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Emperor Harkonnen

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True because we do not know openly what the Ordos are they are left to speculation but the Guild navigaitor we know used to be human once but is now a mutation from the spice. Maybe the Ordos are human but from what I know they are not.

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Hmm... I personally think, that Ordos are humans. Because: -in Dune2 their Mentat's a human (if they're not humans, why would they use a human mentat??)

-in Dune2k Edric 0 (the Mentat) IS a human, but he's boosted by machines

-in both games House Ordos' fighters are ALL humans, even the mutants (if there's any) are humans (like Guild Navigators as others mentioned)

But, don't forger, that House Ordos is not in the original Duniverse, they're just created by Westwood!!!

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The Empire of the Padisah Emperor looks like a this:



                              Great Houses


                               Houses Minor

The Guild            Bene Gesserit          The Mentats

(these last three are not under the strict order of the Emperor, but -somehow- are dependant on him)

                 C.H.O.A.M.            Landsraad

The Houses are humans, who (most of the time) live in the same planetsystem and have a ruler/monarch (baron, count, duke, etc.) controlling them.

There are several differences between the Houses (political, economical, substantial) and they're in 2 big groups: Houses Minor and Major. Some (or all) of the houses have place in CHOAM (an economical unity) and the Landsraad (council of the leaders or delegations of the Houses).

I hope this helps.  ;)

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ExeCuTrix is a thinking machine yes... BUT he's used for cover up, I mean if Harkonnen would like destroy Ordos, offcourse they'd target on the ExeCuTrix... Emperor would target ExeCuTrix, BUT actualy the true leaders are hiding somewhere or scatered. Understand? it's more safe that way, Ordos are humans and the council are humans.

EXECUTRIX is just a cover...mystery...let them think we're freaks... Ordos style 8) ;D

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Ligic show us which book Frank Herbert mentions the House of Ordos.  ???

Alexander Ordos you are without a doubt an Ordos because only a student of Ordos thinking would give that answer. It could be plausible but at the same time I find some other factors intriguing.   8)  ;D

The_Baron your point is good and valid but I still have my reasons for thinking that the Ordos could not be completely human.

Acriku does make a point that we always say within the Dune community. There never is mention of aliens in the Duniverse not even by Guild Navigators and would they not come in contact with alien life forms with their chief functioning being travel amongst the stars?

In conclusion to make myself better understood, I was saying that the Ordos were possibly "thinking machines" that escaped the Butlerian Jihad or maybe cyborgs somehow just a speculation on my part. :) Let's continue discussing though.

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