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  1. Hm... the contaminator is indeed expensive compared to the other subhouse inf units. Just wondering if the contaminator could be tweaked to be a counter against the all favorite fremen and sards ::) lets say the speed of a leech, the contaminator attack and cost 150. I know that this would be very impopular, as people tend to be very emotional against not having their all reliable, all purpose sards and feds ;) But wouldn't it make tleilaxu a nice "annoy-the-hell-out-of-your-enemy" subhouse? good for diversions!
  2. I didn't say that the contaminator was to become invincible or even up to par with the stronger units in the game. Speeding it up (both movement and attack) is just a suggestion for making it more effective, like you requested :) The leech is often able to reach its targets and this makes it necessary to defend against it without it being a game winner (but still it is useful/fun sometimes), why couldn't this be the case for contaminators as well?
  3. I still believe that the contaminator would be much more interesting and useful if it were a fast instead of a slow unit, like the leeches. (Tleilaxu would then have an anti inf and an anti vehicle unit.)
  4. But that gets already quite complicated as a mod. I was wondering if just increasing the move and attack speed of the contaminator would already be enough to make it more useful/annoying for you/your enemy. It might give Tleilaxu an anti-infantry as well as an anti-vehicle unit, and both in style 8)
  5. Tleilaxu is underpowered because their 'anti' infantry unit does not work well at all... If the contaminator could be as effective against infantry as the leech is against vehicles, the Tleilaxu could play a real role as a subhouse. I think that even just increasing the speed of the contaminator would already work well, as you can see with the leech, which can attack most vehicles effectively due to its speed. By the way, most of the time I choose either fremen or sard, together with a random subhouse. Strategically this is not the best choice (most of the time that would be fremen+sards as pe
  6. Wait a minute, Lowzeewee,... you do know The Restaurant at the End of the Universe but you don't know the other books? :O :O Go and read "The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy" now! :) It is the first book of the series, and, together with "The Restaurant...", follows the original radio play from which it was adapted. Later there were three more books: "Life, the Universe, and Everything", "So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish" and finally "Mostly Harmless". If you can get it, listen the radio plays are on CD, these are really the purest form of the series, imho even better than the books; alt
  7. JB


    SC1 was the first multiplayer game I played extensively (together on one keyboard, yay!) The dreadnought probably was the strongest ship overall; with practice it could be destroyed by some of the other ships, but those were then easy prey for one of the others. I got very skilled with that transformer ship with two shapes (the Mmrnmhrm Transformer I think). It didn't have any storyline back then, the story was added by SC2, which was very cool to play through; with lots of little stories about the different races (Especially the menagerie of captain "Zex" of the "Vux", ;D ;D ) We are Pkunk
  8. Emperor is dead! Long live Emperor!
  9. And when I rushed forwards with a sandbike to get the crate that sprang up between a line of assault tanks and a group of minos poised to throw themselves into battle; I get a sonic tank! what the F... The present was evaporated by 12 assault tanks firing simultaneuosly ;D Just what I needed.
  10. If new players go online, it surely is difficult to learn how to play; the step up from the campaigns and AI to "real" human vs. human games is quite hard. Would it be a good idea to organize some online lessons? If an experienced player takes one or two beginners into a game and "talks" them through the steps of building a good (or at least reasonable) base, setting up example fights between groups of units, eg. master vs student, 2nd student observes and learns how the master does "da moves" :). This way one player can observe and learn, without bothering about his/her own units. At the end
  11. JB


    That's a good joke, ha ha, :- wait a sec, its not a joke, it really works that way, doesn't it, dad? :O the world is a strange place...
  12. Maybe not the funniest, but a nice moment when I was having a 1vs1 against cbrick yesterday I was building up my base about (the proverbial) three minutes into the game and just thinking "hm, rushing in the first few minutes from the start would actually a nice strat, cause its hard to put up a solid defense by that time..." When I looked to the enemies base and there were about twelve minos marching towards my base (when I just built my first mino :) ) I now begin to understand why poor losers get upset when they see any enemy unit before they themselves have like thirty minos and niab tanks.
  13. Me, I started visiting after I got EBFD as a birthday present (jan 2003)
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