level of enemy) but it's definitely a rush when you're fighting a real person.

Anybody else get a good feeling inside when you kill somebody off just as they're low health from grinding?  ;D

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Oh my, I think I was level 30 with my rogue before I discovered the evil pleasured of ganking.  I remember the first time I killed a warlock at my same level, but he was soulstoned :( He rez'd and showed me who's boss. lol.

I miss leveling in hillsbrad.  Stealthing out and watching a couple 70 alli reign hell on everything is fun to watch, until they decide you're next...

I think WoW is a good MMO because of the variety of things that you can do that involves other people. 

Group quests, group grinding, pvp in BG's or Arena, group ganking, 5-mans (pugs or w/ friends), the bigger raids...there's a lot to do w/ other friends and that's what an MMO is about, playing with other people to accomplish goals.  And when you get board of your main its very fun to level alts with other friends.  WoW is too addicting.

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oh, hello Newbiezilla.  I hope you've met someone besides me.  I really have no authority to be introducing you to the site/community, but regardless nice to meet you.


Are you talking about the original Fable?  I think the Pre-release hype was much bigger than how well-received the game was.  Personally, I had never heard a scoring that was as good as that game.  It sounded like a real orchestra.  It was so good for me at the time to hear that coming from a video game.  Anyway, I enjoyed the graphics and the story feel of the game, but I wish there would've been just more....game.  I honestly couldn't tell you any of the plot line, but it seemed too short.  I think if they had expanded the amount of gameplay upon initial release than the game would've felt more balanced.  epic music, epic embiance, epic graphics, epic choice between good/evil,.......puny plot line, puny amount of gameplay.  It make for a weird game.

Overrated?  In terms of hype, yes.  In terms of post-release fan-base acclaim, it got what it deserved.

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Simply not enough content. Short main quest, few side quests, not that much to do, a very small skill tree,e.t.c.

What was there though was done very well. It mostly stands as an example of a game with a fundamentally good nature and set of principles. It's almost like you could look at it and say: THAT is a good direction for game-making, let's head in that direction when making a game. The problem was that they stopped shortly after setting about in that direction.

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