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  1. Ok my comp is getting slow and I got some $$$ :) Here is what i have p4 2.4ghz Intel i875p mother board(i think it has 8x agp) 512mb of pc2700 ram Micron ATi Radeon 9000pro 128mb 60gb maxtor HD Cd read/re-wite drive(48x) Flopply drive 17inch moniter and a ton of other stuff I want to get an ATi radeon 9800 pro(256bit)-about $200 and another 512mb of pc 2700 ram- About $70 And i found them http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=20-141-167&depa=1 this is the PC2700 ram i want http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=14-102-268&depa=1 this is the R
  2. I had cable it was BS. I got supposdly a 3mb line for $50 a month. but the speed tests care up around 1.1mb. But when i went to dl something i would get around 80kb/s >:( I got DSL about 2 months ago it says its a 1.5mb line and i get 1.5mb. when i go to dl something now i get around 180kb/s. And i only pay $30 a month ;D
  3. Ok i got this fixed finally. That fu**ing textures.big file was missing fomr the data folder. I moved it from the cd to there and fixed it. A few more adjustmants to it and now everytimg is running better than it has in 10months:D Thx for the help all.
  4. evilgenius looks cool. I though it was to come out last winter. Hey bunout 3 is comming on thr 7th. And Halo 2 on Novemberr 9th
  5. I hope aonther C&C Game comes. Generals was very good but Ea cut funding >:( and now alot of cheater are coming out on Generals :(.
  6. I know the map maker requoers alot of ram. I know Riggel6669 has to resart his comp to clear his ram before running world builder.
  7. hmm used registary cleaner cauee riggle6669 reccomened it it to me via MSN. ran it found one C&C generals file and deleted it. Got the game installed w00t :D. Now i got this purple haze and no skins on tanks and such here s a screen shot[attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  8. yes i did. cvould there be some files somewhere other than C:/program files/Ea Games and my douments?
  9. I guess i did not post in this thread so I will post my favortive games. GT3 ps2 Halo x box C&C generals Zh(if i ever get it to work lol) Joint ops PC(150ppl on one server w00t) BF1942 with Desert combat. HL team fortress(I have been playing with rigge6669)
  10. Ok I'm bumping this tread Becasue i got the smae thing again but it happened diffreantly. One day i triec to open My C&C generals Zh and got the message "insert disk one" i checked and the disk was in the drive and clean. I thought i could just insall Zh again but when i tried i found that C&C generals was missuing :O.right after that i tried to install C&C generals and got to %100 and it stoped. after that i ran my comps virus scan and got one of those free virus scans. I got 3 trojns in the proess. I'm not sure if i had a virus or a hcker in my comp. I have moved the My Docs info
  11. I don't think so. Stong chenicals or radation usually casue cancer. Well what is in that stuff that could cause cancer?
  12. lol as soon as i get some more $$$ i got squat now. I'm looking into the X800Xt from ATI ;D
  13. I think I got that issue with my Radeon 9000. atfet i got V9.0b my C&C Generals got messed up graphics wise. I am going to look at a new graphics card.
  14. I may look into getting it some day. first I need to upgrade my comp with a new ATI X800Xt card from my Radeon 9000 128mb. I need another 512mb of ram. Oh and a pair of rubber underwear ;)
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