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2-Weekly polls?

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To bring something new to this board, it could be a nice idea to launch a poll every 2 weeks or so. Varying the subjects from favorite subhouse, to favorite in-game color you can pick.

So if the people who still visit this forum want to give suggestions or comments, post ahead...


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What keeps you coming back to play Emperor?

1. The multiplayer

2. The game itself

3. The community (messageboards(?))

4. Your friends play

5. I don't play emperor

Or maybe a variation of "what is the best aspect of emperor" or "What do you enjoy most about emperor"

Although clean it up a bit ;)

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Lets see, these are the current proposals which make sense ( ;)):

  • Which map do you hate most (least favorite)?
  • What keeps you coming back to Emperor? (what is the best aspect of emperor, What do you enjoy most about emperor)
  • Favorite Mod?
  • Favorite Server?
  • Favorite Subhouse?
  • Favorite In-Game Color You Can Pick?
  • Do you get rejected for online games?

Although not all of them really fit in the Strategy Section, I don't really mind about that...

We could indeed vote over what poll first, erjin, but we could also just start with the first one, and continue on with the list.

So the first poll would be: (?)

Which map do you hate most?

What options to pick from??

Remember that a poll can only have 12 options (11, actually, if we include a "I like them all" option) but it is best to have around 6 options (no poll should have too many options)

And it would be nice if someone could provide us with pictures of the maps (don't worry if you need a place to host them, just say it if you need to place them somewhere (I eventually prefer to not use links to attachment pictures, since attachments will be archived from time to time...))


Added Cybopache's suggestion to the list.

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k, letz start with the maps....if u only make a voting for the official maps. u dont need pics, coz any1 should know them....so we take just 5 always-discussed-and-always-played-maps  and vote for them.....

1. knife

2. triskele

3. fishers

4. spice bowl

5. sandy


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yeah who is the most gay emp player...hehe...and to bring me in the pool position, i can tell yall that i was yesterday on a great gay party.....believe me, if u r gay or not...these guys have the best parties


If you're planning on turning that into a poll then I'd be interested to see the result...

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If its map names, then why can't we have a bigger selection ? Maybe 7-10...because some people perfer the more obscure maps.

Or I guess just one extra option: Other:- Please specify in post.

And dustie, there is nothing to poll. Leo loves me and I love him. We regularly have games where instead of attacking each other, we give units to one another (after allying) to show our affection for one another. This pathetic apo is jelous of our relationship and is trying to poison it.


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Well, for not having 7-10 options... It may have that many, it depends on how the poll may turn out. The problem with many options and not that many voters, is that you will get only 1 - 2 votes per option. But oke, it doesn't mean you're limited to six (you are to 12, software doesn't allow more)

Oh, and my aim was for the official maps (including map packs (?)) since they are by far the most played maps. The picture was just an idea for decoration :)

EDIT: It seems like there is no limit anymore to amount of options in a poll (I stopped counting at 60) so forget what I said about 12

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hey nunu......the lovely apo is sure not jealous .... if u could c how i come behind him, or he behind me, when we r playing with us, U nunu would be jealous ! ! ! ! hehe

but anyway, it doesnt matters if its apo or any1 else, i come behind YALL and kick ur ass


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i cant believe that a 3 way relationship will work, coz i know them both.....they dont have enough sexual power to satisfie yall....hehe.....they not even can satisfie themself....but ok, u dont need to have good skills everywhere...

peace KALONY

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So, unless someone gives a good reason not to, I'll post this poll tomorrow:

Title: What is your most hated map?

Question: Which one of these maps do you hate most/like least ?


  • Knife Fight
  • Triskele
  • Fishers Plain
  • Spice Bowl
  • Sandy Pass
  • I love them all!

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