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  1. The mission 2 and 3 easy/normal. Harder the mission 3. I did not expect from Fremen to attack me. Edited: Mission 4 is not hard, but it was not easy either. The mission 5 was a bit hard. But everything was successful. I was surprised that mission 6 was very easy. Harkonnen had a lot of units to defend yourself.
  2. The first mission is not easy for me. I couldn't beat the mission. But I tried again and beat, I lost all units, only one Fremen survived.
  3. Thanks for the new campaign, looks interesting But for now I do not have time for that (to create and play).
  4. I can't answer because I don't know. But should be 20 - 30 missions. And you had to do that. The mission 10 already Hard. But mission 11 will probably be easy. I'm stop with mission 12 (need conditions). But now I do not have time, because the mission is not simple. In mission 6 you will get reinforcements (will be ally). But this mission have two options: wait (defense/protect) or attack and quickly complete the mission. The other part will not be so fast. When Ordos becomes strong (will have all the things). It will be very hard to beat the enemies. Because enemies will have very large reinforcements (unlimited).
  5. Will be more missions, longer and not easy. At this time, I do not have time to continue with this campaign. I just made easy (only in beginning) missions like the original. Yes it is true. In the beginning I thought that building was needed. Yes, small maps have a problems. But it looks more interesting. Because it's not so easy at the beginning. But then the enemy is easier to beat. You're right. This is not a good decision to do small maps. But this campaign will be with small maps. And the maps are growing with missions.
  6. Has anyone tried to play without massive reinforcemens (missions 6a and 6b) and Mercenaries (7, 8, 9a and 9b)? If no one has tried, now you can. Ordos without massive reinforcemens & Mercenaries.zip
  7. You must keep distance. The maps are very small and easy for your enemies to attack you. But this is a minus of small maps. Maps with missions are increasing. That means the maps will not be all the time small.
  8. They will react to you if you are near and it won't be easy. But this way you can weaken them.
  9. This campaign is not finished and will be a lot of missions. For now I do not have much time to work with this campaign. Therefore it will be in parts. Part 1 have a 10 missions and your tech level is still very low (2-3). For now you can only download with music. There is not much new music yet but will be more. You can listen to music with "Audio Converter" - https://d2kplus.com/audio-converter/ Ultimate House Ordos will be: - a lot of missions; - reinforcements; - in the beginning maps are very small; - in the beggining the House Ordos is very weak; - difficult very hard and insane (but in the beggining normal/hard); - old (from Ordos Remake) and new music. - Tech level is not for free; - you will have all the Harkonnen and Atreides the things; - you will have allies but it will cost; - maybe something more. * Can be mistakes. Do not need to do the defend area if is small map. And that makes a complicated game. Download
  10. I played, beat this mission and had fun. You could leave Ornithopters. Because becomes easy. But I liked it. This time your mission is not very hard and that's fine.
  11. That's great That's the reason why it was hard. I also played on the 50 (first time). Second when i changed morale. And I wrote all this. It was different and was much easy for me.
  12. I warned, the last mission is very hard and you saw the images. Such missions are not for you. Others maybe do not like hard situations and I made for easy. Now everyone can choose difficulties. And that will be necessary for the future for new campaigns. Thanks for the opinion. This can be useful in future.
  13. The enemies receive only 6 Devastators (all side *4, different intervals). Because Emperor can't build devastator. You only need to destroy the starports. And no more reinforcements (devastators). More, enemy has a speed to build. If you look at the map editor. There are 4 enemies as you write. But they are all like Emperor. I choose the first Harkonnen. The bad side is take the middle (Ordos). For me the enemies not rebuild buildings and it makes easier. As I see this mission is difficult for you. And yes, this mission is very long and not easy. I did it because I like such difficulties and for me is not boring. And I did not do like you, "deployed a MCV in the enemy...". It is not interesting to play. But I made much more easy mission. Who is afraid and do not like the challenges - AOA mission 12 easier.zip * Lower speed (one factory, construction yard, except Emperor have two factories and 3 construction yard). Very Easy (reuploaded): - AOA Mission 12 Very Easy.zip * Enemies defense lower * You have starting 20 000 credits * Atreides have 100 000 credits * Atreides have defense on this Area. * You will have receive a lot units (before 12, now 24 and something more). * And other things.
  14. Yes, it's easier and quick to do it yourself. But I concentrated on others and I left these at the end. For me they were not a threat. AI is not good and them need to be defended. This is the purpose of the game (campaign).
  15. Fixed - [Without music] Alliance of Atreides by Dark Wesker.zip My fault, sorry. It happened when I delete "Play Music". Black enemy is weak and emperor (with or without Atreides) destroying them. I'm just helping with airstrike. When I changed "Morale AttackBuilding" for me is different now. Maybe it's easier or maybe is harder. But it's easier for me.
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