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  1. Another series of maps Dune Legacy Rippsblack Map Pack 2.rar
  2. Its been a while since i've been over this way, but last time I was i was heavily playing Dune2 The Maker and i made some maps for that game. Somepoint after the Dune Legacy team contacted me requesting use of those maps in thier game, ofcourse i said yes. I've spent some time recently playing Dune Legacy and its a fantastic game, supports larger maps upto 128x128 which is kinda nuts. In some cases i managed to push this limit over 128 but it results in sometimes crashing and weird radar bugs. But enough about all that... Today I Present to you some new maps made specificly for Dune Legacy varying in size and shape, some very small and some large. About half of them were made for 1v1 or 2v2 games so try and keep that in mind also. I Tried contacting the legacy team but was unable to reach them at IRC, i guess their contacts info is a little out of date but hey people know about this place. I'm sure if people want new content they'll google it and find it :D :) Long Live the Fighters! Dune Legacy Rippsblack Map Pack1.rar
  3. Rippsblack

    Dune Dynasty

    I think I've read something about that actually, sometimes when I make a typo its not only the wrong spelling or wrong word, in the example of 'bear with me / bare with me', but completely different word that wouldn't even fit in the sentence, it might be something else I was thinking about or doing at the same time. anyway, moving on. So I've been playing again tonight and had worked my way up to level 9 on the Ordos campaign, was doing quite well and then.... bam The crash occurred when I clicked on the rocket turret icon to begin construction, I had noticed prior that I'd hit some kind of building/unit cap. Wasn't sure what exactly caused the crash, but I did have a number of units queued on the starport (purchased, but hadn't clicked send order) that I was planning on breaking the unit cap with :P Maybe that was a bad idea?
  4. Rippsblack

    Dune Dynasty

    Haha, that's okay dude, honestly I've noticed myself making that mistake quite frequently these days, it even bothers me xD
  5. Rippsblack

    Dune Dynasty

    Dynasty, I don't mean the button is not click-able, I meant that Mentat's face is not click-able when on the Mentat screen. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I already figured out the skip trick, however was using the options menu and double clicking Music on/off button :P I am aware of how BBcodes work, they were present in my signature at one point but for some reason are now missing. I care little anyway as it was only a display for my current halo sessions for which there is no longer any need. I don't play the game any more and care little about sharing my stats :P With regards to the music, I've been playing all night last night (massive headache now), and noticed that dune2000 music does indeed get its fair share of play time, once enabled correctly :P (my bad) The way i noticed the movement issue was with a siege tank and a combat tank, before entered the same tile to squish a trooper and then stopped there. the unit underneath seemed to be protected by damage, but once both units moved again they went their separate ways. Normally I'm shit hot on grammar and punctuation and things, but honestly towards the end of the day when I'm tired and stoned grammar sort of goes out of the window in favour of speed typing :P
  6. Rippsblack

    Dune Dynasty

    Removed my sig... it was from bungie's halo... a game sadly i can no longer play since my xbox was banned from xbox live :p Its a shame about the music, because allot of the great tracks from dune2000 rarely get a play (at least i find this to be the case) maybe the dynamic music could be made optional? Like in total annihilation you could choose between random, custom (dynamic) and play all (in order) I have been playing this game allot of over the last week and i've noticed a few possible bugs. not 100% sure what causes it but in some instances two or more units can occupy the same tile, I first noticed this when ordering a group to 'move' onto an enemy trooper. also, somewhat less important, but still somewhat annoying, the hark mentant does not seem to be clickable like the others. But apart from that this game is astonishingly complete and bug free, goodjob!
  7. Rippsblack

    Dune Dynasty

    Wow, Really impressed with this. I've only one request, the ability to skip music tracks, back and forth or a screen with a track listing so you can choose your favourate tracks Maybe add another button next to mentat and options, 'music' though i guess that would probably require some additional graphics be drawn, and it could just as easily be another page in the options button What do you think?
  8. oh yes... obviously it makes sense :P (to some) so do you understand why its happening ? or would you need more info to recreate this bug first?
  9. perhaps i should have been more clear... the resolution detects a wide-screen mode... which is not displayed on a single monitor, but instead, across both monitors in a windowed mode :S @ Mr Fibble... Demo4 is pretty old now, but there are 'unstable' releases that are available from stefans D2TM site, those release have better resolution support ;-)
  10. you're probably right... this may not be the place to report it... however most peeps are pretty friendly and care not about such things... but yes... I am having the same issue too incidently... stefan... loving the new res support... tho it behaves odd when more than one monitor are in use
  11. My Favourate RTS game, (Total Annihilation) had the option for the a left click interface or a right click interface and as much as i loved the choice, i allways stuck with the left click interface. Since the inception of supreme commander it became right click only and i've noticed the trend in RTS games to be Right Click only... I honestly feel that the choice is essential... it will avoid alienating any particular players playing style. looking over the RTS games in my collection i dont think any of them have gotten the control style right just yet... Most seem to forget that there is a middle mouse button too... which should be used for either selecting or going to your base or moving the screen to the action (enemy unit approaching ;p ) Keyboard controls are an essential... i think looking at the Supreme Commander / Total Annihilation Key bindings and copying those that apply to D2TM would also not be a bad idea Below i have posted some of the main commands from TA for your viewing pleasure I feel that the blizzard & C&C style controls are good... but not good enough...
  12. hey stefan, just stopped by to ask how D2TM is going... bluehappybyte, has recently asked me for permision to use my maps in Dune Legacy, I have ofcourse said yes :) Which kinda got me wondering just how far off a new release of D2TM is... FYI... i prefer D2TM to Dune Legacy ;) ;)
  13. Gunna spend the night playing demo4 and making a bunch of new maps... I'll still be using the old mapxx.ini naming format for now... starting again from 00
  14. Glad to see these maps are going to use ;)
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