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~Dead Rising~ A interactive Fed2k RPG.


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The year is is 2005. Ralph Nader made a surprising rally before the election when it was proved that John Kerry was taking campaign donations from terrorist organinizations. With the Iranien intervention in Iraq, President Bush commited sucide while going throught a coke withdrawl.

As Nader was the only one still running. The democratic candedits scrambled to find a new canidate as did the republicans. Nader used this to his advantage and manged to mass over 62% of the popular vote.

Under his administration, America has prosperd like it hasnt since Teddy Rosovelt, World opion on america changed and things were looking good for the american empire.

The world however begain to change on the date of April 20th 2006. Reports came in of strange attacks spreading across the country. Strange attacks begain spreding of attacks by mad men across the world. An epidemic.

You pick a carachter or up to 5 to start out with. This starts at the begging of the fall of the world. Your charachter waked to news reports of the epidemic spreading rapidly.

Lead your character(s) to survival, link up with others. Try to make it rescue stations located across the country.

Be creative, have fun. Your character could be anyone, anywhere except leaders of countries.


No God modding(no guns with never ending ammo, no finding a tank and knowing how to drive it if your character worked in a bakery for his entire life.)

Zombies this time are fast not the slow ones in night of the living dead. These are based on those found in 28 days later and the new version of dawn of the dead.

They can only be killed by blunt trama to the head(Gunshot, bat, hammer whatever)

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A scream echoed from down stairs waking Ryan from his slumber. He didn't move, the scream had been ear peircing. Ryan stopped he wasn't sure if he even had heard the scream, he could have been dreaming.

He sat up slowly and put on his glasses.

"Fuck." He said looking at the clock it was 6:15 in the morning, he must have been dreaming. Something didn't feel right. He stood up and turned on the light. His eyes ached for a momment in the sudden change of light.

Another scream echoed from down the stairs, loud and ear peircing. Fear struck Ryans heart, it raced and pounded in his chest, like a foul poison. He walked towards his door. The door was old and beaten, the handle could be taken out, a primitive lock. No body could come in if there wasn't a handle for them to grab.

His room was shaped like a boot, his bed was in the toe, the door would have been the tounge. He could lay in bed and not see what was coming in, or someone could open the door and not see him.

But maybe they woulnd't come up stairs, maybe they got what they were looking for and could leave. A thousand thoughts raced through Ryan Sharpies 15 year old mind. He knew his parents were dead. He heard them scream, they had to be dead, if they wernt they would have come up for him.

A single pair of footsteps raced up the steps. Hope and fear filled his heart, it could be his parents, or it could be the killer. The door shook with impact as somthing hit it violently. Sharpie screamed with panick. Who ever it was, was coming. He looked around for a weapon, something to protect himself with.

He grabed a baseball bat from under his bed, it was old but solid. He stood on the corner of his bed. Who ever it was going to have a nice surprise for him as soon as he walked in. Ryan positioned himself. Maybe the person wouldn't even be able to get in.

Chunks of wood flew into the room. Ryan was takin back, who ever it was wanted in, and bad. He raised the bat, hopefull whoever it was didn't have a gun. More chunks of wood flew into the room. His heart filled with fear, he tightend his grip around the bat. A small man burst in only standing about 5'6. He croached as soon as he came in. His fists were red with blood, his hair was dark and cropped. Ryan could only see the back of the mans head.

He swung, the bat slamed in the back of the mans skull sending him flying foward. he slumped to the ground. Dead.

Ryan just held the bat for a momment, Did he just kill someone? Would he go to jail? The tip of the bat was coverd in dark red blood. He dropped it to the ground, and ran out the door and into his parents room next door. Neither of them were there.

A small scottish Welsh mutt terror barked at him from down stairs. They hadn't gotten the dog. He ran down the stairs nearly tripping down them.

His step father had been asleep on the floor, his mother on the couch, both spots were nothing but mangled corpses blood was splatterd against the walls in a most uncaring fashion. They were both dead. He vommited off the stairs.

Ryan wiped his mouth and deceneded the remainder of the stairs avoding the corpses and the blood. Walking on top of the coffe table to avoid the pools of blood on the carpet benieth him. He picked up the phone and dialed the emergency service number.

"All circuits are busy at the momment please try again later." it said with out a whisp of sympothy. He hung the phone up, but something caught his eye. The large windows near the couch. 

The house across the street was burning. He could make out little flashs in the distance that he guessed was gunfire. What was going on? A car raced down the street infront of his house, a dozen people chased after in amazing speed. A explosion blossemed in the distance sending up a massive fireball.

He backed away from the window. His foot clicked on the remote on the table.

"Everyone in the Elkart County area is alerted to stay in doors, St Josphe country are to report to the airport. Please stay in doors." A reporter said.

Sharpie jumped off the table and into the other room but still watching the TV.

It switched to a reporter standing in the middle of a street, it was Michigan city in northern Indiana.

"We don't know whats going on, The city is being swept by a wave of panic and chaos, People seem to be eating people in the streets." He said holding the mic up.

