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  1. Thank you, Btw I did some more testing and adjusted Max buildings for the Hark, 2 Barracks, refineries etc. And they AI started to rebuild the destroyed buildings again. Funny thing is the changes I made were only to the Hark, but the Emperor benefited from them and started rebuilding everything when destroyed. About the only thing that still have a problem was the windtraps for Hark, they only tried to rebuild them when they power was low, so maybe its some coded thing. But I also set the number higher to 13 because that is how many wintraps were placed. But I wonder if Max Buildings has a limit like 9 or something? I would think that would be used only for MP Practice AI, but changing the Max to 0 causes the AI not build at all, so there may be some connection. I have tested it though and the AI was rebuilding Destroyed Barracks, Refineries, Outposts with no problems. I also noticed the AI likes SMALL bases, Large bases seem to cause weird AI behavior. I did make the base smaller, but when I tested it the Hark were still not rebuilding, but when I did the Max Building changes they started acting normal. I did notice the AI tends to rebuild more on destroyed buildings, than ones you just sell. So there must be some hardcoded AI stuff somewhere besides the stuff we are editing.
  2. Hello, Yes it does help a lot, thank you for the Tips, this game is a learning experience for me since I haven't played with it for years. I was thinking, since you and others are making custom maps, maybe that is why it wasn't noticed as much on the vanilla maps having building issues? I know a lot of people seem to play MP also. I was surprised the Vanilla maps had similar problems as it meant its going to be harder to find out why the AI is not rebuilding right.
  3. Yes I would be interested. I always like to make the AI more challenging. If you already have the experience I can only benefit from it, 🙂 I do think there is something going on as the Vanilla maps without editing are not behaving properly with the rebuilds. I was using the standard 1.06 and it still had issues, tried using Gruntmods and the Queue Patch exe's and get similar results. I noticed on the vanilla map the AI tried to build a couple buildings but after that didn't do them. Maybe something with Building priorities is causing this or an order of some sort. Is there any other AI files besides what we can edit, I read the manual and there is still a lot of known things about this. P.S. Will your S18 AI work with an all infantry version?
  4. Hi, That explains some things on the attack build strength, but as you can see I haven't modded a lot in the msi files, more just to restrict certain units or buildings like the ones I removed. Well the manuals are in Docx format my MS word cant read them. I need to use that online converter to convert them which I plan to do now. I did do some more testing, but this time I decided to use a clean Vanilla 1.06 version of the game, the only thing installed was the menu and debug. Vanilla .exe. what I FOUND out is VERY interesting. The AI did the same thing! The Emperor in that level built the barracks but the Hark only did it once, then stopped. Also it did not rebuild any of the other buildings I deleted. Mind you this was a VANILLA game, I did NO edits whatsoever. I think what this means is the AI is messed up in this game, and someone needs to look into redoing the AI, as each map the AI behaves differently on what they rebuild or not. They may have done this on purpose thinking it would be too hard for the player if the AI rebuilt everything. Also the Practice AI may be different than the regular single player AI. I think this is important as I confirmed that the vanilla was doing the same thing, so my changes cannot be the cause of the AI behavior completely. I am using this game on Winxp SP3. Anyway some thoughts on this would be nice as you guys have more experience than myself. This may have been something that got overlooked as each map the AI will behave differently. Sometimes rebuilding then not, also I didn't notice this problem until I was testing with my Ornithopters, once watching them destroy the barracks and then them not rebuilding tipped me off on this one map, if I was watching the emperor I would have never caught it.
  5. Hi Fey, Since I have been able to add the Debug to my game I have been using it. I tested out the startport theory, but it still didn't work. I decided to upload my game mod minus the movies, so the Z file is about 56mb, This way maybe someone would like to take a look and see if they can find out something I am missing. What I need to test is the vanilla version with the queue patch, to see if it does it, If it does then its something in the .exe. I already noticed that the Battle map in the main game doesn't show the territories taken in both the gruntmod or queue patch. So that is a bug that shouldn't be. You can see the map locations after, but while the voice is saying ordos took this etc, it shows nothing but a blank desert map and I tried all resolutions thinking maybe that was the cause but it wasn't. Also I found a weird bug that when I set the mission to have 160+ units to attack they AI didn't always send that number even when they had the amount of units and the time to build them. So there are some bugs with the engine or AI, I watched them send 60 units and leave 100 on base just sitting there, but the 120+ area seems to work fine? Here is the link to my mod. Keep in mind I am not done. Debug is included as well as Mission select. http://www.mediafire.com/file/6fljdrgc6ejo9p2/Dune2000.7z/file P.S. I just did some more testing this time taking the .exe from Gruntmod and using it. It made no difference. I also readjusted the base to be far away from the edge and that didn't do anything either. I did not the AI start to rebuild turrets, but then it did something weird and rebuilt them in one location next to each other, after about 5 of them were made, it went into the building and cancelled routine. I wonder if there is a vanilla issue that wasn't noticed with some of the maps. Each map seems to react differently on the AI behavior, maybe Tibed has some bugs I know its missing some of the sound slots for Hark and Ordos.
