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Yeah atlast I found a thread to talk out  8).

1. Ix is famous for it's underground cities.

2. The biggest and most beuterfull architecture of IX is the Grand Palais.

3. Ix iswas ( depends from which book you read..) by House Vernius.

4. It's ruler Dominic Vernius has been Elroods IX war heroe.

5. Ixians are scientists. They don't care for the Great Convention.

6. Ixians are aristocrats. They've especialy designed the suboids for their working class.

7. Ixians are allies of House Ordos ;D

8. Tleilaxian name of Ix is Xutuh.

9. Ix and Tleilaxu have a kanlee between each other.

10. Ixians have no religion

  Ok I gues that's enough ::)...

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Sure who said that Dunenewt is talking for all ixians? 8)

Some of the ixians can be "persuaded" to join the Great House Ordos. Besides all Ordos units from E:BFD are based on ixian tech... AND I wonder what would happen if Tleilaxu and Ix would've created a project together  ;)?

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Actaully, the Frmen, while poor, had quite sophisticated technology that no one else int he emprie could match including stilsuits, dew collectors, water-proof material, measuring devices, and metal alloys that were so, I guess the word is slick, that as soon as a rounded container of it was tipped, every single droplet of water would pour out.

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In other words, They are smart and skilled warrior's.

Although, Do Fremen have a chance when fighting on a other planet Giedi prime or Caladan for example?

( America helped Afgehistan against Sovjet. Where did they received the weapons from, No wonder Taliban started to manipulate the people duh. )

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