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  1. You want to make an upgraded barracks, about 12 infantry at least 8 rocket troopers, two refineries, a turret, heavy factory, repair pad, 4 more tanks two more harvesters then continue as you wish. Churn out three to four infantry squads with two or more rocket troopers in each squad. Place on the northern rocks. Move the two artillery pieces you get at the start over to meet the incoming infantry in the east but enough south (just beneath the rocks) so they are not in range of the incoming quads trikes and tanks coming from the north and dont kill your own troops with splash damage; use more rocket troopers on the northern rocks with the missile tank behind them to kill the incoming units and an infantry only squad on the southern most rocks to protect the artillery. When the treacherous emperor attacks spot them arriving (having explored the region around the base before with the trike) and use the two tanks to run over the sardaukar then kill any quads then the trikes then tanks from that group. A few rocket trooper backup may help there but only after you squished the sardaukar. It can help to wait until they are attacking a building, like your barracks if you put it above the construction yard. Then move the tanks up north after the enemy heavy tanks are smoke to intercept enemy artillery before they get in range of the rocks and move a squad and quad out to help with enemy missile tanks. Use your missile tank on armor targets as necessary and back up the tanks from range. The hardest bit will be killing the missile tanks which come in last with the biggest punch per shot when you have damaged tanks. Once you have fired on them retreat your quad or the two tanks or your harvester (whatever they are firing at) past the rocks and lure the missile tanks into the base past your troopers with suitable Atreides cunning and the troopers and your own missile tank will make short work of them. Alternatively take the troopers out to the tanks. Key X will scatter a squad so they are not all run over. Get the heavy factory upgraded and build a repair pad before anything else and save the original units and then build more tanks and use the same methods for later waves and with a northern turret you should survive (helps if you remember to repair that). This method works OK for hard so it should work on medium. Placing the refineries helps, one to the south east for a small eastern spice field there and one to the north east beneath the rocks for harvesting the surrounding spice with trooper protection.
  2. IMHO Emp is good fun and I play it still. I has been abandoned by WW and I have no idea why for sure, but I read that the game engine was almost abandoned at one stage in favor of the Renegade engine which also was behind Earth and Beyond (I am beta-ing that). Reading between the lines this either is to do with internal politics and one upmanship or is to do with productivity/time ratio, as the Renegade engine may be easier & quicker to programme. Or a bit of both !! Renegade is getting a little crit for its gfx quality so the pendulumn may swing back. Emp Bugs are not game stoppers. There are a few errors with unit movement which are not fixed yet e.g. adv Carryalls, and generally unit collision footprints are too large which makes moving units awkward and they often back away from targets. Also the occasional anomaly with APCs which shows that the proggy was not quite fully polished on release. *sniffs* :'(
  3. thanks Gobalopper - lets hope they are too busy to talk ...
  4. Just thinking how cool it would be to have an Emperor version of Renegade engine, since Renegade is pretty good fun CCR makes me laugh especially when two dumbass grunts kill each other with their final volleys and fall down dead at the same time, as often happens.
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