  6. Hi, I just was able to do more testing and found later in the game after deleting all the stuff the AI is building then cancelling. I tried changing the Windtraps back to 2x3 foot print thinking this may be the cause but I am still have the problem. I cannot figure what the AI is trying to build but cannot place? The concrete is left over after the delete, but that shouldn't cause an issue. Could it be turrets or walls too close to the border causing this action. Its very destressing as the Emperor AI now does it, but still builds other buildings, but I am wondering if the close proximity to the map edge may be causing this bug? The only things I changed was the removal of certain buildings using the -1 so they cannot be built, I also removed the ownership for them. I changed the tileset to allow clefts to be passable with infantry. and removed the availability of buying certain starport units. Really most of the time the AI is just sitting there without building anything and just stays that way, even though the have money. I wonder if changing the units to be less of price on the starport may help. Maybe the AI is SAVING up to buy the 99000 credit item? I'll let you know what I find as knowing what the limits of this engine is very useful. I am doing some things other mods don't so....
  7. Hello, Ok I was able to add the debug to my mod, it overwrote my text file, but I can rename the stuff again. I checked out both houses. The Emperor rebuilds as normal. But the Harkonnen do not. There is no activity in the build queue at all only the building of units. Plenty of Money 12k+ when I delete the building they wont rebuild, but if I build for them, they start to build troopers again. I tried adding all upgrades for barracks back, no change, removed the fake concrete around the area, still no effect. I tried with and without the Palace, I copied the AI from the emperor to Harkonnen with no results still no rebuild. In Mission 9.2 the Hark AI will not build the Barracks but will build the Hanger for the Ornithopters and the emperor will not rebuild barracks. Something buggy but I have not done anything that big to change the behavior this randomly. Maybe there is something buggy with the Queue patch exe? I once seen the AI produce none stop Units and send them to the player to attack, I still don't know what caused the issue, I just dumped the map I was working on when I seen that.
  8. Hi, I was doing a test on Atreides Map 9.1 and I Noticed something strange, The Emperor will rebuild his buildings when destroyed, but the Harkonnen will not? All the AI settings are the same, I even removed the Fremen from being used by Harkonnen, but nothing works, they just sit there and don't rebuild. All settings say they should and mimic the Emperor, is this a bug or something? Has anyone else had this bug and is there a fix? Thanks,
  9. Hello, On the new color I was able to make the Minimap color Purple still. I was able to test and with a small spot on the carryalls none of the other units or buildings use that one section. So the Emperor is Black, but the MiniMap is Purple still. The Atreides Tan is dark enough to be seen, and I have a blue version for people who want the blue color. On the Starports, Originally I tried to do a Guild Mercenary for purchase and it worked great, until the AI used it and gave me an error I was not able to solve. So I have about 5 slots used, MCV, Harvester, Carryall, Thumper, Engineer. The other 3 Slots say Out of Stock and have a high price. This may change if I am able to get more new units added without Crashes. I was thinking of adding Sardaukar available but I am not sure. On the Infantry being able to walk almost everywhere Yes I decided while watching the AI it causes them to funnel and spread out the units causing them to be easier to be picked off. Also before it was easier to just Build walls in areas that were open, instead of the whole complex like it would be in real life. I think the change would be great for other mods also, as it would give infantry an advantage over vehicles. I just recently did this change but it has already caused some interesting results in the way I plan my base, because any area can be open to attack, but you still get the nice cleft look that looks like rock sticking out. I really am making this mod for AI play and the AI has some issues, if 1 or 2 units at a time trickle in the Turrets will take them out with ease, but if 50+ do then they can do damage. Terrain change helps this issue and can surprise as I found the AI attacking from different areas in the same maps when I did the change. Right now I am working on the maps, the originals have to be redone slightly and the bases for the AI especially since all areas can be attacked. The spice I think should be like Dune 2 with no spice blooms and less double spice tiles. But I also don't want to choke the AI as in one test on one of the later maps for Atreides I was hit hard, The AI took out several of my Windtraps and hit me with 100+ Sardaukar Troops, I survived but then was hit by 100+ Harkonnen Troopers! It was a lot of fun, and if you dont check the maps out first you can get caught with your pants down. I hope people play without looking at the maps in the editor...... 