The camera panned away for a momment showing a rush of 50 or 60 people running rapidly towards the camera, one of the ones in the front tripped and fell over the ones behind kept going trampling the person to peices.

"Lets get out of here!" The reporter screamed but it was to late the camera fell to the ground still showing a group of mad men tearing the man to peices despite his screams.

"We seem to have lost Ken." The newsman said his image reapearing on the screen.

Ryan clicked off The Tv and decided to leave.

He turned his back to the living room and took a step foward then stopped. The earie feeling that he was being watched came over him and a shadow fell beside him.

He ran.

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"Well I've heard of mass hysteria, but this is just crazy." Reuben muttered, peering over the roof. Dustin had climbed up here to avoid the crush of people below, pulling Reuben up after him.

"You notice it's calming down though?" Dustin asked, pointing at empty spaces where before there had been none. He squinted, "Wait..."

"That's where they're feeding." A voice said behind them. Both men jumped in shock as they turned around to see a tall and beautiful blonde woman behind them. She wore a red T-shirt, with black leather trousers and jacket. She also carried a shotgun. Reuben began to back away nervously, before he realised that behind him was a drop to the heaving mass of people below.

"There's only a few of them around at the moment." The woman continued, walking between Reuben and Dustin, glaring over the edge of the building at the people below. "But you just wait. In an hour or two, maybe less, everyone you see here will he dead."

"Dead? Who are you?" Dustin asked suspiciously. Reuben noticed him subtly slip into a combat-ready position. The woman smiled condecendingly.

"Don't bother fighting me." She smiled, "I'm not the one you need to worry about. In fact, I think I need your help." Reuben shot a look in Dustin's direction.

"I'm trapped here, and so are you." The woman explained, "I need to get somewhere reasonably safe, or at least high up. Do you know this area?"

"We live here..." Dustin said without thinking. The woman grinned fiercely.

"Please, can you help me?" She asked, "I've got to get out of here. Look, this is dangerous, take me out and I'll take you with me, alright?"

*  *  *

"Board up the doors? Board up the windows? What was he talking about?" Elisa grumbled as her brother-in-law clumsily hammered planks in front of the windows. He couldn't board up the doors, after all other people had to use the building, but after moving everything important into Reuben's flat, as per his brother's instructions, he was able to block that door at least. Elisa peered out through a crack in the boards.

"I still don't understand." She muttered.

"Why not?" Mikhail asked.

"We're on the fourth floor, that's why not." She sighed.

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Ivan Rostov muttered a swear at the pounding in his head.  Twenty years in the Russian Mafia, ten before that in the Red Army, and he still got hangovers at drinking too much vodka.  Worst part is, he couldn't shoot well, he was more of a blade man. 

He groggily glanced around, shaking his head trying to clear it.  Yes this was Mahan's home alright, they had just celebrated his birthday in this house...or rather fortress.  He didn't know how but he had developed a strange friendship with the gun collector over the years, selling him surplus Soviet weapons. 

Ivan looked around the room.  On the couch was the girl that had popped out of the cake, Jennifer Warren.  At some point it seemed she had dressed herself, and was actually rather conservatively dressed.  Over in the recliner was John Moe, a drunkard, but a friend of Mahan's who had provided much of the liquor the night before, which made the man bearable.  Finally next to the door was Tim Mahan himself, slamming a clip in and out of an AKMS assault rifle.

"What is going on my friend," asked the Russian groggily, not comprehending what was going on," is it your FBI?"

"Nope," said Tim, motioning for Ivan to pick up an uzi,"some weird shit's going on in town.  Turn on the television."

Ivan did, just in time to see a man ripped to shreds.  Thousands of fast moving people that looked off were charging a line of soldiers around the White House, and they were falling as bullets tore into them.  The men defending the famous building were swearing loud enough to be heard over the clattering of their weapons.

The fast moving people, however, would not be stopped.  Within two minutes they overwhelmed the military ranks, tearing chunks out of the men.

"My God," muttered Ivan," What was that?"

"Dunno," said Tim," but it's happening around the world man.  Didn't you say you owned a fully stocked yacht on the West Coast?"

"Yes," replied Ivan, having purchased and stocked it not long ago.  Yes the ship was easily purchased and renovated to his specifications with the money from the stinger missiles he sold weeks before to ETA.  But how could they get there?

"Better not wake the others, the guns will do it," said Tim, looking out the window," some of 'em are out there."

Ivan glanced out, and indeed dozens of the fast moving humanoid creatures were running up the hill towards the home.    They were being slowed however, by his paranoid friend's defenses.  The creatures were having to slow to move through the barb wire, not seeming to notice the cuts inflicted.  Six fell to the ground after a bouncing betty landmine blew off their heads.

"Wha...," muttered John Moe from the recliner, still in a drunken stupor.

"What's happening," squeaked Jennifer.

"Ugly creatures rampagin' 'cross the world," muttered Tim, more adjusted to the situation than any sane person should be.

Jennifer was silent for a bit," This is a dream..."

"'Fraid not," said Tim.

Ivan slapped the clip into the uzi, and moved to the door as well.  The creatures were almost over the sandbags now.  Much to Ivan and Tim's shock Jennifer moved behind them, and the heard the distinctive sound of a safety being taken off, and there was Jennifer holding a glock 9mm.

