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~Nationstates~ The Roleplaying Thread!


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(OOC) Decided to start a nationstates roleplaying thread, everything here must be in charachter or in OOC format like this post. For People not Familer with nation states I sugest you check the threads in gaming and PRP. Regular fan fic rules apply. Your nation on nation states is your nations on here... Reg fan fic rules apply.

NO god modding

No weapons of mass destruction.

rest of reg rules apply.


I know some of you have 3 or 4 nations in fed2k, but for the sake of stoping confusion. Everyone is only allowed a max of


Your others do not exist for the sake of this thread so pick your good ones!

Form Aliences!

Break them!

Wage War!

Make peace!

Eat bacon!


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I shall make the first post.

(Primary Nation)

Mehed II:Government Category: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Government Priority: the Environment

Economic Rating: Frightening

Civil Rights Rating: Excellent

Political Freedoms: Below Average

Income Tax Rate: 100%

Major Industry: Gambling

National Currency: Chicken

National Animal: Christian

Total Population: 2,640,000,000

Leader: Prime minister Ryan Sharpie

Military Leader: General Jack L. Rodrigues.

Secondary Nation: The Protecteret Of Mehed(Colony of Mehed II)

overnment Category: Libertarian Police State

Government Priority: Social Welfare

Economic Rating: Strong

Civil Rights Rating: Excellent

Political Freedoms: Few

Income Tax Rate: 47%

Major Industry: Automobile Manufacturing

National Currency: chicken

National Animal: chritian

Total Population: 45,000,000

Leader: President Susan O'More

Military Leader: General Shea Noboa

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The United Socialist States of Southern Caladan

Government Category: Left-wing Utopia

Government Leader:      Social Minister Leto Atreides

Government Priority: Juggles Healthcare, the Environment, and Education

Economic Rating: Fragile

Civil Rights Rating: Superb

Political Freedoms: Supurb

Income Tax Rate: 100%, although substantially heavier on the wealthy than the lower classes.

Major Industry:         Sidewalk Lemonade Sales

National Currency: Atreides credit

National Animal: cow

Total Population: 123,000,000

Military Power:        No standing army; National Guard comprises 2,000 soldiers on reserve.  However, there is little doubt that anyone in the nation would pick up arms to defend it, if need be.

Military Leader:        No goverment-appointed leader.  National Guard under command of Capt. James Hayes, formerly of US Army.

Other factiods:        Liberal socialist government prioritizes social programs above all else.  Freedoms are held dear, and all forms of expression are constitutionally protected.  The environment is dearly protected.  Closely allied with Dominion of Northern Caladan.

The Dominion of Northern Caladan

Government Category: Corporate Police State

Government Leader:      Baron Alexander Duras

Government Priority: Law & Order, Defense

Economic Rating: Powerhouse

Civil Rights Rating: Few

Political Freedoms: Outlawed

Income Tax Rate: 4%

Major Industry:         Woodchip Exports

National Currency: Atreides credit

National Animal: axe-murderer

Total Population: 89,000,000

Military Power:        Compulsary military service for all males and females ages 17-35.  Standing army numbers approx 1.4 million, with an additional 6.8 million on IRR.  National Guard comprises approx 800,000.  Remaining military branches comprise approx 5.2 million.

Military Leader:        Minister of War is 5-Star General Edmund Slavik.  Renowned for exemplary military service.

Other factoids:        Current government installed by coup.  Funding and UN support for coup was supplied by Southern Caladan on the condition that Northern Caladan provide for the defense of both regions.  Southern Caladan was willing to agree to support Northern Caldan's psychotic dictatorship to protect themselves from the heinously militaristic bordering nation of Huahin.  Closely allied with Southern Caladan.

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The Armed Empire of Jaratia

"If you can pay us,we can kill it."

UN Category: Father Knows Best State

Civil Rights:

Very Good Economy:

Powerhouse Political Freedoms:


Location: Coalition of Evil

The Armed Empire of Jaratia is a massive, economically powerful nation, notable for its barren, inhospitable landscape. Its compassionate, hard-working, cynical population of 2.717 billion are ruled by a mostly-benevolent dictator, who grants the populace the freedom to live their own lives but watches carefully for anyone to slip up.

It is difficult to tell where the omnipresent, corrupt government stops and the rest of society begins, but it is effectively ruled by the Department of Defence, with areas such as the Environment and Healthcare receiving almost no funds by comparison. The average income tax rate is 82%, and even higher for the wealthy. A powerhouse of a private sector is dominated by the Arms Manufacturing industry.

Private business has started paving paradises and putting up parking lots, a survey of the nation

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Sharpie adujusted the notes on the his podeum. The crowd waited for him to begin his speach on exiting campaigh finance reform.

"We need to make it posible for commen third parties to have a real cha.." He paused something was wrong, the podeum was shaking violently. The whole room was.

"Whats that?" He asked over the microphone, his anwser was short, Steven Colbear one of his secret service men lept out from behind the curtains and tackeld him to the ground, draging him behind the blue velvelt.

