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Kanly III: Fatality

Lord J

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  ...And it begins...Again...Like, yeah...Uhh...

Kanly III: Fatality

  Once again we we meet on the field of battle.  Single fighters to meet tank to tank, rifle to rifle, sword to sword or hand to hand.

  We fight knowing the simple, but final rules: Attack, Defend, Overwelming Attack and Counter Attack.  But there is a new rule to make combat more deadly than ever: Fatality.

  First are the basic rules and moves of fighting in Kanly:

  Attack is the most basic form of attack.  The first person to post must be the attacking party.  A six-sided die is rolled for the Attacker's points.

  Defend is the most basic form of defense.  The second person to post will be the defender.  A four-sided die is rolled for the Defender's points.

  A Counter-Attack is a higher form of defense.  It equals the normal attack, but can only be used three out of the five rounds.  A six-sided die is rolled for the Defender's points.

  A Overwhelming Attack is the most potentially powerful attack in the game.  It is the special move, the over-extended thrust, the disarming blow.  It may only be used once per character in a match.  A twelve-sided die is rolled for the Attacker's points.

  The new move, Fatality, is the ultimate attack.  It allows either an attacker or a defender  (it can be used as either an attacking or defending move) to move in a way to instantly kill thier opponent, but with a low degree of probability.  The fatality has only a 10% chance of success in the first round, 20% second round, 30% third, 40% fourth and 50% fifth.  A player can only use it once per game.  If used as an attack, the defending player may Defend, Counter-Attack, or use Fatality against the attacker.

  Be sure to look through the other Kanlys to understand the old rules, and be sure to read through (and comment) in Kanly Discussion.  Other than the addition of Fatality, the rules are the same as in Kanly: Revisited.  Oh yeah, and no FFA.

  Good Luck!  Begin!

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I will be a...

Yuhzhan vong.

Standing at 6'4 Rookie is armed with vip whip(bercouse I forget the name) It can losen it self to be a whip or streighten itself out to become a spear, the creature is actully alive when it strikes venom digs deep into the enemy and does some serious damage.

Secondary weapon is the buzz bug, a small qourter sized bug that explodes on contact..

Rookie is coverd with a think Yuhzhan vong Vondum crab armor.

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Picked up Ragnarok Online again...might as well use my char for Kanly also, an assassin. Uses katar and daggers, may envenom weapon, great evasive abilities.

A man covered in an old and rugged cloak and a sakkat strodes into the arena of Kanly. He stopped in the middle of the arena and glanced around, only to find the arena empty...

"The one who hired me...show yourself. I know you're here." ExSPlug pushes the sakkat up a bit and raised his head, revealing a pair of red eyes, "Brief me on my objective and target, or you'll be the one to be killed."

OOC: Lord_J, we wait for more or start now?

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I will be William Cain.

A member of the Slothlaz cult. Like all the other members of the cult, William is relaxing as much as possible. While relaxing, he builds up energy reserves which can, if the reserves are big enough, result in extreme blasts of fire or burning light or other effects of high energy consumption. While relaxing, an aura of lazyness is active, causing everyone around him to get sleepy and dizzy. Their reaction time is thus increased. The effect of the aura  wears off about one minute after the aura has stopped(people need to recover from the sleepyness, just as you are sleepy after waking up).

The Slothlaz cult is against the use of weapons, and therefore the members may not use any. They use their energy reserves when threatened instead. One may manage the energy reserves as he see fit, and before a planned battle, a week of doing nothing but relaxing and sleeping is common.

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Standing in front of ExSPlug is his opponent Rookie. The sheer height of Rookie and the bulk of his armor had intimidated ExSPlug quite a bit.

Not someone that I want to toy with...another rotten job and target

ExSPlug decided to make it a fast and clean one, and threw a dagger towards Rookie. It was deflected by Rookie easily, and the dagger shattered.

ExSlu then draws a pair of katar from his back and lunged directly towards Rookie...and vanished. His image flashed for a split second at the side of Rookie, and was out of sight again. This was repeated for some time, and Rookie was just always a second late to strike at the image. Rookie decided to stand still instead.

The sound of something sharp and long piecring through flesh filled the arena, followed by a meneacing scream. However, what was hit was only the cloak ExSPlug was wearing, and the scream was mearly sound effect from ExSPlug.

"Oops...wrong guess." said ExSPlug as he strike from right above Rookie, "Game over."

To his surprise, the spear turned limp. As if it was alive like a snake, it flared upwards, and went right through ExSPlug's throat.

"Your mistake is to underestimate me, puny assassin."

"Are you sure?" ExSPlug tapped the shoulder of Rookie with the blade of his kater, "Don't believe in eevrything you see. It's the posion from the dagger-shaped vial you shatered."

