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Dune II - The Maker update


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It has been a while! And i don't even have real internet at these times since changing cable/adsl provides seems to take weeks. Darn. So i am here now on the good old modem.

Right. I have made some severe updates to the engine. I am working on it quite a lot. I had to cut a lot of my initial plans, but what the heck.

I won't spoil anything yet, there is no new version released either, however...

- if you have any suggestion about a GOOD "Dune 2 like upgrade" i am interested

i can give you some hints about the current progress:

- air battles... ornii...... thoptars...

- improved carry-alls

- lots of fixes

- smarter AI (tries to build good economy, will not ingage bases when it knows it will lose, etc)

- "Warning... Wormsign" l33t

- whohoo, i added some more gfx effects (not in the original dune 2).

well, and i am so kind to give ya a zip file containing 2 shots.. with some action. :D ;D

btw, to contact me , new e-mail:



all other adresses you might have are INVALID.[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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I look forward to the final release of The Maker!

Im just back on a short visit. I hope everything is well in the dune2k community!

For the most part yes. We just need something new to talk about Dune though. (movie/mini/game)

Nice to see older members come back and visit! :)

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It stil feels like home here ;)

Anyway, just added more goodies. I can read in original dune 2 scenario's now perfectly, and AI is now smart enough to be allies on those missions :)

I still have some bugs to squish, i hate them. Always when you think you fix them they somehow are still there. Of course, these are not the 'simple' bugs i am talking about.

Anyway, i have still some things to do before i can speak of a worthy release imo.

Btw, the new upgrades available:

- use fremen intelligence to reveal shroud on the map

- upgrade radar hardware to identify units & later on also sandworms on map

I also want to make the atreides palace power (fremen help) way more powerfull.


Dune 2 seems to cheat on power usage AND on money as well. Although you probably knew this, did you know on the latest missions 2 out of 3 houses (sometimes ALL of them) have NOT enough power to guard their bases? I have to 'cheat' on this as well to make sure DUNE 2 missions are still playable on my 'fair' engine :D

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I have tested your project "Dune II - The maker" and Dune II was the first strategy I ever played. I played for the first time when I was 12 years old. My words about this game: Great! (well, only one word :-) ).

I'm glad that you take your time to remake this game so it is playable to Win2k and XP and with higher screen resolution. Today it is hard to emulate these games on Win2k and XP. Now I hope you have the strength to finish this project.

One more thing. I couldn

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