"What the hells going on?" He screamed.

"Our satalites were taken out over a hour ago, from what it looks like all of fed2k's sats are down. Including ours and Treesinka military.

"Whats shooting them down? Whos invading fed2k?" He asked

"We don't know prime minister. But its more of a What question then who, No forces have been sighted withen fed2k boarders for 3 days..Its not from nation states."

"How is that possible where is it from.?"

"20 minutes ago we detected massive numbers of forighn objects heading down through the atmosphere. They opened fire on everything they saw. Over 3 million acres of rainforest has been scortched so far, the Hizzari and Maxtooken tribes have been whiped out. They just begain there attacks on our cities and military faclites."

"Send word to Mehed and Treeskinka, tell them to.."

"They already know sir, Its a region wide attack Treeskina, Us and Hauain have been hit the hardest."

"God, What can we do?"

"Treesinkan air power  has already engaged them, our carrier and ground based forces have already launched to counter them. Mehed's navy has moved into position to protect Julius and there other cities.

The room shook violently dust fell from the cieling in caotic swirls.

"And sir." Steven said a second later.

"What now?"

"Ground based observitiories sighted thousands of larger ships heading towards the region...We think they might be invasion forces.


"3 days."

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(OOC: Ooh, don't do that yet.  Maybe we just need another post.

Also, I updated the statistics of both nations to the most recent stats as of this post.)

Social Minister Leto Atreides frowned.

"Aliens attacking FED2k?  That's rediculous."

"Well sir, that's what the report says.  I'd hope Prime Minister Sharpie wouldn't make this kind of thing up.  Besides, our main observatory has been reporting odd findings recently."

Leto stared at the aide, hoping there was more.  Seeing no reaction, he said, "Has Mehed II sustained heavy damge?"

"They managed to repulse most of the first wave with the aid of neighboring Hauhin's collossal air force.  But then the primary invasion force landed..."


"Widespread devastation.  The armies of Mehed II are holding apporximately 40% of the nation, including the capital.  They have been forced to abandon their primaray protectorate to it's national guard.  Fortunately they haven't been attacked too heavily yet.

Hauhin's massive defense spending has paid off.  The invaders have been unable to capture more than 5-10% of that country.

Treesinka, on the otherhand, isn't exactly a military powerhouse.  They're getting crushed, plain and simple.  We've been unable to contact their government for about 8 hours, although it appears they still hold about 25% of the country."

"Has Northern Caladan committed to any action?"

"They've mobilized their forces, spreading them over the borders of the entire Caladan region.  i guess the alliance can hold up through disaster, after all."

"Of that I had no doubt.  I trust you've done what we can?"

"We've placed our National Guard on alert and called up its soldiers to defend the capital.  Still, 2,000 men and women equipped with M-16s aren't going to do us much good if it comes to that."

"I'll want you to schedule a press conference, of course.  The people must know what's going on, and it's probably best they heard it from me."

"Of course, sir."

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The Aliens poured from the sky in their thousands, but so far the Air Force had managed to hold them off.  But Air Chief Marshall Bernard Trenchard had another plan.  He was C-inC of Huahin's armed forces and it was time to put their latest and greatest technology into good use.  The Alien's motherships had been targeted using ground based telescopes, and from a small island off Huahin, a giant structure emerged from the ground,it seemed like a large inverted dome, with a central spiral, a masterpiece of technology.  This was Huahin's anti-orbital laser cannon.  It had never even been test fired, but desperate times called for desperate measures...

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Sharpie slammed his fist down on the table. His Generals were incompetent fools, his military had fallen like a house of cards. And his people were dieing by the thousands.

"Bring in The navy! Bring them in from all our trade routes and outposts. Have them bombard Radliago with Crusie missels and and cannons.

Have the troops we withdrew from Mehed Arived yet General Santiago?"

"Yes the majority of them, they are worn out from the battles on Mehed, the need rest."

"How long till we can regroup all of our navy to bombard Radliago?"

"72 hours." Adminral Homea said

"Whats left our air force?"

"250 f-22's, 16 b'2s 104 f-16's, 34 b52, 22 b1's. I can call up 210 reserve f-4 phantoms but I dont know how much it would help." General O'Neil said.

"We have 422 f-18's on our carriers, They should arive with the rest of the fleet."

"Prime minister. Our reports confirm that the aliens are preparing another massive offensive, two weeks and it should be ready, I don't know How much more we can hold, Our defense lines our almost broken. We need to get those troops to the line if we hope to hold the attack."

Sharpie shook his head. "The aliens continue to land suplies at Vestaport, If we can take the city of Radliago, It would cut their main front completly from suply their suply lines. Tell our troops on the line to rest up and prepare for a general offensive withen 72 hours.Talk to our allies withen fed2k, see if the can prepare a bomber offensive withen this time...Lets bomb the crap out if it, Shell it, And land troops from the air and sea. Can it be done?"

"Yes sir...But if it fails we wont have much of a defense force.."

"But if they are able to launch that offensive, will we hold it?" Sharpie asked.

O'Neil shook his head.