As ExSPlug finishes, he squeezed every drop of his energy to deal hundreds and hundreds of blows in split seconds to Rookie with his overwhelming attack Sonic Blow.

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Rookie snarled the creature was using trickery and cowardess insted of actual force. He was weak and could be crushed if I could only get a hand on him he thought to himself.

The Creature lept infront of him and began pummiling Rookie with a series of blows, it was almost imposible how rapid the creature struck.

Rookie raised his arms and rolled to the side in Defense

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  The arena shakes with the first strike.  The crowd cheers as ExSPlug uses his powerful attack, but are also astounded as Rookie somehow manages to dodge it.  Finally they look up to the Game Master and await his approval.  Shrugging, he types in the dice rolls.

  ExSPlug: 3

  Rookie: 3


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Rookie Snarled  And shouted

"Co' Do Hua Noc! De Nyar!" Translating to "you will face your death infadel."

He rushed the surprised explug and managed to grip him by the throat slashing at the creature as strugled to get away from Rookie's powerfull tallon. The Ampstaff in Rookie's arm slashed down at Exsplugs face in OVERWELMING ATTACK

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ExSPlug raises one of his katars in front of his face, and barely managed to deflect the deadly strike.

"Eat this!" yelled ExSPlug as he points the other katar at the face of Rookie. The blade shot out directly towards Rookie's throat, perform a counter attack

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The blade shot obviously distracted his opponent, and ExSPlug took the chance to perform a kick at Rookie's groin. The pain had loosen the grip on his neck, and ExSPlug took the chance to unleash a red gemstone.

"Great Loki...grant me the powers! Venom Dust!"

The red gemstone gave a faint glow and cracked, covering both ExSPlug and Rookie in an attack of lethal toxic cloud.

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"Arrgh!" wimpered ExSPlug from the devasating blow. He knew that three of his bibs had already cracked, and his left arm broken.

As ExSPlug regained his senses, Rookie was already heading form him. On the ampstaff was something dripping...deadly venom.

"Let's hope it would be affected too...Venom Splasher!"

The venom that had been sucked into Rookie's armor starts to change. After the catalyzation with the materials of the armor and the powers of Loki, the poison turned into highly explosive liquid TNT.(OOC: What is the name for this? I remembered they used this before nobel invented TNT, damn unstable.)

The smoke and flames of the explosion filled the arena and blocked everyone's view. Who would survive this fatality!?

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  As the smoke clears, two bodies lie on the gorund unmoving.  Slowly, one hand rises up in victory.  The crown goes wild.

  Rookie: 70%

  ExSPlug: 30%!!!

  ExSPlug wins!!!

  Next fight: ExSPlug vs. Cyborg


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"Fatality! Fatality! Fatality!" yelled the audiences in unison. They had been waiting for perhaps the most bloody part of Kanly. Espically one performed by an assassin,how painful and bloody would that be...

However, ExSPlug suprised everyone. He just asked for a katana, and beheaded Rookie swift and sound.

"To Loki and the thread of Kanly!" announced ExSPlug as he lifts up Rookie's head. Then he turned to the suprised audiences, "This men here deserves to die in honor!"


ExSPlug was drowning himself with white pots as he waits for the arena to be cleared and his next opponent to arrive. Soon, his opponent arrives, but....sleeping!?

"What the....yawn~~~~~" ExSPlug stood in the arena with his mouth wide open.

Oh god...Zhou Gong is finding me for mahjong again...not now

The feeling of sleepness starts to devour ExSlug. Still, the stance his opponent in kept him alerted and pumped him full of andraline. To keep safe, ExSPlug threw a few red gemstones at Cyborg. Venom clouds seeped out of the gemstones as they hit the bed. Let's hope this attack would allow Cyborg to sleep forever.

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Type: Counter-attack

William noticed the red gemstones almost even before ExSPlug pulled them out of his pocket. His right hand made a stop gesture, and the gemstones fell flat on the ground a safe distance from William himself. Instantly he raises his hand, eyes closed. A burning rock is suddenly seen heading for the position where ExSPlug is standing. ExsPlug doesn't seem to be able to dodge it fully.

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  Welcome aboard Sard. :)

  ExSPlug: 5

  Cyborg: 5


  New match: Rookie vs. King Sard!


(OOC: I can keep track of both battles simutaneosly, just make sure you know who you're fighting with :) )

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How the heck could he do that!?

ExSPlug was shocked by how easy William stopped his attack, and didn't even see the flaming rock heading straight for him. He barely managed to keep himself from harm by jamming both daggers into the rock. Still, he was pushed back for a few big steps, and looked quite humiliating.

"Back to you!" he hurls back that flaming boulder to attack William, unsheaths another pair of daggers, and leaped towards William...

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