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Wake up, modding community!


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Or did you forget that mods like this can still be made:


Warning, the file is 19 MB!


Damn, just when I wanted to publish this file, my VU server is doing a hardware upgrade. They warned about it. It should be accesible in several hours (They didn't say how long exactly it would take, but they talked about that it may take until tomorrow morning (GMT + 1, in that timezone)

Try the link anyway, you may be lucky, and be able to acces the file...

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Yeah, the server is really fast. I can make it up to 225 kb/s (bytes, not bits) with it. And that is MY speed limit. But they are doing a hardware upgrade, and I forgot about it when posting this topic. I should have posted it tomorrow.

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I used FRAPS to record ingame with Emperor. Only the problem is that when recording, FRAPS screws up the game speed. So Emperor will run then with 2 frames per second. And the recorded movies are very big.

Then I use a video editing program to put all scenes on a timeline, and I speed up the scenes to the normal speed. Added sounds which I extracted from the Audio.bag (excluding some Ordos sounds, which I recorded, because they can't be extracted correctly) And addes some music and titles. And then I could start the rendering, what went wrong the first couple of times because I had some too high audio levels (sound was terrible at some points) And finally I got that version which I uploaded...

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To echo Apollyon, I am in the middle of a Mod for EBFD called "Conflict of the Landsraad".

The 3 main sides are: Ixian (was AT), Corrino (was HK) and Guild (was Ordos)

The subhouses (in order) are: Atreides, Landsraad, Fremen, Ordos and Tleilaxu.

Harkonnen are not present as a selectable sub-house but a number of their units are available via crates in campaign play

All unit and building textures are done.

Outstanding (some are of these are partly done) are:


Mission and New Unit description conversions for CAMPAIGN play. SFX

Manual/installation notes to be written.

Schedule looks like a late summer release.

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Why weird?

I am working on the campaign bits as I do not expect anyone to play my mod multi-user (unless they use skirmish against multiple AI enemies).

It also that I am playing it in campaigns!

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Well, good luck with your mods. I am glad that people are still making mods. Although I must admit I haven't tried them all.

Actually, maybe I'm going to work on a new mod as well, in the future. But that is something I don't know...

And thanks people, for taking the time to download and view the trailer :)

(Dunenewt, I used Premiere)

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Jules:Actually, it would be fine.  I managed to confuse myself.  It would look a tiny it weird though, because I changed a couple of the subhouses.

Timenn:Can I download Premiere, or do you only get a trial version if you download it?

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