"Launch it then."

"Yes sir."

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"Sir,guess what!"


"Fed2k is being invaded!"

"Cool.By whom?"


"Can we glass em?"

"No sir!That would sour our relations with the other nations,sir!"

"Ah well.As long as they don't come after us,its all good."

"What should I send out as a response,sir?!"


Official Government Response:


OOC:I'm on another planet,so if the aliens come after me THERE,then I'll start shooting stuff.


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"What now,you dumb messenger?"

"The aliens have attacked Talanar II colony?"

"Really?Thats news."

"Sir...they're glassing it from orbit!"

"Really?How many people will die?"

"Uhh..." The aide checked a report. "500 thousand,sir!"

"Hmm...That news isn't too good.Send the 2nd Battlefleet to Talanar.Take care of the aliens.Perhaps,if we're lucky,we'll be able to save some lives."


"Shut up,you dumbass."


"Shut up!"

"Siryes--" Felix withdrew his personal XM-3,cocked it,and blew the messengers head clean off.The remains splattered against the opposite wall in a gory mess.

Felix pressed a button,and spoke into a mike.

"Send a cleanup team to my office,please.I have a small mess."


10 hours later,the 2nd Battlefleet,with all of it's 5 million souls,set out for Talanar II...

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gob drummit, i've been starved of this for so long!! ^___^ i love these! mkay, here it goes...

(umm, is this on ONE planet...?  /:( if so, let me know so i can change this, but am i okay in having an alien race of humanoids with interstellar travel and such?  cuz i saw m-16s...)

(Primary Nation)

T.A.O. (tempest armada omnocracy)

"we move as the storm, and spread as the rain"

Government Category:  nomad military/colonists

Government Priority:  interstellar colonization/resource expandandaion and collecting

Economic Rating:  alien black market;high  standard;average

Civil Rights Rating:  decent, based on old customs

Political Freedoms:  low, based on old customs

Income Tax Rate:  n/a, no income

Major Industry:  various alloys and minerals gathered from colonies, tritonian metal from jaedaiesIV

National Currency:  daggoth

National Animal:  Azuran dragon of jaedaiesIII

Total Population: throughout galaxy;  1,210,000,000

Leader: interstellar telepathic mindlink of unknown tribunal, on unknown location of avarusVII

Military Leader: tsuyoshi asakura, "will of the fleet" (commands through mindlink system of main ship)

Secondary Nation: T.A.O. assasin guild

overnment Category:  subnation

Government Priority:  death

Economic Rating:  none

Civil Rights Rating:  none

Political Freedoms:  none

Income Tax Rate:  none

Major Industry:  death

National Currency:  daggoth

National Animal:  none

Total Population:  8,300

Leader: Shinigami sasuke takamura

Military Leader: same

the tribunal watched uncaringly from the rim of the system, through the eyes of it's mighty fleet.  with some amount of aggrivation, they silently conversed with themselves through the psychic bonds they shared,and thought as one.

"we are surprised to find this planet inhabited.  our plans of seeding this rock seem to have met an impass."

the group mind thought about its options, only for a split second.

"we will let them destroy themselves, it would seem our prospective colony would be useless now anyway.  let us scout this system for 'other' prospects.  we will inform the fleets."

and with that, the tribunal sent the wave of mental energy fleetward, traveling at near instant speeds.

    tsuyoshi asakura felt the pulse of will, and relayed the tactical information to the control deck of the massive fleet leader, the righteous fury.

"allright, relay the path changes to the rest of the aramada, we're going to investigate the small, watery planet 7th furthest from the main system star.  ETA is 2 hours, prepare all ships to enter the Infinity modulation envelope...

the main ship began to glow, as the hundreds of smaller ships around it closed in towards it.  suddenly, a ball of translucent blue light balooned from it, expanding ever more, until it suddenly collapsed to the size of a city block and shot forth in a beam of luminescence.

    in two hours, the process reversed, and the fleet found itself hovering over a small world of vast ocean, dotted by archiplaigos and a small continent.

    "send in a seedship to scout the atmosphere, and search for mineral traces." asakura spoke, now fully awake and standing on his control deck.  at his words, one of the pilots entered a command into the strange, spherical control sphere that he operated, sending a massive, arowhead-like pod shooting towards the small continent.  when it landed, it seemed to dissolve, spreading tendrils far from its center, seemingly rooting into the ground.  a large spherical mass seemed to be pushed into the air by the tendrils, and it finally ceased to transform as the pod sat exactly 43 feet from the ground.  inside, a small team of researchers began their work, sending their information to the righteous fury.

    the tribunal thought again.

    "we are slightly disturbed by the violent destruction of that previous colony.  we will have the assasin guild scout this, and we must ready the fleet for possible battle."

and at that, sasuke seperated his band of small, silent warships from the fleet.  they looked somewhat like a crescent, having a small cockpit positioned between the crescent wing, and small beam generators mounted on the middle of either side of the wing. they sped towards the orbital aggressors.  ETA of scout position, 8 hours.  purpose; investigation... for now.

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