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  1. That must be a bug cause rat pointer & selecting has been working for over a month. I play short sessions two to three times a week ^^ Stefan prob. checks this for you soon when time is ready.
  2. ^^ That is an opinion as the final stand for everything is in the eye of the beholder. Since long ago i've bought & read some others than orig. from F.H. in paper & ebook format. Included ebooks decade plus later. Noticed that all aren't same grip hold quality as they are, but still have plenty good parts & worth the read. Totally recommend for everyone who dwelves into worlds of Arrakis, Giedi Prime, Caladan & other celestial bodies written into this beautiful IP One good reason among others is that purchases support & carries it further. Good readings, viewings, gaming & sharing excellent word about Dune Universe to everyone o/
  3. It sure is handy at times. We became buds first time about couple decades ago when good evenings, some night-times in sp mode & lan gaming
  4. @Klofkac Thanks, that's good to know Hope that adding all the content from the mentioned package to Dune2k Gruntmods Edition's root folder fixes the things i mention here: Three errors blocking the good times. Take care, share good word about Movie & other Arrakis content o/ UPDATE: Got it to work earlier this evening & with fullscreen mode after it first launched in small res at top left corner. Toggled on that cutscene box at launcher so it went back to Fullscreen mode as did first time when installed few days ago. Prev. it stopped working all of sudden & gave that 'your gpu doesn't support ..' error pop up. Hope it doesn't happen this time after couple days. Waiting for zoom in & out feature to be added & rat buttons to be reversed so they match today's controls. I'll happily support also via small monthly donation once they arrive. Also important to mod cutscene vol settings so that audio won't rise into stratosphere when they're played. That tends to happen & it's no fun. Wish good week to all o/
  5. @Klofkac Howdies. I'm asking here if this exe update would solve my weird game launch probs. that hasn't got assist yet on it's own thread. I've read through your first post on this thread, but didn't gather it up from there. I mean the answer to this question. So can i use this "dune2000-sp-patches_2021-09-13.7z" with Gruntmods Edition ? Good week o/ Kindly: Fedaygin
  6. Update to latest error that's also shown on zip pack above ^^ The one that claims my 6gb Phoenix OC Edition Gpu not good enough to run Dune 2000 So today i tried to run it with Win 7&8 compatibility mode & at both times screen went black with no audio. Tried many geeky tricks from the sleeve that know of. Couldn't get rid of it even with t.manager (to end process through that) cause black screen overwrote it as in stayed as top window (which is very rare for any client). Then eventually was able to logout to desktop login screen via first page of t.manager & luckily didn't have important projs. active & in unsaved state. Still don't get it why this gruntmods edition now says that my "gpu doesn't support the required modes, please open the D2K config prog. & change your resolution" <-- There's no residual files in 'appdata or user -> local' folders after recent uninstall that could cause this prob. I'll see if launches like normal later this evening. I've tried all possible settings via launcher as mentioned already above.
  7. Same error pop up here as well ^^ It was & is the orig. campaign that i tried yesterday evening when popped first time & still today after tried all settings on launcher :/ Strange cause i didn't change any other files except the ones that came with Nobles Coalition zip package. Earlier today noticed that can play orig. campaign & dlc missions made by Gruntmod crew when launch via 'Mission launcher'. That error pops only when try normie campaign route, not via M.Launcher. I uninstalled today & reinstalled hour after. Now have second error blocking the good times in Dune 2000 RTS. It's about claiming that client doesn't support the chosen res. It does cause 2x days ago i played with 1920*1080 that i've selected at launcher. Was there some exe patch that need to apply after installed Gruntmods Edition ? Once that's out of the way & client works longer than two days then gonna set up celebration fireworks ^^ My OS is Win10 Home x64 & have 16gb 2400mhz Ram. Dune 2k Gruntmods Edition is installed to 2TB Sabrent Rocket Q M.2 drive. Three images on that uploaded folder. Good rest of the year to everyone. Pst: Remember to watch Villeneuve's (Cinema Art Genius) Dune in Cinema, stream it after on HBO Max, give positive review & share good word about it o/ We Arrakis Dwellers can impact big time on 2nd part's Arrival (Arrival good one from Villeneuve btw), New Arrakis Univ. Games & planned Series called: Dune: The Sisterhood. Arrakis Forever.zip
  8. I'll write here rather than create new topic since one made about Super Dune II =) I receive this error pop up when click the install exe that unpacked from the zip file. That zip folder has 3x files inside. They are: File_id.diz, install.exe & readme.txt. I was going to install it there & then proceed with following install instructions on readme file. My OS: Win10 Home x64.
