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Which Dune novel did you like the best?


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wht ty :)

since i got you here now let me ask you something.

where the hell did the ordos came from?

Are they just a product of Westwood?

Why did they replace the Harkonnen Griffin with

the zodiac in the games? And why did they switch

colors? Atraides has black as uniform color and

not blue.

Maybe im missing something here?

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Well Vernius you catch on quickly the Ordos actually came from the Dune Ency. (which had a limited publication and was not written by Frank Herbert), Westwood decided to add the Ordos to the RTS game I would guess to make it more interesting.

As far as the Hark gryphon insigna and the Atreides uniform color change someone else might be able to answer that question.

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Chapterhouse Dune was perhaps the most frustration of the books because it answers many questions and yet asks so many more. Did the Golden Path forsee the Honoured Matres or was it set in motion to prepare the human race for their arrival? Was the scattering part of Letos plans? What happened to Idaho and the No-ship?

Will Teg return to battle or lead the combined BG and HM?

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The tanks that the BG have in Chapterhouse were "donated" by their captive Scytale the last of the Tleilaxu. He was being held on the N0-ship with Murabella and Idaho to protect them from discovery by the Guild who had been usurped by the Honoured Matres.

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