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Sonic Tank + WORMS


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They have a big worm attraction factor, if that is what you mean. But they have the same value as the Ordos Hover Vehicles, and some other units.

While the Guild NIAB Tank, and the Harkonnen Devastator have an even higher value.

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At the end of the campaign, the tleilaxu and guild foun that there is a link between the worm and the spice. maybe thats why the worms eat niab tanks... btw one time the worm went near a large group of enemy ifantry, but when it was eating halfway, it stopped. The ifantry didn;t shoot!

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Be aware that on occasions, sonic tanks can kill sandworms - the size of the sandworm, coupled with the fact that the sonic blast is a continuous bullet, in addition to the fact that th sandworm has flesh armour, causes the sandworm to take large amounts of damage from the sonic tank.

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