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  1. I played too. This the mission looks easy on normal mode. It's also easy to defend base. Map is fun, I liked it. Someday I'll try on hard mode.
  2. [RELEASE] Tleilaxu Campaign

    I beat/complete all the missions. This campaign was not very hard. Only the mission 5 and 7 (in the beginning) hardest. But I liked it.
  3. [RELEASE] Frank Herbert: Custom Campaign for Dune 2000

    The last mission is not easy. The enemy is faster and had a lot money. It took a long time. But I beat this mission. And another campaign is completed (actually incompletely).
  4. [RELEASE] Frank Herbert: Custom Campaign for Dune 2000

    I tried again and this time was much better. It's a mistake to build everything (I know about extra reinforcements and i tried). And that was a failure. I destroyed the base of the south and I build another base. And then was easy. I was wrong, this mission is possible on normal mode.
  5. [RELEASE] Frank Herbert: Custom Campaign for Dune 2000

    The mission 14 is realy very hard. I need more space and enemies too many. I can't do anything, they do too much damage to me and I lost a lot buildings (defense), money. The harvester is the greatest enemy target. It is very complicated. I don't know how to play this mission. I think on easy mode possible to play.
  6. [RELEASE] Frank Herbert: Custom Campaign for Dune 2000

    Yes, they are nothing to me. Is easy to kill. I didn't expect an engineer for the first time and I lose but I was ready for the second time. Of course. Otherwise I would not be able to play. The mission 14 is complicated. Just (very) hard. Small area (where you can build base), many enemies and super weapons. I don't know how to play this mission. But I will try.
  7. [RELEASE] Frank Herbert: Custom Campaign for Dune 2000

    I don't know why. But it's easy. In the beginning only one engineer and one trooper attacking me. No more enemies and I had a lot time to defend the base. Maybe something wrong with this mission. The mission 13 is hard but not very hard.
  8. [RELEASE] Frank Herbert: Custom Campaign for Dune 2000

    Sometimes your missions is easy. The mission 12 is (very) Easy and I was surprised. Even can play on hard mode.:D I also do not play on max speed. I don't have a lot units to protect or attack. And I don't make any progress. This mission is difficult for me.
  9. [RELEASE] Frank Herbert: Custom Campaign for Dune 2000

    It would be easier if the reinforcement arrive a bit soon. The problem is that they attacking too fast. Fremen are strong and they destroyed the harvester or barrack, I can't protect if i haven't money or units. The fight is not equal. For you maybe is easy. For me it's look too hard. Just lucky. I beat all sandworms.
  10. [RELEASE] Frank Herbert: Custom Campaign for Dune 2000

    The mission 10 is not hard. But the mission 11 is very hard. No money for repair buildings. It's too many enemies. And they have a lot money if destroyed the refinery. And a long wait for reinforcement. It looks easy to destroy but you still need to defend yourself. The first time I lost starport, second High tech factory. If I can repair maybe i can survive. On Easy mode maybe. But for me is hard.
  11. [RELEASE] Frank Herbert: Custom Campaign for Dune 2000

    I lied a bit, not all missions. I beat the missions - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7. But it was very hard, needed to try many times. I realy can't beat on normal mode - 6, 8 and 9. And I don't played others yet. But I think it's also impossible.
  12. [Full] Ordos Remake Campaign by Dark Wesker

    It's true. The mission just for fun. Try until you succeed. Again it was done on an old editor. Well, will need to make corrections. Strange, was not errors for me. Or maybe the mistake is that then I added the Heavy Factory for fremens in small area ( I do not remember or tried it). Maybe I will expand the places. Because it's easy. I don't think it necessary. But in the future maybe I give the fast unit.
  13. [RELEASE] Frank Herbert: Custom Campaign for Dune 2000

    This campaign is for professionals. Even more difficult. I can't beat the missions.
  14. [Full] Ordos Remake Campaign by Dark Wesker

    I created the extra mission "Time to blow up" - http://www.mediafire.com/file/b7k2snm6ep4a3k1/Ordos_Remake_Extra_Mission.zip The mission objective is blow up the three buildings. * Just don't look at the map. Otherwise it will not make sense. The mission difficulty: - Hard or Very Hard (Blind) - Easy or Normal (if you looked at the map or maybe you are lucky). -------- New project is The Harkonnen ("Reign of Evil") campaign. Will be: - Much more missions than 9 - Each mission will have a versions - Much more music - And much more difficult I still have the Atreides campaign. But much needs to be changed. But I don't know if I will do anything.
  15. [Release] Spacing Guild campaign for Dune 2000

    updated post: There are harder missions but for me its easier than your. In your campaigns too many enemies forces. Plus too many sandworms. Probably, but I'll try. * The Mission 5 is Easy and the mission 6 and 7 is not very hard, just a bit hard. These are normal missions for normal mode. But I beat. You warned me and I prepared for it. I looked at the map and I tried somehow. It's hard if enemies to attack from all sides but it was not. And a bit easy if i can build base. The Mission 8 is a (very) hard. But not enough. The mission 9 is Very Hard...many enemies, worms + Deviator...small area...just cool. And enemies to attack from all sides.