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Official cover art for "Hunters of Dune" is up


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That looks like a giant piece of awfulness.  It's horrible.  It looks like the cover to a cheap trashy sci-fi, infact I'm pretty sure I have seen better covers on Star Trek books.

If I saw that in a shop, I wouldn't buy it.

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OH come on, lets give them the benefit of the doubt.

Yes compared to the original 6 all the other books released under the "DUNE" title have been nothing in comparrison

The biggest three things I have notice is

1)the lack of character depth

2) the lack of suttleness abt their writing (ie thinking we need to have everything explained like 5yo)

3) the lack of in-depth plot-lines (goes hand in hand with #2 and the lack of plots within plots...)

There is a chance that they will write two (or maybe more if they wring this one good enough) really bad books.

BUT what would you rather have no books or two book's with the prospect of once read you can go over the plots in yr mind.

The legends were bad (the death of the cymeks and that little girl with the plague were the two biggers "I WANT TO KILL THEM" parts of the book) but after a week and the 3 fell into place it set the stage for the Dune universe and I just looked over the very bad writing skills.

There is always the possibility that they finish hte DUNE series in style and the books are very good. They have prolly read over some fan sites (even this forum) and read the critism that they have and how the Herbert legacy is being destroyed. You never know they might actually be able to write in a style that would make ould F.Herbert proud

but then again...

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BUT what would you rather have no books or two book's with the prospect of once read
I would prefer have no book, or any book not related in any way with FH Dune, or written at least in respect of the FH concepts (but that's impossible, they are too complicated for poor-intelligent writers).
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