"What," she said," I grew up in L.A.  Everyone has a gun there."

"On three," said Tim," one...two...three!"

Tim opened the door, firing a stream of bullets at the heads of the creatures running towards them from the sandbags.  Some simply fell from singe bullets, Jennifer proving herself a good shot.  Ivan on the other hand, for all the reputation of the Russian Mafia hit exactly nothing with his entire clip, but did manage to tear up a tree quite well.

Only one of the creatures was left, and everyone was busy reloading as it came at them.  In a slightly choppy motion Ivan drew and threw a foot long knife from a sock sheath.  There was a sickening thud as it impaled itself directly between the human creature's eyes, stopping it from any further movement.

"Damn," muttered Tim, the only one able to speak after what had just happened, once again proving his sanity was doubtful," So Ivan, you brought a Heind didn't you?"

"No...," said Ivan Rostov slowly, eyes not leaving the creatures on the ground.  They seemed human," it had to be redirected.  It was going to arrive by freight on a ship that was delayed..."

"Well that's fuckin' great.  We can't just take it to the yacht then.  How are we gonna get there?!"

With that angry remark he shut the door, and the three of them moved to the living room to plot and plan, along with their drunkard friend, who had just discovered the horrors on television.

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Ryan ran into the kitchen his mother and step father on his heels. He shreiked with fear and ran into the laundry room hoping over a basket filled with clothes,  hoping to slow their aproach.  Their was no other exit in the room beside the door, no windows or crawlspaces, just the main door.

Their was however stairs that decended to the Sharpie familys basement. A death trap perhaps but his only hope. The were in the laundry room now, he dashed for the basement door and shut it rapidly.  He held the door handle tightly, their was no lock on the inside. He heard a growl outside and the handle begain to turn. He braced himself with his legs. They pulled and hard ripping it out of his hands.

"Shit!" Ryan screamed running down the narrow staircase into the basement. They fallowed him in seconds, His mother was missing a large chunk of her torso blood was flowing onto the ground she didn't seem to care. His stepfathers throught was torn open the jugler vain was hanging freely.

"Mom?" Ryan asked trying to plee.

No responce came from her, both of them rushed Ryan. He ran towards the opposit wall, He was running in a circle and they were right behind him, His mother reached out and nearly grabed his shoulder. He raced back up the stairs throwing a box on the landing behind him, his mother steped in it and fell backword nocking his stepfather behind him down.

Ryan slammed the basement door behind him and locked it. Ryan started throwing baskets of cloths and socks at the door to try to block it. It was a old door. They could break through.he door shook with force, a deep growl came from inside, but they didn't get in. They hammerd it for a few minutes and stopped looking for another way out or more food.

Ryan walked back into the living room and clicked the T.V on.

"If you live in Elkhart county, Report to Goshen highschool, Food water and protection is being offerd." The news reporter said sweat was visible on his forhead,"We have news that Washington D.C has been overun by these creatures. The President and vice president have been evacuated to secure possitions, Several states have already declared martial law. Indiana is expected to withen the hour. We will stay with you as long as we can, on the air and the radio."

The highschool was only four blocks away, but he sure as hell wasn't walking. The car outside alwas had the keys left in it, and was ussaly unlocked. Goshen was a safe town, or so people had thought, the world was seeming to fall apart.

Ryan ran upstairs into his room and grabed his back pack from school, emptying out the binders and papers. He put dog food in the front pocket a large plastic bag full, two bottels of water and some canned goods. Ryan dug through his closet and found his 16 grams of marijauna and put them in his pocket making sure he brought his bowl and some papers. Gunfire could be heard, closer now. Ryan grabbed his bat and two of knives, his stepfather's bowie knife and a short dagger.

Bonz barked with glee at the sight of the leesh. He knew something was wrong but the prospect of a walk brought joy to his heart. Ryan had difficulty leashing him but he wasnt about ready to leave his dog behind. The backpack fit snugly on his shoulders.

"Come on bonz." Ryan raised the bat in his left hand the leash tighned on his right wrist.

He opened the door and didn't look back steping into the open world and racing down to the car.  The keys were indeed inside. It came to life with ease and he put in gear taking one last look at his house of 15 years.

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"Those were human," muttered Ivan," or at least once they were."

"Probably a military thing," said Tim," ya know how they're always screwin' with bio-warfare."

Jennifer and the drunken John Moe sat silently.

"Possibly," said Ivan," either way it is only a matter of time until they mass for another assault."

"Probably," admitted Tim," but if all else fails we can make the few hundred mile trip to your yacht in my APC."

Jennifer stared at the man.

