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  1. Thanks so much! I guess, after the FunkyFresh install, I would probably want to download the Gruntmods-exclusive map packs and music tracks, provided GruntLord6 put them online for individual download. I think I also like the idea of self patching vanilla Dune 2k, because the most recent Gruntmods update doesn't have the updated Hi-Res pack, which supposedly allows Dune 2k to be run at HD resolutions without the graphics being heavily reduced in size. Were any of the gameplay mechanics altered in the Gruntmods edition?
  2. It would technically be the same thing, yes. I just have personal moral issues with downloading abandonware games. Anyway, I figure the Gruntmods edition is probably Dune 2k with a number of freely available fan patches, but I know it also has its own auto-update feature. So I PM'ed Gruntlord6 about possibly getting the source code without the Dune 2k assets, so that I can plug those in from the CD and then compile it through MinGW or something.
  3. Hi everybody. I know that Dune 2k is more or less abandonware, but I have personal reservations about downloading it while it’s still under copyright. So, I’m wondering: is there a way to add all the Gruntmods updates to the original disc version of D2K? What would I need to download, etc?
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