  9. How to get this 1.07 patch ? Nothing happens when i click the 'Download The Dune 2 v. 1.07 fix. on this page: Download 1.07 Patch. Only get redirected back to same page & no download inc. :/
  10. @stefanhendriks Thanks for info about few things. Good to know that i'm not only one with some of these additions & change that improves gameplay with big steps. "Combined with a proper options menu so you can change that easily." <-- That would be very good, but also to just add only add 'today's' rat controls scheme which is that commands from right & selection with left I'll take a look at github link & join to discord once brewed Hot Ginger Tea ^^ Weird policy here about adding reactions like upvote, like etc. Sometimes even after twenty four hours i still get pop up saying that "sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today" :o Good weekend, coding (if you code) & until next time o/
  11. Wonder why this happens when click 'mount' with Win10's own V.Ddrive feature :/ UPDATE: Re downloaded the discs & then was able to mount em. Question: Why didn't the install phase ask for other discs ? I mounted Disc1, set the install path, chose the components & it finished without asking others.
  12. Howdies. It's great to see this & esp. after played lil bit yesterday evening. Good to have zoom in & out, but for it to be perfect would be nice to have shorter cap set to zoomed out. Sometimes when zoom in for funz then once zoom back out, there may come lil slip by going too far & that's really far Second & most important suggestion: Please reverse the rat buttons config. so it matches today's config. Means that unit selection with left & commands with right button. Back in the 90's & lil after when played with golden compact sized Amiga 600 all went smoothly like drinking berry smoothie on sunny day, but naturally on these days it's opposite when used to better one Unit went towards base for many times when i went to build after had sent command(s) cause of that blasted left button is for commands Good that now can add unit groups like was possible already in good ol C&C that is "Son of Dune 2" & even back then C&C had 'guard' feature just by clicking "G" on keyb. if memory not mistaken. Good that can select multiple units with drag & select or by holding shift & click. The 'guard' feature wasn't needed for Dune 2 though cause units attack autom. if enemy comes to their visual range & they returned to orig. spot ^^ Those are the suggestions to make gameplay enjoayble & next couple questions. How to save since there's no menu available & how to configure audio settings ? Love the good ol midi music, but need to change vol for that & speech. Thanks for doing this proj. as it gives good nostalgia times to relax with ^^ I'll support this mod project by sharing good word & dropping few € monthly (if you have paypal for it) after confirmed that those changes are coming Hope you have good rest of the september & year o/ Kindly: Arrakis adventurer since early -90's & fan of books, games, tv mini-series, movie (yes Lynch's movie was good'ish) & supporting Villeneuve's movie by watching it in Cinema. Also stream it at least once a month via HBO Max for first 3x months as i've been subber to HBO Nordic since early this year. It merges to HBO Max on next month
  13. @Fremen Big thanks, gonna give this a try later this evening ^^ *Bows Down*
  14. Howdies. Here's very late reply ^^ Gonna try with Win10's own 'Mount' feature now that have Win10 Not possible without virtual stuff cause no cd / dvd drive in use on these days. As we know now they're not part of Pc tower. So if someone wants to get it then it's external via usb. Ofc as friend of nature & animals i prefer to buy games only digitally cause it's more environmental friendly way than buying retailed ver. Remember everyone to send message to Brian Herbert & WB about giving some slack to strict licensing so we could see new Dune RTS or some sort of RTS / Survival mixup game in near future. Send via Twitter & Directly by email. Go watch Dune in Cinema, watch it also on HBO Max & share good word about it <3 The pre planned second & maybe third movie's arrival (Also Sisterhood Telly Series) depends on Oct. 22nd movie's success. Good rest of September o/
  15. Howdies o/ Nah no rambling there at all. Good tips big thanks for all that you've written I've had better last two days in past couple weeks. This one gonna be bad again i think cause of drilling from neighbor randomly starting from 8:20 lasting to 11:20. Hope no more tomorrow morning & that could get energized day like Thorsday was. I've tried all the suggestions with no luck (I think i tried them all) so i ended up using 1980x1080 Res. It's okies even requires more of those Blueberries heh with Dune2k (Not with newer games as you know). Oh thanks for mentioning Fraps, but i know it & i use OBS to record cause it packs vids way better & quality remains good. Quality not bad with Fraps, but sizes are huge & ridic. like you wrote ^^ Aah didn't know about that method with Xvid Codec. That's great for Fraps users who don't wanna move to recording with OBS for example Talk about 'Game Capture' mode not working for Dune 2K.. I think it doesn't work for it even it recognizes The Dune 2000 exe is cause GruntMods launcher creates some sort of extra instance (or something) for Dune 2K exe so OBS don't wanna stream it :/ There's not a separate launcher for Dune 2: Legacy (That Kinda Remastered Dune 2 that has modern controls & even waypoint set from Buildings) so game capture works for it. Oh & thanks for writing about Box Selecting Units for Dune 2K cause it doesn't have that Double click on unit to select all same type units that are nearby. It works with Dune 2: Legacy that is years older x) Selecting all same while pressing Shift is good for Dune 2K, but ofc double click like in D2 Legacy would be sweet to have. https://sourceforge.net/projects/dunelegacy/ Is the Dune 2 link on this Forum also about Dune 2: Legacy or other remastered version or original Dune 2 ? https://www.twitch.tv/videos/429152664?filter=all&sort=time <-- Glitchy Cutscene going to viewers. It's Description below the window (open by clicking 'Show more' o/ There's also long one where adventured in Campaign using High Res. Gonna remove it on weekend, but maybe create highlight before that. Kindly: Fedaygin
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