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  1. man its been a while but its hard to remember who are the best players of all time. Though you should have changed the topic name to "Gods, Generals and Weekend Warriors" Gods: Players who are so good they are legends Generals: People who know the RTS and RTT of Dune Weekend Warriors: Everyone else
  2. oh well since i can't get my generals to work online (stupid firewall) and i'm not going to play dune for a while i'm shifting over to freelancer. If anyone wants to join me email me at v7net@hotmail.com I could use the extra help in killing people besides its something else to play
  3. just got my copy today and the game is pretty addictive but only one problem can't connect to the generals server any ideas on how to get by this minor problem though the game did upgrade itself
  4. looks like i should be getting my copy withing the next few weeks ;D
  5. i know it just came out about this week and i read the review that the game will benefit offensive players. But i gotta know what the players think of it. If i'm going to front the money for it. Omniviper
  6. sounds like i left when it was starting to get messy ;D ouch
  7. i forgot to say it was fun for the past 1 3/4 years. peace out and maybe I'll see some in C&C generals maybe
  8. i quit i'm done and that is it see ya later
  9. wasn't jaws also a james bond character in 2 movies: the spy who loved me and moonraker.
  10. omniviper no idea but I didn't want viper and some random numbers following it
  11. man bilbo was no where close to caranto5 with his IX rush. He could pull it out of anywhere on the qm settings. Looks like he deserved his nickname of the IX master. Ix are not for cheaters you just need to find ways of defeating them. Also the comp uses the ix bombs pretty well vs infantry but it can't use the projectors for anything.
  12. i've been playing around with this: my best is only 70k with 1k kills about 50 losses. harks don't work too well but usually artillery with sardaukar elite supports works really well.
  13. [attachment archived by Gobalopper]
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