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What is a hangover?


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How do I prevent a hangover?

a) I drink 2 large glasses of milk to line my stomach

b) I start with pints of best/heavy/bitter

c) I then either have a glass of coke or a pint of water before

d) I move on to the spirits.  Having 3 or 4 then having a small glass of water

e) Then before I go to bed I have another glass of water

f) And I am usually fine when I wake up.  And all that drinking water doesn't take away from the drunkeness!

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I prefer to not drink milk shortly before/during/after drinking, and also including the morning after, as I heard milk goes sour in your stomach if you drink it.

milk is a base, your stomach acid is well acid (duh) the milk will curdle in your stomach... it will also curdle when mixed with alcohol... ever hear of a car bomb? i personally have never tried one... or any drinks for that matter mostly because i do not want to end up like my bro... who has taken to drinking and drinks all the time... i don wanna be like that... it is also like that with my uncle...

he drinks about 6-12 beers at night (on average now) tho he used to be a heavy drinker where he would go to the bar after work every day and drink hard liquer until it closed... then he would wake up at about 5:00 in the morning and do it over again... he still is on the same schedule but stoped going to the bar and doesnt drink hard liquer anymore... he drinks about a glass of water per glass of beer and is able to wake up every morning and take the dogs for a walk... and i have never seen him at all grogy as if he had a hangover... water is the key, i personally do not see how milk would help much except for making you sick to throw it up and cleanse your body of most of the alcohol...

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Are you sure? ;)

They seem to help me out tremendously. Maybe it is all in the head, but if it works, it works.


Havn't read it all, but I am going to :)

Wow most of what I said it says in that.


IMPORTANT NOTE: See a doctor IMMEDIATELY if you are experiencing tremors, stomach pain, or if you see blood in your vomit.

Had that several times but didn't go to the doctor. :-[

I had tremors before, probably stomach pains and definitly blood in my vomit one new years eve. (then hungover/sick for a week)

Also blood in my eyes, when I leaned my head one way the eye would be tinted red. That stayed for about 2 weeks. I've done some stupid shit.

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