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  1. Hello. When you're making extended save file modifications, you'll actually have to maintain the consistency between controlling value containing the amount of bytes by which it's got expanded due to game progress/data uncompression and its actual size affected by manual edits. The problem is due to the above editors not updating that value, unfortunately. It's specified in the 5th & 6th bytes of saved game file, preceded by either 0xF702 or 0xF701 bytes sequence. The default value of fifth byte is 0x1B in version 3.7 and 0x59 in version 2.1, with saved game file sizes being 9,563 bytes fo
  2. In memory dump of CD version of the game, all of the following options are still being referred to, right after character names displayed upon completion of the game (preceded by "In order of appearance"): SUPER FREMEN HERE, PHASE LOC KNOWN, ALL SIETCHS KNOWN, RALLY ALL FREMEN/SIETCH, ALL LOC PROSPECTED, MUAD'DIB + 10, SHOW COORDS/SMALL MAP, TIME VERY FAST, TIME NORMAL, VEGET EVERYWHERE, SHOW TRAVEL ANGLES, SHOW VARIABLE, BACK TO SCR, ALL TEXTS, SHOW TIME AND SPEED, BUF TO SCR, ALL LOC KNOWN, NO "TOO FAR...", GOTO PHASE 80, INCPHASE, PHASE 123, GO->GAME END, HARKO ATTACK, NOT KILLED, 9 PERS
  3. Good day, everyone. At the closing week concluding the last year, I began working on design of a project which is currently inwardly known as Dune: A Harder Path, and represents itself about 3 times harder version of the original Cryo Interactive's campaign, with redesigned armies, appearances of their leaders, resources, locations and many other things which resulted in about 24 kilobytes changelog and 2 starting saved game files compatible with both 2.1 and 3.7 versions. However, along that 4 weeks road, I've started experiencing certain difficulties in terms of what I felt coul
  4. Do we have someone here who's aware of what bytes & at which offsets are responsible for a character's willingness to follow the player? Is there a chance you could provide the exact version 3.7 offset which is responsible for the definition of Game Stage variable, along with initial associated data contents by the time when the game starts? Thank you.
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