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~claiming my character, I need to the read the above posts before I will make a really nice post~

Jaq Draco scanned across the city with his night vision/thermal vision 10x zoom goggles he wore on his head. he stole them from the nearby army warehouse before is was destroyed by the remaining humans there so the hordes wouldn't get to it. He made out with only a few items, mostly MRE's, but he did manage to find himself the goggles, a beretta 9mm pistol w/ four clips, a benneli 12 gauge pump-shotgun w/24 spare rounds (12 slug/12pellets), a K-bar with an 8" blade and a IIIA kevlar vest w/ cermaic/titanium balistic plates. Over all he managed to find himself a nice little arsenal but he new it wouldn't last long. Draco pulled his right hand up next to the goggles and started fiddling with the controls, switching his goggles to thermal vision. (they have heat signatures right?) After a few minutes he turned off the goggles, contracted the lens', and flipped them up 90 degrees. Jaq slowly and carefully walked over to the side of the building, removes the air conditioning duct cover, slid in, and silently returned the cover. Inside the air conditioning ducts of this building he had a small ruck-sack half-way filled with some of the items he looted as well as a small lock-pick kit, a flare gun and a brushed aluminum hip flask which happened to be full. he also had sveral motion detectors located as key points in the ducts and a remote detonator that was live with over 50 lbs of C4 dispersed around the builing.

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It was midnight, silence filled the atmosphere as Fenriss was packing up for camp. All of a sudden the sound of gunfire and screams rise up from nowhere.

"Fuck, that fat banstard next door had slept on his remote controls again!" mumbled Fenriss as he ignored and continue his packing.


"What the..."

A cop had knocked down the frontdoor and rushed into the bedroom.

"Kid! Grab any food and weapons in your house and get going, they're coming up!" yelled the cop.

"What, what 'they'?" asked the startled Fenriss," And where we're going?"

"Living deads! Heard of BH hadn't you? Now it's for real! Stop the questions and go get the stuffs you need......arrrgh!"

A zombie had pressed the cop onto the floor from his back, and bit right into his neck. Fenriss grabbed a folding chair and slammed it right into the head of the zombie, killing it instantly. Blood was gushing out from the wound of the cop, he would soon die and become one of the living deads. Fenriss didn't know though, and pressed desperately on the wound, trying to stop the bleeding.

"Don't waste your time kid...I'm a goner," said the cop, pushing the hands from his wound," Now listen...*cough*...Get to the police station,*cough* *cough*, we're gathering the survivors there...and take this."

He takes a 93R from his holster and puts it into the hands of Fenriss.

"The safety's off, squeeze the trigger and it will go...*cough* One last thing..."

The cops moves Fenriss's hand, until the gun points to his temple. He then press Fenriss's finger hard on the trigger.

"Just repeat this to the zombies...good luck..."

Without hesitation, Fenriss went on to salvage his house for supplies. He adjusts his kevlar helmet and vest from his wargame equipments as he set-up his composite bow.

"21 shots, 9 arrows and a chopper...6 floors then another 400m..." muttered Fenriss, "I will make it...no, I must make it."

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Felix had just been relaxing after school,enjoying a Cherry Coke,when the show he had been watching was interrupted by news.News!Feli was ready to flip to another channel when something caught his eye - and ear.

"There have been reports all over the world of zombie like creatures overruning towns and cities,killing and eating the dead,and then killing some more.We advise all people to board up their homes and gather any available weapons.

If zombies get into your home,immediatley retreat to a safe place if no weapons are available.If you have weapons,any it is advised to strike for the head,as that seems where they are weak.I repeat,strike for the he-"

Suddenly a roar came from somewhere near the camera and the cameraman and reporter started sreaming.A second later,the camera fell to the ground and 2 people screaming could be heard.Another second later,everything went fuzzy on the screen.

A minute passed in silence.

"Whoa...What the..." Felix said,staring at the screen.Then he quickly got up and ran to the garage.There were a wide assortment of metal wrenches and pipes in there.Justing picked a especially sharp and comfortable crowbar and a light pipe,which he stuck into his belt.

The next stop was the fridge.Felix emptied it totally.Even those marinated pickles he hated so much went in the Zip-It bags.Then came the medicine cabinets.Everything went,even the laxative.

His room was the next victim.Clothes,sleeping bag,blankets,sheets,everything.

All this was carried up to the tower-without a roof.

Oh,well.It'll do.Besides,I can see the docks from here.Hopefully I can get to them and take a boat...well...anywhere!

He made a makeshift bed,hauled up the minifridge up the trapdoor in the roof and waited for his parents to come home...

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Ivan swore, trying to keep the APC on the road.  He didn't know how he ended up driving, he supposed it was because he and John couldn't shoot, and John was always drunk.  Stupid Americans didn't drive on the right side of the road, not that it seemed to matter.  In the twenty miles since the house they hadn't come across a soul, or a car.

Tim Mahan sat stoically, flipping the safety on and off on the AK-47 he was holding.  Jennifer was by the rear door, holding that glock still.  They had already shot off one crate of ammunition in the time they'd been on the road, mainly thanks to Ivan's bad aim when he had been in a shooter post.

No one spoke as the radio continued," This pandemic is truly global.  Several world governments have collapsed, while others are declaring martial law one by one."

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Jaq scurried around the the air conditioning ducts slicing off the srips of duct tape that help the motion detectors and C4 to the walls. He carefully deactivated the motion detector then placed the block of C4 into his ruck sack with the motion detectors.

