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~Dead Rising~ A interactive Fed2k RPG.


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Jaq slammed the butt of his shotgun into the gapping maw of the first zombie, shattering teeth and breaking the beast's jaw. Jaq proceeded to pullback the shotgun and ream the weapon's butt into the zombie's forehead crushing the foul beast's skull.

from the right, one of the former bankers lunged at Jaq only to be caught in a hail of shrapnel, lacerated rotten flesh and leaving the creature's head nothing more than a bloody sack.

Jaq pumped his weapon again blowing off the head of the legless zombie.

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Gideon walked down out of the alley and into the deserted street.  Destroyed, burning buildings lined the boulevard, dead bodies scattered far and wide.

He looked down the road and saw a Zombie crouched over a corpse, devouring the flesh like an insect on a candy bar.  Gideon grimaced, then leveled his flare gun at the zombie.

"Hey you SOB!  YOu don't eat my species and get away with it!"

The Zombie looked up, snarled and began to walk toward him.  Gideon shot the ugly beast with a flare right in the face, and seconds later the zombie was consumed in flames.

"Serves him ri..."

Gideon stopped mid-sentence.  Looking down the road, he could see them now.  What he had mistaken for debris and dead bodies was not that at all.  It was a legion of the undead.

"Ahh, f*ck!"

Gideon checked to make sure he had ammo for his arsenal and that his trusty knife was in its holder.  He knew he'd be doing a lot more killing that day.

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Felix crept through the living room,careful to be as quiet as possible so that the occasional zombie wouldn't start a commotion and come running to kill him.

His mother had given him the key to his father's gun collection.He HAD to get there.

Felix stepped on a piece of glass.It crunched into several pieces beneath the sole of his foot.

"Shit!" Felix cursed,quickening his pace.Then he heard it.The moan of a loan zombie.Closer...closer...the door was down,the zombie was rushing to meet Felix...and it was met with the sharp edge of a crowbar to his head.

Felix ran.The armory door was locked.


Felix hoped it would have been torn open by zombies.He fumbled for the key,opened the door,and grabbed every single gun he could carry.Then,his arms full of weapons and his pockets laden with ammo,he rushed to the tower...

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Ryan turned the radio down, the emergency broadcasting system had just taken over the last FM station. Matt was still hunched over his hands holding his neck, his moping position.

  Weeping could still be heard from the back seat. Fires raged as they drove south on US 33. Ryan was going to turn west and head to the black squirl golf course. That was the radio's last update for a shelter.

  The courses main building was huge and made of nearly ancient oak, it could take a hell of a beating, and it figured that it would be a good place to have a last stand.

"Matt, look in the first pocket." Ryan slipped the book bag off and handed it to Matt."

  He unzipped the front pocket, the moping atitude disapeared. He puiled the bag out and a small book.

  "Where are we going?" The male asked in the back seat, his voice was deep and husky, he was probebly into some kind of sport.

"It speaks." Ryan said glancing back," Black squirl course, last shelter in the area.

"Do you know whats going on?" He asked the one girl still sobbing on his shoulder.

"Hell ran out of room." Ryan said

"Whats your name?" The man in the back asked.

"Ryan Sharpie. Yours?" Ryan asked turning down another road.

"Alfred Fisher."

"Lighter?" Matt asked next to him.

"Second pocket."

"Lighter? For what?" Alfred asked in the back.

"A smoke." Ryan said.

Alfreds window started to decened rapidly.

"What the hell are you doing!?" Ryan stammerd flabergasted the man was lowering the window, the dead could just grab him. Not to mention all the smoke would get out. Ryan felt his first ping of dislike for the man, the first of many.

  The window accended and was locked by Ryan in the front.

"What the hell man?" Alfred asked in the back.

"Don't be stupid." Ryan said driving around a overturned school bus.

  The scent of marijauna filled the SUV.

"What he hell! Put that out!" Alfred screamed in the back leaping over the center concol and grabing the joint from Matts hand."

He stopped as somthing pressed to his head and a click sounded.

