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  1. Here it's the list you were searching:

    Any index that it's not black can deploy a MCV.

  2. Colours.bin RESEARCH

    Are someone tried to figure out which numbers can to deploy mcv? I will try. Dark brown - 32 Atreides, 33 Harkonnen, 34 Ordos and 35 is Emperor.
  3. [WIP] Harkonnen Campaign progress thread

    No, I do not have other feedback. Only that the enemies lose their defense in the base (for example H2V2 Emperor). And their movement into the defense area's is a bit bothersome. Only H4V1 was an annoying mission. Everything else looks good.
  4. [WIP] Harkonnen Campaign progress thread

    This is an old game and old games have a lot of minuses. I tried to play your missions (H1-H4 all versions). H1V2 - you need remove or somthing do about devestators. Because they were heard. The missions are not bad but I do not like with defend area. One place would be good but no more. H4V1 - Not hard but very annoying. Because the enemies non stop going to me.
  5. [Updated/Release] Ordos Remake Campaign by Dark Wesker

    No (a bit 6a) , but you can try the missions 7b and 8b. You will have a lot reinforcements. Yes, my campaign is now harder. But now you can play for sub-houses. Should be easier.:)
  6. [Updated/Release] Ordos Remake Campaign by Dark Wesker

    I updated my campaign. - Everyone can Buy units (using starport); - small changes (spice, messages, briefing...); - new music; - you can play for Sub-Houses (Mercenaries, Emperor, Fremen and Smugglers); - the Mission 9d (you can use the power of the enemy); - Probably everything. Download
  7. [Release] Ordos Campaign Alternative Missions

    Now I'm playing your versions (Alternative missions). It seems interesting. 01V3 - The enemy forces are not high and you have too many units. This mission is boring as in the original. 02V3 - It's too easy and it's nothing special. 03V3 - Already something interesting. The mission is good, but I defeated the enemy easily. 04V3 - Something else and I liked it. More enemies and more complexity. But the mission itself was not hard. 04V4 - The same but also very interesting. Good job. 05V2 - Looks like original, just more space and more difficulty. I am glad that the enemies are strong. I mean the enemy has a missile tanks. It's just great. The mission is not hard. 05V3 - I thought I will have a lot of difficulties. But it was not. In the beginning it was complicated but then easy. 06V3 - There is something serious here. I had to really concentrate on this mission. This time it was not easy. But I liked it. Good job;) O6V4 - This version is easy. But also interesting. Bonus Mission - For fun this mission. I enjoyed to play. O7V2 and O7V3 - These versions are very complicated. Somehow I survived. But I liked it. Easy to defeat enemies. Only the beginning is hard. O8V2 and O8V3 - A bit easier. Also easy to beat enemies. O9V3 - Now there is something good. Enemies are not easy. I like when the enemies is not easy to defeat. Well done O9V4 - I completed all your missions/versions. I enjoyed the final missions;) Really good missions.:) I recommend to create for others houses. The sub-houses missions is really bad for AI. I did not try to play but played the dato. Too much Hard. AI must have a full base as enemies. You should change that, otherwise play is meaningless.
  8. [Release] Harkonnen: Reign of Evil Campaign

    Version "a" and "d" - Very Hard; "b" and "c" - Normal or Hard. Version "e" should to be Easy or Normal. But defeat enemies will not be easy.
  9. [Release] Harkonnen: Reign of Evil Campaign

    I know, I just show that it's not easy mode. I finished testing the finale missions. Everything works for me, there should be no mistakes.
  10. [Release] Harkonnen: Reign of Evil Campaign

    If you beat the version a, the other is not necessary. Version b is very hard but it is possible to defend and beat this mission (I tested on hard mode). Harvester must to be used for crush Light Infantry. When I create my goal was to make a very complicated campaign. That's why it's so hard. And I would not change anything with her because it was not necessary. If it's very hard and impossible for you. You can go to the next mission. Or add units. I tried again (but not until the end). There is one way, let the enemy to attack the harvester. Then you attack them. 4 images:
  11. [Release] Harkonnen: Reign of Evil Campaign

    Sorry, but everything has to be different from you. I'm doing to be more interesting. But if that's not interesting, then skip the mission/version. * Otherwise, you can change or use my campaign (maps). You're right, maybe it's my old mistake. I fixed. HROE Mission 1b.zip By the way, you can play the mission 12 versions b, c, d and e. The only one left (a). It can take a long time with this. Because this should be a very hard version.
  12. [Release] Harkonnen: Reign of Evil Campaign

    The mission objectives are the same. Version a is easy/normal and b hard. The version b problem is sandworms and enemy. Outpost is not necessary to be destroyed. But if you do not destroy it, it can be harder or maybe not. Not always should be easy/simple. That was my idea. Dune must to be Dune. And the harvester needs to be protected. The mission 12d is very hard. So, I made it a little easier (and I tested). Maybe for you its will look simple and you can try it. But I recommend playing this: HROE Mission 12d.zip * If the mission will look easy (on normal mode), then try on hard mode. My goal is to be possible to play on hard mode.
  13. [Release] Harkonnen: Reign of Evil Campaign

    Currently I tested b and c (the finale missions). And you can play them. But you can try the others. I uploaded it again because I needed to fix a little thing. But this is not a problem to play. Download If you do not want to download again. Just change c fremen to 0 (side) or leave it. I also a bit edited text/message.
  14. New my campaign. My campaign is different from the original. But the goal is the same as the original. This campaign have a lot missions (12) + versions (16) = 28 missions. Also I made music for this campaign. My campaign is nothing special, just can be too hard to play. * Anyway, you can use my maps and music for your purposes or make any new changes to my campaign. Download Without music: [Without music] Harkonnen Reign of Evil.zip I made (mission 12d) it a little easier (and I tested). Maybe for you its will look simple and you can try it. But I recommend playing this: HROE Mission 12d.zip
  15. I played too. This the mission looks easy on normal mode. It's also easy to defend base. Map is fun, I liked it. Someday I'll try on hard mode.