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Kanly III: Fatality

Lord J

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King Sard studies his opponet for a few seconds.

This is not a normal foe, it'll take more than the usualt to kill this beast he thinks to himself. it seems like a cross between a shadow and a spider, there must be a way to defeat this spawn of Udg

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Type: Counter-attack

Seeing his own creation flying towards him, William concentrates and manages to blow it out of his way. However, as he is concentrating a lot on moving the rock away, he doesn't have time to remove himself as ExSPlug is charging toward him, and just barely managed to make his arms form a circle. Nothing seems to have happened at first, but just when ExSPlug hits William with one of his daggers, ExSPlug feels his muscles stiffen. It must be a field of electricity...

While he is paralyzed, William directs his hand at his chest, and hurls a shurikeen at him.

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Time for me to join!  :)

Evt Tyr J`rent - 5'2 115 pounds.

Evt Tyr J'rent is a dark elf of great skill. Along-side his sorcerer abilities, he has great knowledge of hand to hand techniques.

Sorcerer Skill: Evt Tyr J`rent has Necromancer type spells/feats.

Fighting Skills: Evt Tyr J`rent has martial/exotic type fighting style.


    Example: Double bladed staff, kukri, dagger, short swords.

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  Welcome aboard Request, I'm sure we'll have an opponent for you shortly :)

  ExSPlug vs. Cyborg

  ExSPlug: 9

  Cyborg: 9

  (OOC: These d6s are starting to worry me, this is the third time that the two dice have come up the same!)

  King Sard vs. Rookie

  King Sard: 12

  Rookie: 3


I'll be back in one week.

Let's continue our battle then!

  In that case: ExSPlug vs. Request, Fight!

  (OOC: I'm sure we can have a nice match or two before your return, we can keep track of the round, of course, and catch back up upon your return :) )

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Sard sensed rather than felt the attack on his brain, but by then his axe was already in the air, and before the attack could take effect the shadow's head was chopped off. Thick black blood was spilling out over Sard and the arena, fortunatly the audience was not too close. After a few moments, Sard, still covered in blood, raised the head high and shouted "Victory!"

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  Oh yes, my apologies Sard.

  Match reloaded: King Sard vs. Rookie


  Request: As I wrote in the other two Kanly threads, there is no order of posting in Kanly.  Either fighter may post first per round as long as it is an attacking move, the other fighter posts second as a defending move.  You may post first or wait for ExSPlug, it is up to you.

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Rookie II looks over at his openent holding the head of his fallen brother and gloating as if it were a trophy.

Rookie II would shouw this human how real warriors fight.

sard hadnt noticed Rookie II in the areana yet he had his back turned and was gloating to the crowds. Rookie sent a telepathic force wind at sard hurling him against the arena wall in ATTACK

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OOC: Damn you Rookie, I was getting ready to open with an overwhelming attack again :(

Sard wasn't prepared for the attack, therefore he was smacked against the wall without a chance to do anything to prevent it, but as soon as he had gotten back on his feet he took a small bag from his belt and threw it at Rookie, as soon as the bag hit the ground in front of Rookie it exploded in a fireball. Sard smiled at the surprised look on the audience's faces, he knew well that many suspected Nordic warriors to be simple brutes, and he knew also that a little sejd magic could be used to great effect against the unprepared. He only hoped that the counter-attack would give him the time he needed to regain the initiative.

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