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Kanly III: Fatality

Lord J

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OOC: I guess I'll start then.

Evt Tyr J`rent walked into the battlefield with a black cape on, hooded over his small, black eyes.

I wonder how tough this battle shall be. Neverwonder, I will have to win this battle. I haven't had much time to think of a strategy yet, I'll just wing it. I have no knowledge of this opponent yet, either. This should be fun. Hahahaha.

Evt Tyr J`rent looked up and saw his opponent on the other side of the ring. He started running swiftly to his enemie, and drew 2 kukri's out of his cloak and jumped up to hit ExS in a hopeful, yet glorious attack.

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A Drow...another troublesome opponent

ExSPlug unsheaths a main gauches to ward off the attack. He jams the weapon into the first blow dealt by his opponent, and swiftly performed a counter attack by giving Evt Tyr J`rent a knee bash right in the abdoman...

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  Rookie: Can't use Overwhelming Attack in defense, I'll make it Counter-Attack.

  King Sard vs. Rookie:

  King Sard: 11

  Rookie: 8

  (OOC: Rookie actually rolled higher this time, nice :) )

  Request vs. ExSPlug:

  Request: 5

  ExSPlug: 6


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Evt Tyr J'rent yelps in pain. As he steps back a few steps he thinks to hiself:

Harder then I expected, this will be my alot more interesting that I thought.

Evt Tyr gets ready for an attack by putting a medium protection spell on,

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{i]Barrier!? This guy must be planning for something...perhaps something like a meteor...must stop him from doing so...

ExSPlug dashed forward and jammed a dagger into the barrier, and sawed through it with all his srength. The dagger snapped as an rugged opening was cut on the barrier, which was closing fast. But before it could, ExSPlug pulled out a katar and fired it's blade in for counter attack.

"You trap yourself, fool!"

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Prepare for battle, my little smeglings!

  The camera pans across and down as strange saxophone music starts flowing from the loud speakers.  Lord J stands upon his dias, his black cloak flapping in the wind and his rapier raised high overhead.

  "We have before us...!  What the crap?!  Kenny G?!?"

  He speaks into his right bracer, spouting several strong Klingon curses before straightening back up.  The music stops suddenly and is replaced by what sounds like Wagner, only played on metal guitars and a Hammond organ.

  Lord J clears his throat and starts again.

  "We have before us, a pair of truly powerful warriors!  Exatreides, master of fan fiction, lord of the zombies, creator of some of the most incredible war threads ever!  King Sard, king of the fan fiction vikings, master of all types of fanfiction.

  "This will be an incredible battle between two masters.  I would have no others to restart the greatest battle series in Fan Fiction-- I hereby declare Kanly!  Fight!"

  Lord J casts his rapier into the middle of the arena between the two fighters.  It sticks up, vibrating, as the crowd cheers.

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The youzhan Vong warrior bows to his opponent, and backs away, going into a fighting stance centuries old in the Vong Empire.

"Hand to hand first?" He asked his leg racing out to impact the side of sir sards knee, hopefully knocking him to the ground in a [bold] ATTACK YARRR[/bold]

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"Always and ever" Sard replies while swinging his sword at the youzhan warrior's arm in a counter attack, he only hopes that this will buy him enough time to sling his shield to his back and get his daneaxe from that very same place

(In case you wonder a daneaxe is, this attached fellow is holding one)


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