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Amores perros (English translation= "Love's a Bitch")

8.2/10 on imdb.com, #147 of imdb top 250. 2 1/2 hours.

Saw this movie last night. Great movie. Looks like the movie Crash took some stuff from this movie, mostly the fact that there are 3 stories that connect at a single point in the movie.

It's in Spanish, the English subtitles I had were good.

Definitely recommend this movie. The middle story gets a bit slow but it picks up in the end and explains everything.

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Saw transformers tonight. Great movie. A couple of confusing things about the movie though.


[hide]How did the kid destroy megatron? I thought the cube thing was to be placed in optimus prime? Then the kid shot it at the bad guy and killed him? If the boy did use it on optimus prime, wouldn't megatron go around and kill everyone anyway? Also, it looked like the cube was light. I figured it would be heavy.

What's up with all the pedestrians on the street? Shouldn't they learn 10 minutes into the fight to stay in the buildings? I guess the fire alarms would have went off and sent people outside. I was glad to see a 'Titanic' moment when megatron flicked the human next to him into a car. It reminds me of titanic when the guy falls off the boat and hits the propeller.

Also at the end his car asked to stay with him. Does this mean the cars would have went into hiding so the guy wouldn't find them? Was this meant more as a the autobots should all stay with the guy?

I skipped the credits, but how exactly did the government cover up the aliens thing? Wouldn't thousands of people in the city have seen it and taken videos/pictures of the battle?

Also what happened to the small newly created robots near end when the kid dropped the cube and the pop machine, car and computer(?) transformed?

Was the cube pure evil or something? I presume so since everything created was evil. oh yah it crash landed with megatron.

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Saw transformers tonight. Great movie. A couple of confusing things about the movie though.




They ditch Megatron in the deepest part of the sea..

The autobots are among the "normal people"

The newly transformed decepticons will return...

and also Optimus took a little piece of that cube back.. so Megatron didn't get the whole cube...

What exactly happened.. i dont know either.. but I think we will know that in part 2

That there will be a second part, is very obvious..

but it would be somewhere 2009 i guess..

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[hide]I meant if the boy killed optimus like optimus wanted (using the cube), megatron would still be left alive, but without the cube to transform earth into a new home planet.

Also, I thought bumblebees voice thing was broke from previous battles. Yet at the end of the movie he talked to his friend to say he wanted to stay with him. wtf?


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Oewaaaah...! yeah Transformers was a great movie. I felt a little embarrassed.. but once I saw Blackout blow that military camp to rubble, I felt like an 8 year old and I smiled through the entire movie. Damn that was good stuff.

Can't wait till part 2!

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Pans Labrynth

#43 best movie ever at IMDB, and has a 96% at rotten tomatoes

One of the best movies I have seen. Actually had a tear in my eye at the end of the movie.


The Last King of Scotland is also a very good movie. The lead character is James McAvoy who was Leto II in Children of Dune.

7.9 at imdb.com and 88% at rottentomatoes.com

Lots of great movies to watch, so little time.

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Just saw Transformers, was checking the forums for a specific thread about the movie, but this one will do nicely.  Speaking as someone who never watched the cartoons (I was more of a Power Rangers kid), I thought the movie kicked ass.  I've seen a lot of reviews criticising it for not having enough of the Transformers themselves in it; that it focused a lot more on the people than it should have.  My opinion is that they got the mix just right.  Some of the fights were a bit difficult to follow at times, though - just a mess of metal and wheels tumbling about.

To answer some of the questions Andrew posed, though:

[hide]The cube (called the All-Spark) killed Megatron in the same way it would have killed Optimus, or any of the Autobots or Decepticons.  For some unexplained reason, combining the All-Spark with the miniature versions that power each Transformer causes a violent and obviously deadly reaction.  It's discussed briefly when the Autobots are hanging around a building near the Hoover Dam.

If Sam had used it on Optimus, then Megatron would have lost his only goal; the only thing that truly threatened the planet.  With the All-Spark destroyed, all the remaining Autobots would have to do is kill Megatron, which would be relatively easy given his weakened state after that scrap with Prime.

Bumblebee's request that he stay with Sam applies to only himself, I think.  It's obvious that he remains Sam's car, and I think the end scene where all the Autobots are gathered on the hill is meant to be just a one off meeting before they go their separate ways to hide among the people.

Bumblebee's voice coming back when it did was just artistic license.  Ratchet said when all the Autobots first met that his vocaliser was damaged and still being worked on.  That beam he fired at Bumblebee might have been working all throughout the movie to fix him, but I really think it's ironic that his vocaliser gets fixed despite his legs being missing.

No idea how the government covered the whole fiasco up - things like that never get explained.  As for the Mountain Dew Transformer et al., I would assume they would have been destroyed by the human forces or one of the Autobots.  It didn't take much for the Nokia Transformer to die.

The All-Spark was not evil - at the beginning of the movie, it was explained that it had the ability to create life.  Why everything it created was automatically evil is beyond me; it created the Autobots and their entire peaceful society long before the Decepticons started wreaking havoc.  Perhaps the mini-Transformers made by Sam when he stumbled with the cube were just really pissed off having been used for their entire lives (vending machines, computers, etc.)

Oh, and Megatron landed a long time after the All-Spark did.  The All-Spark was carbon dated to 10,000 BC, whereas Megatron had been frozen for a lot less... can't remember the specific length of time, though.[/hide]

Hope that's all sufficient - nothing I've said above is from anything but a recent memory of watching the movie, so don't hold it as gospel.  Very good film though, despite what critics and Transformer fan-boys might be saying.  If you haven't seen it yet, I would definitely recommend it.

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Saw "The Departed"

Good movie.

One question about the ending

[hide]did mark kill the other guy out of revenge for losing his job? Or was he some informer or something I don't know about?[/hide]

[hide]From what I understand of the movie, Mark did his own homework while off duty and discovered the truth about Matt Damon's character. Connected the dots, so-to-speak. I thought it was a great scene and movie. Did you know that the Departed was a remake of a Japanese movie of the same plot, and nearly the same dialogue? People say they like the Japanese version because it builds the characters more than the American version, but I think it did enough character development.[/hide]

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Departed spoilers:

[hide] It didn't show if the girl opened the letter that the mole gave her. After he died maybe she opened it and it had instructions in it to get all the information to the guy that killed Matt Damon. So maybe that is how he found out.[/hide]

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