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I didnt make large windtraps work, I just altered the small windtraps...

...ie I have just replaced the small windtrap xbfs with the large ones.

However to compensate for additional Tech buildings with higher power demands in pre-set campaign maps (where a previously 0 usage civilian building is now a tech building), I did increase the Power Generated line from 100 to 150 for the house windtraps.

If you do want advanced windtraps, you just need to copy either TLwindtrap or IXWindtrap rules to a civilian building of each house, alter the "Power Generated =" rules line, remove the "Group = SmWindtrap" rules line (otherwise it wont work) and set up in artini with icons and the advanced windtrap xbfs. (As I did in ICW). Also check to see whether the occupy space needs to be increased to compensate for a slightly larger xbf model and finally enable "aicritical = true" rules line so that though the AIComp will not know what type of building it is, it does know to attack it.

See example from ICW below:



House = Imperial

StormDamage=5 //only damages is never picked up

PrimaryBuilding = IMBarracks

Terrain = Rock

Cost = 450

ViewRange = 10

PowerGenerated = 300

BuildTime = 240

Occupy = bb

Occupy = bb

AiCritical = true

Armour = Building

Health = 1500

Debris = DebrisSmall

TechLevel = 1

CanBeEngineered = TRUE

ExplosionType = Explosion

Score = 2

NumInfantryWhenGone = 0

ExcludeFromSkirmishLose = TRUE

ExcludeFromCampaignLose = TRUE

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Well they do in my mod! But then they thought the smelter model didnt work either....

...And the TLDoom I got to work to use in ICW (but discarded in the end, though I may reconsider for this mod).

But I have failed to add a weapon to either the INBuggy or the InFrBiker (BATLIGHT ON - ADRIAN ARE YOU THERE?) which would have been nice...

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Nope, havent tried, I dont like that model, the textures are warped across the back end.

I expect it would not work without adding into the xbf a gun definition as a texted-xbf file and then recreate using the text-to-xbf function in Adrians software.

When I have done such things (INBuggy etc) the model looks ok in adrians software but crashes EBFD on loading the mission.

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