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  1. FAntastic news!!! esp the Linux stuff, will point this towards some linux defs who might be able to do some of the porting
  2. OH come on, lets give them the benefit of the doubt. Yes compared to the original 6 all the other books released under the "DUNE" title have been nothing in comparrison The biggest three things I have notice is 1)the lack of character depth 2) the lack of suttleness abt their writing (ie thinking we need to have everything explained like 5yo) 3) the lack of in-depth plot-lines (goes hand in hand with #2 and the lack of plots within plots...) There is a chance that they will write two (or maybe more if they wring this one good enough) really bad books. BUT what would you rather have no books or two book's with the prospect of once read you can go over the plots in yr mind. The legends were bad (the death of the cymeks and that little girl with the plague were the two biggers "I WANT TO KILL THEM" parts of the book) but after a week and the 3 fell into place it set the stage for the Dune universe and I just looked over the very bad writing skills. There is always the possibility that they finish hte DUNE series in style and the books are very good. They have prolly read over some fan sites (even this forum) and read the critism that they have and how the Herbert legacy is being destroyed. You never know they might actually be able to write in a style that would make ould F.Herbert proud but then again...
  3. BUT wasn't it in one of the presqual that a reverend mother was captured on IX and turned inot a tank for the production of the psudo-spice and it turned out that the reverend mothers were alot better then IX women or Tleilaxu women, Thus any female can be turned inot a tank
  4. done my donation. money is good for the medium to long term. But what is really needed now and fast is man power to clear all the dead bodies (to stop desease spread, 100,000 is alot) and also in trying to organise shelter and ditribution The US is being critised for only donating $35million, with the UK now donating $98million BUT the US has redirected USS Abraham Lincoln and troops to help with such a task
  5. But to be fiar the Emperor only knew what Fenring told him
  6. Even in this time of need, religion still manages to get in the way http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/4130599.stm
  7. There are billions of planets and thousands of habitable planents (cant remember the official title of the emporer) But it can be safe to assume that when humans go and colonise a planet if the gravity was too high for comfort (ie a bigger planetry body than earth) they wouldn't settle. If the gravity was too low for comfort (ie a smaller planetry body than earth) they wouldn't settle. That saying I cant rembmer what SciFi book it was from but it was stated that someone born on the moon couldn't go to earth because of the gravity change was too great for their body to handle
  8. Because he is a very bad man. It all comes down to the spice wars where he attacked quite a few systems for stock piling spice. Equally there are all the Laansart that know about his substitute spice and the killing of two guild highliners and also attepting to destroy all of Dune.
  9. styx


    I dunno, In GEoD The IX send that bird to tempt LetoII (but well he knew he would be in CoD andyway...) They had created no-space concept (second time it had been) Then the the final two books (that are more BG related books) you hear how they mass-produce no-space stuff as well as a non-intelegent computer to navigate space as well as teh Telaxu psudo-spice. They also do the interigation devices. Their ability increase alot after teh children of teh scattering came back with new technology
  10. I think you PM me abt this. I was reluctant to say since it spoils things. You should be ablt to get it or order it over the net Basically everything between House Harkonnen and Dune is what is in House Corrino (or Spice Wars) plus some extra stuff
  11. Hi, I have searched and have seen no post on this How abt listing all the inconsistancies between all the books. I am re-reading Dune (for the nth time) and I have spotted some more...
  12. styx

    ask Frank Herbert

    Do you have some deep phobia of worms?
  13. that is starting to make sense. However, Richese had their fief removed and the Harkonnens were instated, It doesnt say in "House Harkonnen" how long they had been there tho
  14. so how come the Emperor (or should I say teh CHOAM) let the Harkonnen rule Arrakis for 15more years? with no punishment
  15. I have just finishing "house Corrino" for the 2nd time and have started reading Dune again (no good books around so back to the start of Dune). At the end of "House Corrino" Paul Atreidies has been born and House Harkonnen has been found guilty of spice hording on Arrakis (and thus has lost the fief on Arrakis) At the start of "Dune" Paul undertakes the test for Human:Animal and passes - he is ~15yo and House Atreidies is about to take up the feif on Arrakis. Who had the fief on Arrakis for the 15years between "House Corrino" and "Dune" Or is this anopther one of those nice oversights on the prequals. If it is I find it quite ironic that in the prequal Andersonn:Herbert make a point in the timeline to point out an error in F.Herberts writing (to do with Shaddams rule) But they then go and make loads of mistakes Best one (I think) is at the start of Dune (the 1st book of all books) it is mentioned the Paul is born on Caladan But in "house Corrino" the book that is so-called just before "Dune" Paul is born on Kaitan. There are lots of other inconsistancies in the prequals but that one is by far the worst. --BACK ON TOPIC-- so who ruled Arrakis?
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