"Now listen boy" Ryan said pushing the barrel of the gun hard against the jocks head.

"I don't care what peice of shit farm you came out of shit bird. But in my house you dont steal from people you know, and as we know each other I have to enforce this as well. Now If you want to hit the joint wait your turn. But so help me god if I ever see you try to steal anything of ours. I will have to change vehicles becouse it will be imposible for me to clean the amount of your brains that will be splatterd on the apolstry." Ryan pulled the gun back a little.

    Alfred started back to his seat, and shrugged defeated. Ryan put the gun back beside him and they turned down the final road. Marijuana smoke filled the car, The people in the back seat were being effected as well, but they needed it, a escape if only tempeary from the horror of what the world was becoming.

  A small child ran infront of the  SUV it flew up and hit the window leaving a dark red spot, the child was thrown to the side of the road. Ryan stopped the car, rolled down his window and saw the child, it was shaking its head and staring at Ryan, it grimiced oblovious to the fact that one of its arms had been torn off in the impact And charged.

Ryan raised the window and hit the gas, the toddler couldn't keep up with the SUV. The windshield whipers actiavated and in a simple stroke erased all evidence of the impact.

"Should be right around the corner." Ryan said turning he stopped what stood infront of him, a massive billow of smoke rising from the rescue station. Gunshots flashed in the distance and the sight of rushing dead filled the street.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Ryan screamed slamming the consol. He didn't have any ideas, where to go or anything. A few of the dead noticed the vehicle and raced towards it, Ryan switched gears reversing down the street as fast as he could, he turned rapidly and fled the area, heading south.[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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Gideon took stock.  He had a shotgun slung over his back, a pair of 15-shot .325 Berretas in their holsters, a flip-out knife in a small pouch on his belt, and the flare gun in his hand.  In his belt pouches, he had a few shells, two Berreta clips, and a couple of extra flares.

He could see the zombies more clearly now.  There were quite a few of them, perhaps two or three dozen.  Gideon contemplated the situation for a second, stuffed the flare gun in his belt, and pulled out the Berretas.  He checked to make sure they were loaded (they were), and cocked them.  He raised the guns at his opponents, and shouted out,

"OK you bastards, come and get some!"

He pulled the triggers and bullets flew thre the air.  The leading zombie stopped for a moment, and then his head (skull?) shattered into pieces.  The other zombies began to move more quickly.  Gideon pointed his guns at two more zombies and fired agin.  One bullet lodged it's way into the "mouth" of a zombie, shattering the skull and killing it.  But the other stuck into the chest of a nearby zombie.  The Zombie staggered for amoment, and then began to walk forward again.

"Shit, you mean I have to hit the head?" mumbled Gideon.

He leveled his Berretas at the wounded zombie and fired twice.  The creature shattered with the impacts.  Gideon aimed at the next pair, this time making sure to aim at the heads, and fired again.  Two more dead zombies.

Gideon continued shooting the monsters, but they begin to close in on him, triumphing with sheer numbers.  he must have killed over a dozen by now, but they just kept coming.  And as luck would have it, his next shot eminated a hollow click from his right Beretta.  Stuffing it back in its holster, he pulled out his flare gun and flamed the next undead in sight.  A zombie grabbed him by the neck from behind, and Gideon struck out with his foot, knocing it back.  He effortlessly unloaded the last two bullets from his other Berreta behind him, hearing the satisfying groan and impact of bone on the street.  He stuiffed the other gun back in its holster and fired his flare gun into another zombie.  As luck would have it, that was the last flare.


Gideon lashed out with his fist, breaking the jaw of a zombie about to stragle him.  He backpedaled a few steps and swung his shotgun from his back.  He unloaded a shell into the zombie and kicked it to the ground.

"Come on you bastards, keep it coming!"

He brought the heavy pump-action down onto the head of a nearby not-so-dead body, bashing the beast's skull in.  He fired into another zombie, shattering it's body with the impact.  Gideon kicked at another zombie wehile pulling some more shells out of his belt pouch.  This was gonna be a long battle...

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