After spending a half-hour wiping the adhesive off his K-bar (using the lens cleaners in his MRE) Jaq lifted up the duct cover. cocks his shotgun, then his beretta, and checks his K-bar located along his lower right leg.

Jaq walked along the roof for a little bit scanning the area with his goggles checking for any signs of them. Jaq then started to climb down the fire escape, he had no idea where they were or where they reside but he did know that he had the best chance of getting out of here in the night.

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"They can't kill us, if they don't know we're here, right?" Elisa whispered, shivering in fear as she and Mikhail huddled under a table.

"The answer's obvious." Her brother-in-law sighed, "The problem is that they might very well know that we're here." He sighed, and peeked out from under the tablecloth.

"Don't do that!" Elisa pulled him back quickly. Do distract him, she put the television on, very quietly.

They watched it for a bit.

"Hmm." Mikhail commented, "You'd think they'd have run out of reporters by now."

*  *  *

"I knew it." The blonde woman sighed, watching as below her the crowds grew steadily less human and steadily more bloody.

"Can't we do anything to help them?" Dustin asked helplessly.

"Not a thing." She replied. "You're lucky you got up here when you did."

"The lady has a point." Reuben said, an expression of disgust crossing his face as a woman below was trapped beneath a falling crate. In the absence of anything to attack, she began to eat herself.

"So how exactly do we escape now?" Dustin asked, turning away from the grusome spectacle.

"You handle the navigation, I'll take care of the nasties." The woman replied, picking up her shotgun.

"Er... the newsreader said-"

"This thing will cause severe trauma to the head, trust me." She grinned, before her face became serious again. "How about you two, can you fight?"

"He can." Reuben said, indicating Dustin, "Won awards for some martial art or other."

"Several in fact." Dustin said with a trace of pride.

"So yeah, he can fight." Reuben said. "Me... I'm more of a technical kind of guy."

"Hmm." The woman thought for a minute. "Alright, how about driving?"

"Can do." Reuben smiled, glad to be of some use.

"Can't do." Dustin shrugged.

"Right." The woman said, "You drive; cutie and I will take care of the nasties." Dustin looked embarassed. "I have a car nearby, ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be..." Reuben sighed.

"By the way," Dustin started as the woman turned around, "What's your name?"

"Vivian." The woman called over her shoulder.

"That's a nice name." Dustin commented as he and Reuben followed Vivian across the roof.

"Think we can trust her?" Reuben asked quietly.

"She has great hair." Dustin replied.

*  *  *

"I thought you said you boarded up the door?!" Elisa shrieked as they tried to hold the door shut against the pounding from outside.

"I did!" Mikhail shouted back, straining. The effort was too much, and they were both thrown back as the door was thrown open. Both scrambled to their feet immediately as three bloody figures slipped into the room. Elisa screamed again, as the closest one raised a claw-like hand to strike her down.

"I knew we should have left the television off!" Mikhail shouted as he dragged his sister-in-law out of the way and across the room.

Throwing open the (previously blocked up) door to the adjoining apartment, Mikhail rushed through and out onto the landing, Elisa close behind.

"Come on!" She shouted, leading the way down the stairs. There were bloodstains everywhere, but the three creatures that had attacked them seemed to have been alone. Until they got to the bottom.

Mikhail shrieked, Elisa screamed. In front of them was the door to the outside world, hanging from its hinges. And out there, blood. All over the place, blood. And wading through it, monsters; humanoid monsters that stuck out hands and ate whatever they picked up. They turned to view the terrified pair.

"RUN!" Mikhail shouted, turning around and just beginning to dash back up the steps, when he looked up and saw the three raging monsters, decending rapidly down the stairs.

"Oh my GOD!" He cried, leaping back down and standing next to Elisa, trapped between the two. Or were they?

"Come on, this way!" He shouted, grabbing Elisa's hand and pulling her past the stairs to a small door in the back of the building. Throwing it open, he clicked a light to reveal concrete steps, leading down.

"Are you crazy?" Elisa shouted, "Down there-"

"-Is better than up here!" Mikhail shouted, shoving her in and following just behind, slamming the door shut just as the first zombie reached it. There was a thump, and the whole door shook.

"Down! Down!" Mikhail shouted, almost pushing Elisa down the stairs. When they reached the bottom, he flicked a switch, to reveal a large room with a mirror covering one wall, each of the other three being padded.

"Dustin's training room?" Elisa asked, panting heavily.

"Ye Gods I hope this works..." Mikhail muttered, moving to a cabinet near the stairs. It opened to reveal an assortment of martial weapons. He selected a large sword, and turned to Elisa.

"Do you know how to-" He began, but was cut off as she reached past him to grasp a looming quarterstaff. She grinned, despite her obvious fear.

"You're not the only one that he invites to train down here." She said.

'I bet I'm the only one who finishes the training with a f-' Mikhail stopped that thought right there as a crash from above signalled the entrance of the monsters.

"Ready?" Mikhail called to Elisa, moving around to face the stairs.

"As I'll ever be." She replied uncertainly. The first foot fell.

