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  1. i've been meaning to ask this for ages. just how do i set a new rendezvous point for my reinforcements when they enter my map? they always congregate at my MCV. can i set a new point like i can for positioning output from buildings of newly made forces? (click on the factory and then plant the blue flag elsewhere on the map?) thanks! :P
  2. man, i'm no tht best player, you know? but i'm trying and i'm slowly getting some skill. i just spent a really hard 69 minutes defeating a shitheaded Harkonnen territory, and it really made me sweat. i mean, this f*cker was playing for keeps! anyhows, i get to the end of the territory, nail his evil red arse, and am just about to save my gamestate and what happens? xp/emperor decides to reset the computer. the game just "drops out" back to windows. GRRRRR! talk about annoying. i've mention of this in another forum, but does anyone know what's up with this? man, i'm spewing. :-
  3. ok, so if i totally kick arse in a territory, and build a formidable army, it IS worthwhile in the grander scheme of things. i was wondering if the game had enough sense to allow this :P
  4. so i kick some poor Harkonnen's arse, and in the meantime build this immense army. is this a good thing for the me during the rest of the game? or does the game just write-off my superior firepower and start again on the next map? my reinforcements seem to be, umm, piss-weak... thanks...
  5. ok, i've just joined here,so go easy :) i have read some of the cool posts here, but i need a few things verified. 1. does building 6 refineries/factories speed up my production by ~6x? 2. have all you guys played the full computer game as all of the Houses? 3. does the Atreides house suck against certain enemies or am i just a plain loser? ;) thanks!
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