😉 I am even making full bases for the player, otherwise the mod may be too hard as the AI hits the player hard, the Ornithopters are a game changer, and being only infantry means scouting and defending can be a challenge. Sardaukar units are pretty tough now and Atreides has the Weakest Infantry, though Fremen can be Queued now and build at a rate of 15 now. Some of you guys are really good at this game, better than myself. But I found an Infantry only mod is pretty tough, spamming units doesn't work as well as the original. I had many units for an attack and they basically got wiped out by an Air Strike. lol I do hope later if any of you give my mod a try you give me feedback if you found it too hard or too easy. But I understand most of you have other important things your doing. 🙂 I wanted to use that special Atreides map as a bonus map of when the Emperor and Harkonnen attacked the Atreides, but I want to do it right. Here are some pictures of the menu and Starport options. You can see I STILL have the menu in the corner, I need to move it to the center but I don't know how to. The other pictures show the AI building Large armies, and again I was hit by both Airstrikes before the Sardaukar attack in the picture.
  10. Hello, Good idea on testing. On the mod, there will most likely be less spice and more in pockets. Also the cost of buildings and power have been adjusted slightly. Also though the AI will be able to build units with no delay so they can make some nice sized armies to attack. The goal is to have waves of attacks, whether for spice or attacks on buildings. So far its playing out pretty good. Game plays rather well with all infantry and could be said to be harder since you have no tanks to counter the infantry like before. Air power is more deadly and useful now. here is a change log I am making for the mod. It was made for myself, but I have seen posts where some wanted to play with Infantry only, the real challenge is balance. Change Log 1.0: =============== 1. Important: Full game included with Mod nothing else needed, High Rez options in .INI File, Also Menu Selection. Mod set for 1024x768, but can do many different resolutions. Movies are included with this mod so its the full game complete with nice High Rez options. Menu Selection only the Atreides Test Map works, the other 2 don't so don't click them! All Original Campaign maps work fine. 2. The Queue Patch is also installed so one can queue units while building. 3. Pallets colors now Changed, Emperor now Black, Atreides Tan, Harkonnen Dark Red, Ordos Dark Green, Mercs Yellow, and Smugglers Orange. Another pallet is included that makes the Atreides Dark Blue in the BIN folder. 4. Sardaukar Infantry more Tough than before and now match the movie color of being Black. 5. ALL VEHICLES have been REMOVED for gameplay, except Harvester. This is to make more like the 1984 movie which was infantry focused. 6. Atreides Use only Infantry, with exception of Fremen warriors. 7. Harkonnen use Troopers that now use Heavy Machine gun instead of Missiles and have new firing animations to match machinegun use. 8. Ordos, Mercs, and Smugglers use Guild Mercenaries, which look like Sardaukar, but are not as strong. They have the firepower of Harkonnen Troopers, and the Health of the Fremen. 9. Emperor can only build Sardaukar troops. 10. Wind Traps now have a 2x2 footprint and no longer 2x3. 11. Medium Turrets now use Very heavy machine gun, since there are no vehicles this change balances gameplay. They have new Sprites to reflect their change. (Thanks Fey!) 12. Gun Turrets and All Infantry all have slightly faster rate of fire 13. Campaign Maps adjusted to make harder or just better balanced for bases and infantry unit battles. 14. All land units have greater view range about double from before. 15. Player no longer can build these buildings, Light Factory, Heavy Factory, Research Center. This was done as they were no longer needed and to simplify the menu options. 16. Atreides Fremen can now be built faster, and no longer have stealth mode since they can be made in mass. 17. Ordos Sabatour has more health & armor than before so its balanced with other houses special weapons. 18. Players can only get extra Carryalls or Harvesters from the Choam company via Starports, makes a little more realistic and challenging. Starports will show other "OUT OF STOCK" items but the price will be prohibited. 19. Thumpers and Engineers are available from the Starport delivery. 20. No Upgrades for Barracks, Engineers now have to be purchased. 21. Ornithopters only need "Ornithopter Hanger" now, which requires an Outpost to build. Uses Light Factory Model and footprint. 22. All houses can Build Ornithopters now, giving new strategic need for Rocket turrets. 23. Tripled Ornithopter build speed from what it was. 24. Sandworms do more damage to infantry and can kill them by moving under them. 25. All Infantry is Self Healing, so they will heal over time. 26. Imperial Houses & Outposts now defend themselves with Heavy Machineguns. But Special Outposts do not. 27. Harvesters no longer crush infantry, in real life they would be too slow to be effective at running over units. 28. Harvester has stronger health than before so its not as easy to take them out with infantry. 29. Adjusted Clefts to be passable for Infantry now and move 50% less speed while climbing. Vehicles cannot pass over clefts.