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Jaq briskly walked across the street looking around for any of them. He walked passed a few empty cars. 'Expedition, celica, town&country, hello!'

thought Jaq spotting a C6 corvette Z06. Jaq pulled out his shotgun, holding the barrel like a baseball bat. He swung at the window shattering it. Jaq quickly started fumbling with wires, desperatly trying to get the car to start with avail.

"shit!" Jaq turned to see three of them chasing two men both in suits. Jaq hopped out of the car and let loose a wall of metal pellets at the three. The pellets seared into the dead flesh that hung loosely off of the dead's bodies. Jaq cocked his shotgun and fired at closest one blowing out his knee cap and his entire lower leg. The wounded zombie hit the ground ans started clawing towards Jaq. The two buisness men were already on the ground ,dead, splattered with each others blood as two zombies feasted upon their flesh. Jaq pumped his shot again as the five advanced . . .

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Ryan drove the car the three blocks, the chaos seemed to be everywhere people being eaten. Fires burned in the streets and 7th street was up in flames, sevreal houses aflame, no effort was made to put them out. Ryan passed one of his freinds house and looked to see, Both doors were open, he assumed the worst.

The highschool was directly infront of him, it looked very different. The Barbed wire ran from one side of the street to the other. The fence in the parking lot had been topped with several layers of barbed wire, Dozens of military personel and police offers ranging from uniformed officers to swat stood in preperation.

"Park your car in the line." They screeamed to him with a loudspeaker. dozens of cars had formed a line infront of several sandbags and barbied wire. Ryan parked the car and got out taking the dog with him, a soldier ran out and pulled open a gate alowing him to pass into the place with out catching a leg full of barbied wire.

"Do you have any weapons?" The soldier asked.

"A bat and two knives." Sharpie said the barbied wire gate closing behind him.

"Do you know how to fire a gun?" He asked.

"Yea." Sharpie lied he had only fired one gun in his life a 12 gauge at his uncles house.

"Here." The soldier said taking two small guns out of a crate.

"Were orderd to give all surving humans weapons to defend himself. Our numbers arnt very high at the momment we should get a platoon in withen two hours hopefully if Grisom hasnt fallen yet." He said.

"Whats that one?" Ryan asked pointing to a large silver gun the crate.

"Isreali desert eagle, 7 round clip 50 caliber shells." He said handing the gun to Ryan. It was heavy, heavier then he expected. The man then handed him two clips of ammuntion. Ryan put them in his pocket.

"Theres food and water inside." He said pointing towards the main doors.

Another line of sandbags and heavy machine guns stood infront of the door, On the outledge above it, another sandbag line and troops on top. Ryan wonderd if it was the same on the side of the school. The schools already high fences made it the logical place for defense in the city.

Dozens of cops patrolled with shot guns and side arms, Several people were drinking and waiting in the north side, the safer side which was defended by the double barbed wired fence.

Ryan walked inside, The enterior of the school looked radicly different then what he rememberd, TV's filled the lobies with groups of people watching them anxsiously, the reports were getting nocked off one by one, people were betting on who would get it next. Ryan noticed a few people from school there, all of them holding weapons, The cafateria was working faster then it would during lunch, two dozen people were eating inside, the doors and windows had been fortified and a few gaurds were inside.

The loudspaker broke the silence. "We have news that NORAD has fallen, we have reports that NORAd has fallen." It stopped. Ryan almost gasps, the heart of the American military had been taken down, he could see the expressions on the soldiers faces shift into hopelessness.

"Ryan." Someone said, He turned and seen Matt, one of his better freinds. Matt was a little shorter then Ryan, His brown hair came down to his eyes, his skate shirt was splatterd with a bit of blood.

"Matt. Crazy shit." Ryan said.

"Yea, I ran here." Matt said

"From?" Ryan asked

"My house." Matt said

"They didn't get you?" Ryan asked.

"No, almost." He said," And you?"

"Drove, They got Dave and my mom, I had to lock them in the basement." Ryan said pulling the Desert Eagle out of the front of his pants."Like?"

"Holy shit, They only gave me this." Matt pulled a 6 shot revolver, probebly a 38.

"What are we suposed to do now?" Ryan asked.

"Wait till it blows over." Matt said.

"You heard the news, were fucked man."

Matt shruged, "I think were safe here."

They walked up the stairs, some of the classrooms had been converted to hospital rooms, others military weapons storage.

"Come on." Ryan said pointing towards one of the military storage rooms. Weapons lined each side.

"Grab a couple of those rifles." Ryan said pointing towards a M4A1 assult riffle, the modified M-16 had a shorter barrel and could fire 30 round clips. Matt grabbed one of the MP5 submachine guns and a couple of clips, they left before anyone noticed them."

The nurses office was full of victems, dozens of people laying on top of each other all of them bitten badly, their wounds had been patched up but a strange fever had fallen over them, the groaned loudly in pain and thrashed as hopsital personel atempted to comfort them and treat their allements.

The spaker blared and the air raid warning came on, Everyone pulled out their guns. Machine gun fire could be heard outside.

"Come on!" Ryan screamed running towards the main doors,

The civilans had formed several lines of their guns drawn and pointed towards the door if the dead fell. Massive amounts of gunfire could be heard, explosions of rocket propelled gernades and gernade launchers. This continued for several minutes before it stopped suddenly as it begain.

