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  1. M:tG is awesome! And, by the way, just because Skullclamp is banned in Type 2 doesn't mean that it's not useable: I just played in a Type 1 tournament yesterday and got second place with a Skullclamp/Affinity deck. It's really very awesome if you play in some other sort of format. Love, Alia
  2. This is for any kind of gaming, right? Not just Dune related gaming? I hope not! HOW IN GOD'S NAME DO YOU BEAT LAVOS SPAWN??? I'm in Death's Peak and I can't beat them for the life of me. I'm going insane. Please help! Love to all, Alia :-* to all who help
  3. You guys are really running out of interesting things to talk about... SPORKS ALL THE WAY! Love, Alia
  4. ??? Who would ever say that about FED2k? Even I think it will last forever! Love, Alia PS Welcome me back, boys! Ready for some fun?
  5. 8) Some real cool LoTR fans in here! That's amazing...It reminds me of why I loved the Silmarillion so much! Ah, good times. And I'm back from an extended vacation. AKA I got bored and decided it was time to make my triumphant reappearance. Music is the ultimate way to express yourself. It is the only way in my opinion that, if you do it intelligently, you don't insult anybody! Love, Alia PS Welcome me back, boys! Ready for some fun?
  6. Anything with Super Mario is amazing! *Busts into the Mario theme song!* ;D Love, Alia
  7. :( Poor baby... :'( Oh, and thanks to all who welcomed me! I'm excited to be back! Love, Alia
  8. ;D Yeah yeah! Make her middle name Alia! I could go for that! ANYWAY, congratulations. She's really cute! I just love babies...gotta hate those mothering instincts. Love, Alia - Welcome me back, boys!
  9. In my mind, music is a way to release emotions that are undesirable in other situations. It is a good release and I do enjoy it very much. Others see it as just pretty background noise, something pleasurable to listen to. Love, Alia PS Welcome me back, boys!
  10. Hee hee! That gives women everywhere a reason to rejoice! What, you mean that Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are not exactly what all men want all the time? Wow! Love, Alia PS Welcome me back, boys! ;D
  11. Wow. That's scary. Even I don't think we're that bad off!
  12. Maybe she had low self-esteem and needed to hear why. That happens to everyone, I guess. Every once in a while everyone needs to hear that they are loved. Believe me, I know. Maybe we do try to overanylize you guys. It's just because we want to know everything about you. For some girls it's about easy prey. If they understand you, they can easily make you love them. For other girls, like me, it's about wanting to understand the important men in my life. I didn't know that was so wrong.
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