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Kanly III: Fatality

Lord J

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Interesting strategy, :)

  Round Four

  The dice have it, Dante's Fatality is succesful and Khan's lifeless corpse lays smouldering on the ground as the audience claps and cheers on.

  Ok, Dante gets +5 hitpoints and Khan gets +2 hitpoints for the Kanly Free For All match.
  Next fight: Exatreides vs. Dante


King Sard vs. Khan

Two battles!  Fight!

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King Sard is standing in the arena. His shield is on his back, and his daneaxe is in his hands. His long beard is plaited, and his massive form is clad in chainmail. In other words, it's business as usual. The only new thing is a strange bottle beside him.

Khan enters the arena. "So you've come, I was beginning to worry." As Khan opens his mouth to reply Sard throws the bottle at him, both Khan the audience realise what is in the bottle; the sacred drink of Finlandia. Khan screams in horror as the bottle impacts on the ground and the precious vodka is spilled as wasted, and in that moment, while Khan's mind is on other, some might say more important matters than the fight, Sard roars a brutal warcry and charges at him in an Overwhelming attac

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Exatreides, looks up at the towering mech. His yuhhzahn vong stomic turns at the sight of the abomination. The mix between machine and living creature. How it needed to be wiped from the face of the universe. His bio armor flexed itself around him, And he pulled out a pack of the explosive thud bugs.

"PAH MAK TOL VA CRE!" Exatreides hurls the weapons at Dante, and rolls to his side in ATTACK

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'Why do they always have to make it so personal?' Dante thinks to himself. Fresh from his battle with Khan, he ducks close to the ground in defence, preparing to swat away anything that gets too close.

(Side note: I won I won! The dice are merciful!)

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Kiyouta jumps out from behind a tree and smacks Khan over the head with a large log shouting, "What the hell are you doing posting in a thread like this?"

Kiyouta then proceeds to strip Khan of all personal belongings, including that elusive MP3 player :O

THEN Kiyouta takes some of his barber scissors and CRUCIFIES that Jesus-like hair of his. O0

Ok I'm done. :D Fight on.

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