The airraid warning stopped. Ryan found his wandering dog and grabbed onto his leash tightning it.

"Did they kill them all?" Someone asked

"Are they dead?" Another asked.

"If they killed them all they would have told us by now." Another said.

Bonz begain barking loudy and growling in the directions of the baracaded doors. They raised their guns in preperation.

Something slammed against it and the doors begain shaking.

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Ivan stood in the door of the APC, knife in one hand, the other ready to slam the door shut.  They had less than half a tank of gas left, so they had pulled over in this middle of nowhere gas station.  Jennifer was standing with a glock in hand and Tim with an uzi as they watched for any of the creatures.  John Moe was pumping the gas, and not even he dared go into the store portion for food or booze.

Tim suddenly raised the uzi and let loose a stream of bullets at some forms fast approaching.  Jennifer began firing at a group from the other direction and Ivan pulled inside to start the engine.  John Moe grunted in satisfaction as the pump stopped and he tore the nozzle out of the cap.  Then he screwed the cap quickly and shut it, stumbling inside the APC. 

Tim ran empty and jumped in.  Jennifer fell backwards into the APC, her own ammunition spent and the gun clicking empty.  With a thrust of his arms, Tim shut the doors.

The engine roared to life and Ivan took them out as fast as he could.  As the zombies disappeared in the rear view mirror he sighed in relief.

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His parents hadn't come home yet.Felix expected the worst.The mass of zombies was slowly,slowly thinning as the zombies stumbled off into other directions,going for other spots where fresh human meat.

He didn't see any sign of human life.Then,as if on cue,a car came screeching down the road,pursued by zombies.

It stopped in Felix's driveway.Felix's heart skipped a beat.

His mother got out.No sign of his father.

"Mom!I'm up here!The tower!Quick!"

His mother didn't need to be told twice.By now the zombies were almost at the driveway.His mother had gotten inside.Feet were getting closer to the trapdoor...The front door was being pounded on by zombies...the cord was pulled...the front door broke open...his mother was climbing up...they were coming...his mother reached the top...the first zombie launched itself into the room...Felix pulled up the trapdoor,and watched,disgusted as a zombies severed finger lay on the floor.He took the crowbar and launched it away into the night.Then he turned to his mother...

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Something slammed against it and the doors begain shaking. Screams could be heard from the other side of the highschool near the front enterence. The loudspeaker came on,"Military personel to the hospital, I Repeat military personel to the ward unit. A gunshot came a second later then a scream.

"Come on!" One of the police shouted and started running down the lobby towards the nurses office, everyone trailed after him en masse there weapons still drawn.

One of the dead came out of the corridor and rushed towards the front of the group. A wave of bulellets slammed into his body sending gits of blood everywhere, he fell to the ground dead. Ryan hadn't counted  his rounds but knew he had some left, matt was standing beside him, the dog was barking franticly and was nearly trampled.

A dozen dead came out of that hallway a momment later, they were opened up on, but the majority of the people were still reloading, only a few of the dead fell. Ryan fired rapidly trying to aim for the tops of the creatures, but the weapons recoil prevented him from getting them all.

They hit the first line of civlians like a whirlwend,Tackling them to the ground and digging their jaws into the soft flesh. The screaming begain, the others dispersed, some started running back towards the cafeteria, others including Ryan and Matt started down the Wttman Wing. They ran up the stairs to the second level, Gun shots and screams continued below them.

"Holy shit! Holy Shit!" Matt was screaming,"Where do we go?"

"I don't know!" Ryan screamed the panic evident in his voice.

The ran up another flight of stairs to the third floor, a group of civlians were all standing up there despret for news of what had happend.

"Run!" Ryan told them, he didn't stop running practicly draggin the dog with him, Matt was beside him, the other survivers went with them.

The Third floor had four staircases, two behind them and two infront, one led down to the main part of the school, the other led directly to the whitman wing, you could take this down to front parking lot. It didn't seem like much, Ryan didn't know what he would do after that but it was better then nothing, They decended the stairs rapidly, And raced down the whitman wing, nearly all the gun shots in the distance had faded, the school was falling.

One of them lept infront of Ryan, its jaw was coverd in red blood, it was waring a poice officers

uniform stained in blood, Its arm had been bitten, It lept towards Ryan. He jumped to the right, the officer landed on a middleaged women and begain tearing at her with out mercy blood was flying everywhere. Matt opened up with the MP5 splattering the creatures brains on the other surivers.

They kept running hurling towards the doors, Ryan looked behind him, the corridor was filled with dozens of rapidly moving dead.

A overweight women was in the rear she stumbled and fell, The dead deceded apon her. Her screams echoed for a few moments then ceased, but it had given the others a few more seconds to exist. Ryan ran down another flight of stairs. Swat was fighting a large group of dead up the hall, but were being taken down one by one. To their credit none of them fled they were simply cut to peices. The doors were open to his left.

