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  1. Howdies o/ Nah no rambling there at all. Good tips big thanks for all that you've written I've had better last two days in past couple weeks. This one gonna be bad again i think cause of drilling from neighbor randomly starting from 8:20 lasting to 11:20. Hope no more tomorrow morning & that could get energized day like Thorsday was. I've tried all the suggestions with no luck (I think i tried them all) so i ended up using 1980x1080 Res. It's okies even requires more of those Blueberries heh with Dune2k (Not with newer games as you know). Oh thanks for mentioning Fraps, but i know it & i use OBS to record cause it packs vids way better & quality remains good. Quality not bad with Fraps, but sizes are huge & ridic. like you wrote ^^ Aah didn't know about that method with Xvid Codec. That's great for Fraps users who don't wanna move to recording with OBS for example Talk about 'Game Capture' mode not working for Dune 2K.. I think it doesn't work for it even it recognizes The Dune 2000 exe is cause GruntMods launcher creates some sort of extra instance (or something) for Dune 2K exe so OBS don't wanna stream it :/ There's not a separate launcher for Dune 2: Legacy (That Kinda Remastered Dune 2 that has modern controls & even waypoint set from Buildings) so game capture works for it. Oh & thanks for writing about Box Selecting Units for Dune 2K cause it doesn't have that Double click on unit to select all same type units that are nearby. It works with Dune 2: Legacy that is years older x) Selecting all same while pressing Shift is good for Dune 2K, but ofc double click like in D2 Legacy would be sweet to have. https://sourceforge.net/projects/dunelegacy/ Is the Dune 2 link on this Forum also about Dune 2: Legacy or other remastered version or original Dune 2 ? https://www.twitch.tv/videos/429152664?filter=all&sort=time <-- Glitchy Cutscene going to viewers. It's Description below the window (open by clicking 'Show more' o/ There's also long one where adventured in Campaign using High Res. Gonna remove it on weekend, but maybe create highlight before that. Kindly: Fedaygin
  2. Hehe nice with timing x) Strange indeed.. :/ Big thanks for suggestions I'll take a look into these later today & if doesn't work then i'll settle in to use 1980x1080 & eat more blueberries to improve eyesight Viewers also see everything in tiny view, but some who get lost to my Arrakis channel don't mind about it. *Bows and thanks & dazed after saw your Res* o/ Kindly: Fedaygin
  3. Howdies. Ah this control move is good I've tried those things to fix the Stream feed that's messed up only to people watching, but not for me. Or well same thing also with cutscenes as they're shown in small window at top left for viewers, but for me it's stretched video. Bigger cutscene cause chose that setting from launcher, but it's small for viewers :/ Also strange & ear drum breaking is the glitch that puts the volume to max when cutscene start playing.. I tried to check if fixing that would be found from config file in installation folder, but on that cfg file there wasn't option to stop it. I've tried the scaling option when using 'Display Capture' at OBS, but didn't work either. Missions Always half screen size for viewers & cutscenes are very small at top left :/ This way mission is shown to viewers https://www.twitch.tv/videos/428215867?filter=all&sort=time :/ On my screen it's fullscreen view & even after tried cropping at OBS it's shown like that to viewers. Guess i'll stick with that & go forward with the campaign & then take a look at Fans made content. Following advices told by you & Cm_Blast Kindly: Fedaygin
  4. Howdies m8. Uhmm duh i forgot to take a look into Hotkeys. Ah Dune 2000 also had good ol 'Scatter' command just as C&C from -95 Some others i also know, but not all you listed so thanks a lot Going to try some out later today when back from trip to International Market at downtown. I used 800x600 Res yesterday via Display Capture at OBS, but didn't work out cause feed had half screen showing desktop & rest was Dune 2K.. That was weird :/ For some reason OBS captures only half of the game & makes the screen flicker with that Res. I've been using 1280*720 or close to it if i recall & then works, but 40% or so gets left out from the screen. Doesn't matter that much. Was nice to watch that 800x600 cause it looked better (weird yes :P). Scrolling was fast even when put the scroll spd almost completely to left side Just shame that flickering & half screen only shown when send it out to Planet Earth. I can't use 'Window Capture' cause OBS doesn't recognize Dune2K window. It does recognize it with 'Game Capture' (like we talked about earlier), but not shown on Livestream Guess i have to stay with that 1280x (something) Res. Here's a link to my stream from yesterday. Talking starts around 5mins20scs if remember. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/426122824 PST: Long Live Atreides even started adventures first with Ordos Kindly: Fedaygin
  5. Hey Swordmaster. Thanks for letting me know I've now added Smugglers Campaign files by following instructions at readme file. Gonna check soon if can launch it with the way you wrote here & also this Hieighliner Mini-Campaign x) I didn't know about mission launcher so good that you wrote it. I love the Sountrack in Dune 2000 & even more in Emperor: Battle for Dune. It's nice surprise to see so much fan made content for Dune2K :o Atm. my stream schedule isn't solid cause of Insomnia troubling so prob. should deactivate my old schedule at my page. Trying to do some streaming around 21-22 EEST. Now is 13:53 EEST. Good saturday to you & other Arrakis Dwellers o/ Kindly: Fedaygin
  6. I mean to update Rat buttons work the same way as they do in Starcraft for example. Left button selects unit(s) & attack with right one. Hard time with good ol Dune 2000 cause of both done with same button :/ 2nd Question: How can i find & add latest patch to Dune 2000 ? Kindly: Fedaygin
  7. Can install client without probs, but after exit the client then it won't launch at 2nd time :/ I've tried to launch it as Win 95 & all the rest way older OS's. I always launch it as Admin. I have Win 7 X64 SP1 OS. Installed Battle for Emperor with Virtual CloneDrive Please Assist Kindly: Fedaygin
  8. @SwordMaster Thanks good to be in the Dune / Arrakis Club I was thinking of Streaming Dune2k & Maybe also Emperor: Battle for Dune in my Twitch channel www.twitch.tv/fedaygin 😃 I disabled those via Video Options, but didn't help. Then i tried Windowed mode, but doesn't work cause OBS Studio doesn't recognize Dune 2k when using windowed mode in OBS. Strange :o :/ Windowed mode only recognizes Gruntmods.net launcher. Game capture recognizes Dune 2000.exe, but then no image like wrote first. So guess i try Display Capture next like you've got it to work. I'll edit this after tried later today. EDIT: Got it working with Display Capture So weird to have same Rat button for movement & attack. If i recall first C&C that came out in -95 had attack & movement for two buttons like it should be & Dune2K was released 3x years later. Also can't que construction in Dune 2K, but can do it in Dune 2 that was released in -92. Weird Kindly: Fedaygin
  9. Howdies. Thanks for this o/ My OBS Streaming client doesn't show Dune 2000 even after i choose it from the list at 'Game Capture' scene :/ It's shown as Dune2k '65fps' on the list. You know how to fix it ? Kindly: Fedaygin
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