  11. Hello, Thank you! It was a tileset that needed to be installed in my Bin folder. Mine was 1998. I copied over and now I CAN place the buildings. I think they will rebuild the building but I am not sure? I gave them ability to build the Building that should work right? I got to say my mod is shaping up nice. Thanks to help I am getting here and the wonderful tools, I still need to figure how to make the menu adjusted for my 1024x768 background. but.... Its a different experience than you guys are use to, you can get hit from all sides, Spamming buildings isn't as important as planning defense and counter attack. Air is deadly because of infantry only, but bases are more strong since there is no armour. Image 120 Sardaukar units with 120 Harkonnen Troopers hitting your base! lol Game feels different without vehicles, but I wanted something different as there are so many good mods already based off of the original design.
  12. Hmm, My version 2.0 beta of the editor doesn't let me place Atreides High tech factory for Anyone but Atreides and the high Tech factory cannot be placed for Atreides. The editor also doesn't let me place Sardaukar for Mercs etc. I also cannot place Grenadiers for any of the houses, even though I made them a new unit that Ordos can use. If the editor would let me place Atreides High Tech for Hark and Ordos I think that would work. As it is now because of my changes when I try to use those buildings to place the game gives and error about not having the building available. My work around was simple I made the Behavior of the building be AT High Tech, and then I had to change byte 92 from 9 to 10 matching the AT Hi Tech building. When I did that the game is allowing me to build that building for the houses and produce and use Ornithopters. But the Editor will not allow me to place Atreides buildings and when I try to place the Regular High Tech I get a crash when map is loaded. So right now I have everything working except only the player for Ordos and Hark can build the Factory. When I tried to make the High Tech Factory to alone make Ornithopters I could make them, but I could not use them. Also the editor will NOT allow me place regular High Tech factory for Atreides. Is there a NEW version of the editor? I thought I was using the latest version D2kEditorv2.0pre1NEWER ver.zip There is a lot of newer stuff that is not listed properly so some of us are using older programs because we can't find the newer on this site. Thank you.
  13. I think I found what I wanted. I used the setting to ADD and picked Infantry can pass and rough rock 50% for the Clefts. This seemed to work the best since the Infantry is slowed down by it but can still move through them. But it will require some map changes as Bases are now exposed like in Dune2. Though I do have to say it looks nice as the AI has trouble with a lot of the Clefts and gets scattered out so the Base defenses can pick them off. Now you have to watch all areas since my mod only uses Infantry and Air. One small question, has anyone been able to give Ornithopters to Ordos or Harkonnen? I tried using other buildings but the units produce but cannot be used. When I give access to the Atreides High tech building it works for the others, but the Atreides High Tech factory cannot be placed in the editor for the other houses, but can be built in game by the player, but the AI has to have the building already in the missions unless I do a Practice AI. I made the AT High tech all that is needed to build them. When I try to use other buildings like Research Center or Light factory they build but cannot be used. Same when I give Ordos or Hark and make their High Tech factory to use the AT version I can build but not use. Weird bugs, I hope there is a way around as I was thinking maybe its good to give the other 2 houses Ormithopters.
  14. THANKS! I have that editor, but I didn't know there was a feature for that. I took a look, and while I don't know exactly what I am doing I can see I can do some great stuff with it. I suppose once the Tileset is changed I dont have to redo each map to make it work, just the tileset? Any advice on what settings to use will aid me in my trial and error approach!
  15. Hello, I was wondering if anyone ever tried or knows how to make the rock clefts so infantry can climb them? I think the look of them is great, but I like the vulnerability of the Rock edging. I think it would force the player to make more walls than just sections of wall and still have the nice look. I was thinking maybe one could replace the tileset for rock specials? Unless they are coded for the sprite instead of the section. There must be something telling them they are not passable.
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