"Come on!" Ryan said running outside, he looked for a vehicle but couldn't find any, he raced across the street to a line of parked dark SUVS. He shot a glance behind him, The dead had taken down all of the other suvivers, some had their arms up desprely trying to fend of the creatures powerfulls jaws, only to face their face slashed to peices but their nails. It was strange to Ryan that he and Matt were the only ones left, the rest were cutt to ribbons.

"Get in!" Matt yelled getting in the passenger side.

Ryan slammed the door and looked for the keys, they were still in the ignition, he turned it over and put the car in drive. A few dead chased them for a couple blocks then broke away.

They had escaped, for the momment.

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Ivan rubbed at his eyes with one hand.  Everyone else was asleep at the moment.  John was laying across the crate of ammunition, Jennifer was just in the floor...it seemed she wasn't picky about where to sleep, and Tim was asleep in the passenger seat.  Ivan would ask Tim to drive, but he was afraid the man would blow his head off if he woke him up.

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After a happy -and sad- reunion with his mother(Felix learned that the zombies got his father),his mother had fallen into a deep sleep,and Felix set to checking whether she had any bite marks on her.He had seen people with bite marks fall down after some time in the street,only to rise again 20 minutes later as one of the horde.

She did.There,on her ring finger.Felix took the crowbar and prepared for the grisly(SP?)work ahead...

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Gideon looked up, his eyes shaded by the brim of his hat.  The stench of sewage was thick around him.  A lone Zombie was charging his position.  Fluidly, without hesitation, Gideon aimed the Flare Pistol at the Zombies head and let loose two shots.  The buring projectiles imbedded themselves in the creatures cranium, continuing to burn.

The Zombie cried out in a hoarse voice, as you would expect the dead to sound.  "It burns!  It burns!!"

And then the horrible mutant was consumed by the flames, melting to the ground in an ashen heap.

"Remember lad, I'M the guy with the gun!"

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OOC :Tommorro I will be back in my home town and back on my computer, but i figure what the hell i will try to get a post in here. Semper Fi

    The car barelled down the abandoned streets at a rapid hurried pace, dead were still racing towards the school hoping that there would still be enough flesh left to saisfy their picky palet.

  Bonz was in the back seat simply watching through the window, his canine brain trying to adapt to the new world which was still unfolding infront of his hazel eyes.

  Ryan was still holding the m4a1 assult rifle, drivng one handed the tinted windows were still up, as if the dead would not notice a vehicle leaving rapidly.

  Strangly enough there were few survivers on the streets, most had either fortified themselfs withen their households or fled to a fortress of democracy.

  Matt was silent his weapons lay on his lap, his mind was in a swirling state of confusinion and disbelife. He leaned foward his hands over the back of his neck.

  A scream managed to get inside the SUV's outer barriers, Ryan swerved down main street, two women and a man both of them in their teens, half a dozen of the things were chasing them. They ran with out weapons screaming in a despret atempt for any one to save them.

  Ryan stopped the car and rolled the windows down.

"In here! Get in here!" He shouted waving them towards the Sports utility vehicle. Bonz was barking franticly at them.

"Cover them!" Ryan shouted to Matt unlocking the backseat doors.

"What?" Matt asked confused.

"Shoot the fucks chasing them."

Matt picked up his MP5 and pointed towards the kids.

"Cant get a clear shot, their in the way." Ryan shouted for them to move. The did shuffling of f the side walk and running on the grass towards the car.

  Matt opened up the 9mm rounds spilling out of the MP5 as he held the triger down. Two dead were caught in the chest nocking them down to the ground for a momment.

  Another was hit in the neck, just below the chin just enough damage to sever the brain stem and cause enough trama to kill one. 

  They jumped in the car. And slammed the door.

"Go!" They shouted and Ryans foot instinctivly  hit the gas peddle , the car raced foward and the dead gave the chase away when another prey was sighted.

Bonz had managed to work his way up to the front seat, the small terror smelling and trying to identify the scent of the new visitors.

Who were they? What were they doing running down the street? and did they know what was going on?

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"We need ammo," said Tim Mahan eyeing the few remaining clips.

"There's a National Guard base nearby," commented Jennifer, much to the astonished glances of the others.

"You sure," asked Tim Mahan disbelieving.

"My ex works there," she replied.

"Good 'nough for me," said Tim.

Ivan followed the directions he was given, and pulled up to the gates, the bodies of undead piled high.

"May I see some identification sir," said the young man at the guard station.

"Of course," said Ivan, leaning over as if to get an I.D. and allowing Jennifer to place a bullet between the man's eyes.

He looked over to find her smiling," My ex."

There was nodding around the APC as they drove through the gates.  A line of Guardsmen began firing, but their bullets weren't puncturing the steel skin of the veichle.  Ivan didn't slow, and ran them down before pulling up by the armory.

"Get as much as ya'll can carry," shouted Tim," Once those ugly S.O.B.s show up I wanna jet."

They all hurried to carry aboard a few guns, but mostly ammunition, fuel, and food.  All in all it took about twenty minutes to fill the APC.

With a mighty roar of the engine they took off, out of the base as the dead came to the scent of blood.  Tim took a few potshots at their heads as they drove by at about fifty miles per hour, none of them hitting.

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