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Wake up, modding community!


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Hey, nice movie. I may try the mod even. Just worried in case it messes my online play up any...

Also, someone somewhere recommended that pressing "/" before taking screen shots to remove the Thingy Bar on the right(that what controls everything, from where you build stuff) to give a clearer picture. I noticed myself wishing that had been done.

Like I said, I may give the mod  a try if it doesnt mess around with online play at all.

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Hmpf. Thats not going to happen, I will be the only with it, and I live for pain...I mean, I live for online EBFD (Not really, but I can't last long without it). Maybe the deactivator will offer some hope. If not, I can make a batch file that copies in and out the files: Original -> Mod and Mod -> Original. Have downloaded it now. About to install...

Wish me luck !

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I have downloaded it, run/installed it, at which point it gets upset. Invalid Filename. Bah ! I wanted to see it work. Maybe my NoCD patch was upsetting it ? Well, I tried it without noCD and still same. Well, thats a shame, I will try some more, but...

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Well I'm making a mod at the moment.  Check out the Palace Wars thread, that applies to everyone lol.

Mods I would recommend are: Imperial Civil War Mod (I'm in the credits :)), In the Destroyer's Grip, and Kwisatz Haderach 2.

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Modswapper is long dead. I found such error in the code that I had to conclude that no one actually used it since no one had seen it (or they did not mention it)

The Activator I used for the Shai-Hulud mod can be easily modified for any mod, and this program does really work. So if anyone wants a program what moves all mod files and etc. Just ask me.

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Some of us have to work as well as spend time modding EBFD. Please find a piccy of the Guild side (1st Campaign mission) I am presently re-working (I am changing some of the textures I am not happy with). When I get time I will put up some pictures of the other main houses (Ixian and Corrino) and some pictures of the sub-houses during missions. This picture includes the new Heavy Factory Upgrade Facility (the Smelter xbf) and Light factory but not the Guild Palace (which is the Heavy factory).

I have changed my sub-houses again (no wonder this mod is taking forever to do!) The list is now:

Atreides and Fremen Alliance


(once aligned you can build both a Fremen Camp and an Atreides Barracks). Units available are:

Fremen Fedayakin,

Fremen Naib,

Atreides Laser Sniper,

Atreides Sonic Trooper,

Atreides Repair Unit,

Atreides SonicMongoose 

with Atr Helipad the Ornithopter (for Guild that only have GuNIAP).

Landsraad - units available are:


Landsraad Soldier

Landsraad Captain (same strength and damage as Corrino Sardaukar)

Landsraad Devastator Mongoose

Landsraad Dual-cannon Plasma-Pulse Tank

Harkonnen - units available are:


Harkonnen Rocket Trooper

Harkonnen Buzzsaw

Harkonnen InkVine Trooper

Harkonnen Flame Trooper

harkonnen InkVine Tank

Harkonnen Missile Tank

Ordos - units available are:


This house is allied to Tleilaxu in campaigns (ie buildings and units are mixed in missions)

Ordos Chemical Soldier

Ordos Deviator Trooper (deviator gas now affects infantry as well as units)

Ordos Deviator DustScout

Ordos APC

Ordos LaserTank

Ordos Flyer

Tleilaxu - units available are:


This house is allied to Ordos in campaigns (ie buildings and units are mixed in missions)

Tleilaxu Leech

Tleilaxu SuperLeech (fires weapon that damages units and infantry and leaves behind a splat that causes leech infections)

Tleilaxu Contaminator - now almost 100% impervious to damage of any type, however it will break down and die after some time

Tleilaxu Walker (bomb)

Tleilaxu Flyer

Smuggler Quad has been replaced with a Steathed Tank.

I am presently working the text and voices said/seen in-mission. Expected delivery date for this mod is still many months away.

[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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Its the Harkonnen Large windtrap model but with Guild textures. I am using it for Guild, the Ixian model for Ix (I think it was the Atreides Large windtrap model originally) and the Ixian for the Corrino (as I textured it in ICW). For the Landsraad I am using the Ordos Large windtrap model.

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