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  1. That also happened to me many times. Units moved across whole map and they never got away, I was ordos so they were almost undamaged because of their speed. ;D
  2. How much it takes to charge super weapon?(It would be great to have few alarm clocks when you are playing so you can set them and alarm warns you when the enemy super weapon is charged.) ;D
  3. I don't think there is anything more to add.
  4. If you play Hark you must be extra careful. If missile tanks in base are infected they can destroy all around itself and finally they will destroy each other. Since one cost 1200 the looses are very big. It's same with gun turrets only they don't destroy each other. I always keep missile tanks outside my base. They are fast so there's no need to keep them inside the base.(all ordos tanks too) 8) Does anyone have some good tactics against hawk strike? I'm ordos and it really bugs me. ???
  5. Hawk strike- Work best against fast units like ordos and big masses of units.Best defence is to form some kind of unit wall so they can't run away.I like to use it especially against Gunships or Ornithopters on helipads close to each other, you can't stop them to run away.It doesn't work so good against slow Hark and Atreides ground units. 8) Death hand-Great for destroying buildings close to each other. It's great to destroy enemy's palace while he's super weapon is almost ready for use. It's also great to destroy he's outpost so you can surprise him with rush. Best defence? Build buildings far from each other (if it's possible, if not, always have two of important buildings:Con yard, factory...) 8) Chaos lightning-It's great to target few enemy turrets and watch how they are destroying everything around them. It's also good with minos in base so they damage all buildings around them.I like to use it against bigger number of enemy units together when they are moving towards my base so I stop his rush in one simple move. Best defence against it is to build turrets not so close to each other and not to keep many units in base together. 8) What do you think?
  6. "...hurry, hurry, hurry before I go insane, I can't control my fingers, I can't control my brain, Oh no o o o o." Ramones
  7. What if you train scouts and then contaminate them. That would be a cheap way of making contaminators.(I never tried that, I just got an idea.) :D
  8. Sometimes you are forced to put windtraps close to each other or close to other buildings but it's best to put them in line far apart from everything else but still they must be protected. 8) 8) 8)
  9. It looks good.I'll try it.But it'll work only if mino go after inkvine.
  10. It's really great strategy like all others on the site. But I think threat enough laser tanks can stop the ground units and then it is easy to kill ADPs one by one but I think that stopping that rush causes meany victims and loses.
  11. But ink have to hit turret so many times while the devastator only needs one or two shots. I rearly engage turrets before I destroy some windtraps.
  12. And one more thing.Don't think that there is no oil on Arrakis 'cause I'll get you with my big mean devastator and it doesn't matter if you all played Dune 2 cause I have the little beast in my garage and it's ready to kick some ass. 8) 8) 8)
  13. Ok.Now I'm serious.All the windtrap farms philosophy:They sucks.Build windtraps scattered through the base and always have more then enough of them. That's all.And you must be extra careful if you play against Harkonnen. :P
  14. I've tryed some things with inkvines and I still think that flame tanks are much better.Inks are only good for kinjal. They do so little damage to slow armoured units and buildings.They can kill mortars but flamme tanks are better i that. One more thing: after they shoot they stay in place for a litle time and they loose range advantage cause enemy can come closer and kill 'em. But when I play against atreides I always have one or three or four of them, those kinjal can get really annoying. 8)
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