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  1. It does look nice, each area unique. Great addition!
  2. This topic was 10 years old you need to look at the dates. lol
  3. No I don't mind, I want people to enjoy it. I believe in sharing, its what makes a mod community great
  4. truth is truth, TibEd offered a lot but has major holes in it.
  5. This is neat, I hope you find other things!
  6. Int the Hirez patch available the same as gruntmods? I use the Queue.exe and use the Hi-Rez patch that is downloadable and it seems to work? I also use the mission selector, all downloaded separate and installed.
  7. There is a possible use for the Sardaukar units that are recruited in MP which I use for the Starport. Maybe calling them Heavy Mech Sardaukar or something.
  8. Wow this editor is really neat! I can't wait to see what else you find out! Thanks for working on this!
  9. WOW, yes I would use this over TibEd any day! TibEd actually limits my modding like Feda said, one has to know all the unknown bytes and its a pain to remember or look every one of them up and some are only discussed on discord which some can't use like myself. Again, it looks great and would help others like myself mod more!
  10. Sounds neat, but for me I can't use Discord, the online one refreshes all the time which causes bad lag which I can't type without freezes and I can't download the program as it doesn't work on WinXP for the download. lol
  11. Its a great addition to the editor for sure, especially for those that have modded units. Cm_blast how did you recolor the stealth look, I would like to know if possible? Thanks
  12. Hello, I was wondering if anyone tried to look for the setting that makes the dead sprites disappearing? There must be a setting for this, I think it would interesting to see the casualties pile up?
  13. I'll play with it, Maybe I am not doing in the right order or enough times? Or maybe its the byte itself is the problem?
  14. I must have misunderstood you, because it seemed like you were saying just don;'t have both used at the same time. So you did the hex change and then started all over from scratch the changes you made with Tibed and didn't use a save? I used my saved file and it removed the change. Starting over would be a pain as there are a lot of edits, I think its easier to just change the byte after I am done with Tibed. lol I found the import feature you mentioned which is neat, but When I opened Tibed and then imported the game changes, but when I saved Tibed to game the change for the stealth was
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