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Would Dune Generation have survived if...?


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Well, after reading the books, playing DUne1, the RTSs: DUne2, Dune2k, Emperor, anyone would want to take a closer look at this world. Meaning that they would like to BE IN IT. A RPG, or a FPS would be great for this. As style (architecture, dressing, atmosphere) I love the DUne1, for example.

Well, in any case, a RPG is more likely to be liked than a RTS. Why? Because you can CREATe yourself again and again in the game.

Take a look at NFS Underground. The ability to customize the car has made even me a NFS fan. Ussually I HATE racing games.

So, such a game (RPG) could have more chances of success that a RTS.

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DG was already a RPG in the sense that it WAS roleplay.  Anyway, it seems that it wasnM't going real good in the development chamber at the end. tHEY HAD TROUBLE WITH THEIR engine and so on.... a developer even said in a fan forum that it was doomed anyway because of a totally unadapted programming language.

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That's always hard, game development is a hard job, but to abandon a project just because the programming language is unadapted...

I think that's just a lack of motivation, if you can't get it to work in a certain language, write it in another... It's may be as easy as it sounds, but if you really really really want the game to be finished someday you might not have another choice.

I myself write in Delphi, and so far I haven't come across anything that can't be accomplished with that, even while it is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool it is possible to override any built in functions with other functions to make it work better for your project.

I think they just needed a bad excuse to abandon a game which they didn't enjoy themselves...

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