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  1. Personally, i think Dune I is a good book. Dune II is a good sequel and tie with dune very strictly, my impression it that it could be incorporate in the first Dune easily. The plot is strict and the rythm is lined with Dune I (although in some parts more "deep" and "reflecting"). Dune III starts to change rythm with Ghanima, Leto II and the extensive introduction of foreseeing and abomination. Things start to get really serious. Dune IV GEOD it's just the total apotheosis of everything you could imagine in a book. First time i read it i didn't understand quite nothing, but then i had truly an
  2. I understand your point TMA-1, but your explanation justifies at all, all the "attitudes" towards the prequels. The point is that, if the prequels announced themselves like a "different way", there would be no problem. In this case we have the Dune, and the prequels. Two different things. No problems, no "attitudes". The problem arise when those as***, dare to say that those s***s are canons, hindering the Encyclopedia, and almost the reprinting of the original Dune novel. You know? I'm almost not being able to find a print of the first book anywhere. But that's only a corollary. Until when th
  3. Regarding why KH must be male, i think is a more simple question. I explain. It's a biological-sensation difference. We know that generally to a man correspond a kind of "logical" view of the world, while on a female a "sentimental" view of the world. In other words, man is more "rational", female is more "emotional". And BG are not exception to this, at the opposite they had to suppress emotion 'cause they know the emotions, can damage then. Now if we take this basic concept and put it on the BG high/verydeep plane, we can understand why emotion is so dangereous to them. Take for example the
  4. Well, back to the topic. I know about Missionaria Protectiva. But my question was about the very same concept of Kwisatz Haderach. In the sense, from what comes from the same concept of Kwisatz? How BG can know that a Kwisatz "can see where we cannot"? I mean, a Kwisatz was never known or encountered (except by Tleilaxu, but many times later and that's another question), so how can they know what he could or couldn't do?
  5. I was wondering... we all take it for granted the phrase "A man one day will come, the Kwisatz Aderach..." etc etc... But who said this propechy? And why? This is (obviously) not written anywhere, so hipothesys? I think it would be funny to think on :)
  6. 'Cause they are too little brained, just to say "What in the world is that GEOD? ???" :D
  7. THIS is fascism. BG can be considered as any form of community with his own rules, and scopes. @zenlogic Paul did not see the Golden Path, 'cause in the final dialogue with Leto he said "Did you see that? I could not see that". And Paul could not see the Golden Path 'cause he was separated from the ultimate essence of the universe. He was an "intruder" in the universe essence so he could only see a portion of it, being the time-space unlimited, and being him limited (because he was not part of the infinity). Leto on the contrary WAS the universe, WAS the space-time. As a very interisting note,
  8. The goal of BG is to improve humanity. They don't impose who is human and who is not. The test is a free choice (apart from Paul, but that's a particular case). That's not fascism.
  9. That's the most superficial and erratic opinion ever heard :) Reread at least 4 times GEOD, before saying such things about "final solution" and all the other silly things :) But, just to say. At last the cause was Paul, not Leto. Without Paul, there would be no kwisatz, no jihad, not Leto. Why Leto chose his fate? Well i can't find even one reason (and again you read and read all Leto's thougts), except that he was a Fremen and the tribe is above all (the human tribe). And about the baddies, well i can only say LOL :)
  10. @lord vernius of ix A "chair dog" is a kind of "living chair" that accomodates itself on the forms of the "sitter". Is a Tleilaxu product, obtained through genetic manipulation of... well something :) @GriMFandagO 'Cause the emperor Shaddam IV "forced" them to do so, proposing them to replace the Arkonnen on the planet. The reason at the base of this fact is part of an hidden emperor's plot to get rid of Atreides.
  11. You know TMA, sometimes i forget that Paul could not see the Golden Path. So in this sense he could view from one side the Total Jihad, from another side the "Terrible purpose" that is the trasformation. But he didn't understand the utility of the trasformation, 'cause he could not see very far away from that. Infact in the dialogue with Leto II he said "You could see all that? I didn't see that". Paul was closed into two way: one way to became an aeternal symbol of an infinite blooshell, another way to became something "terrible" he couldn't understand. So in the end he succeded to escape bot
  12. My impression, has always been not positive at all about Paul. First he did brought the chaos, when his intention was to bring unity (government of the entire empire). The chaos he brought was not caused voluntary by himself, but it was caused by his inability to administer (and fully understand) the flood and the folds of time. He was overhelmed by something started by himself. In the end, we put on the table, that HE KNEW what was the solution to put and end to all this ("the terrible scope"), and he voluntarly and only FOR FEAR (the second book it's entirly about this fear) he did not choos
  13. Regarding BG mentats, i remember that for some reason, there was a kind of silent prohibition to became a mentat among the BG, 'cause i remember that when the two BG went to LetoII in order to try to take out him with spice essence, LetoII was thinking about one of them to be a "secret" mentat. I don't remember exactly the situation, but i remember Leto impression too gave me the idea of "something that would have not to be". Pheraps i'm wrong pheraps not :)
  14. It's for this reason, that BG social status it's not democracy but "surveilled oligarchy".
  15. Bg are ruled by a oligarchical form of government, but surveilled by a "council" that has power in electing or make falling down the oligarchy (remember the doubts and the votation regarding Odrade). The peak is formed by persons like Odrade or Taraza, followed by persons (we can call it triumvirate) like Bellonda and the other 2 i don't remember :) All decisions are taken by this small numbers of persons and then executed by devoted specialized sectors (missionaria protectiva, BG spies, novice teachers etc...). Regarding the rest of the universe i agree with MrFibble, here and there there is
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