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  1. Hi Stefan, Its perfect to see this project online I believe Dune2021(movie) will help the game be remembered again nowadays. Its would be great it support multiplayer.
  2. in 1.4.1 with 800X600 resolution the "upgrde" and "starport" menu is not showing? it is clicking on 100px left (in map screen)? is this bug fiixed in 800X600? if it is, not working for me?
  3. Hawker only said an option that "you can add the game shortcuts on steam list" So it is just an option you can add every game into steam list but there is no advantages for games, it is just "shortcut" for play games
  4. As i said, its not important that where the game released for companies, (origin or steam) Companies only thing "the money" So there are a lot of games copyright under EA but its released on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/publisher/Electronic%20Arts You right, usually the old games released after fixes their bugs or added new frameworks etc.. the most recent example is (Age Of Empires 2 HD): http://store.steampowered.com/app/221380/ The game revised before release. Age of empires first released on 1999 Dune2000 first released on 1998 So AOE 1999 but now the game released again i
  5. lol... everybody knows it is not possible with mail etc... it is just can be with "community" Maybe a "steam community" does this job...
  6. Hi dune2k! (my English is poor) Is it possible to add Dune2000 to the Steam? I know Westwood Studios was purchased by EA in 2003, EA have all rights of game? EA can do this right? Of course we are not going to put the game, we can just request this proposal to EA? there are many games added to Steam much later than their release date For example: Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty: http://store.steamgames.com/app/6810/ Neighbours from Hell etc... If it can be, EA can update the game then release, bug fixes... (is it just a dream? :)) It would be perfect "steam workshop" on Dune2000
  7. @THE AQIB: it is very good work! But similar sprites would be better if it was the same pixel size :)
  8. Hey, it can be great if you create the "whole sprite packs" i can use instantly.
  9. Umm.. i didn't understand exactly but i will develop the units order for move later. Because the "units movement" is a completely different subject and takes a long time. So i just developing a very basic game now, I focus on "general game play". But i will fix all bugs and wiil do performance updates. Thanks for your advice.
  10. I am not understand your sentence exactly. (my english is poor) But if you ask to me "what this project will differance from dune2000?" Its not difference yet, because it is just "Beta", so i am writing the "basic codes" now. When i finish the "basic codes" then i will add: very usefull GUI properties new units with new feature new buildings with new feature advanced multiplayer, 2 type FOG, marketplace for multiplayer or teamplay, for example a building that it can pay spice the units price and will destroy it, new unit sound with all languages and native languages from fans.(funny voices e
  11. Of course it can be. But i have not got the unit sprites. I have only the building and terrain sprites. If i fould the unit sprites i will change.
  12. Release 3Added: Show unit and building healths (Press and hold to "Q" Key)Added: Show unit and building healths on current mouse coordinatesAdded: Silos and spiceCapacity activatedAdded: "SHIFT" key added for add unit in selectedUnitArrayChanged: Building and unit health colors changedChanged: Building and unit right left mouse key synchronizedFixed: Menubox visible fixedFixed: Mouse current status fixed (Sell, Repair etc.) Press "ESC" for quit game. I released this third release for talk with you for develop with together and find bugs in game.Please report the game bugs in here.This release
  13. Hi Dune2k! I released a new beta test for the game (RELEASE 2) LogChanged: wrote new game engineAdded: Radar Map scroll (drag screen with radar MOUSE_LEFT)Added: Multiselect for unit selection(press and drag the mouse in game for draw rectangle for select units)Added: Order units in Factory que(when a new unit is created in factory then the other units in factory que, gives to new units a free grid for move)Added: Move units with press radar area(when select units in game then if you press radar with MOUSE_RIGHT the units will move to there)Added: MoveScreen with keyboard (UP DOWN RIGHT LEFT
  14. @Matthias M. Thanks for your advice but i just write my all codes on my own. Some develop news: I am writing a game engine in JAVA started 1 mouth ago, and the game is now working very effectively. (game speed is same on all computers and not slowdown) The game speed is up to %90, all variables is very dinamic now for use in "Map editor" and "Camping editor" I will release "beta" soon.
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