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  1. okay it took me a while, but yep it worked, it's okay to use any install disk just make sure you use a valid serial number.
  2. You HAVE to respect the original dune novels. but I say the prelude series 2nd, they were realy well written. Never read the encyclopedia, want it badly even though it's officially obsolete. I hated the butlerin jihad, it was a long hard slog to get through that one and it was predictable. But the machine crusade is really amazing... chock full o' action and plot. As for the new books being fan fiction, while brian herbert took some liberties with it, there still based on frank herberts own personal notes.
  3. Ughh.... i bought emperor a way back, and i still have my copy. But the predicament i'm in is that the install disc has one scratch (rather large) and it wont install properly... it gets to the end(95%) and wont install anymore. I just got a new computer and want to install it on there. My question is how could i fix it... i got a few suggestions from friends: -Use white toothpaste on the scratch and gently wipe of the excess. - a friend said to use the Disk Doctor (not sure about that, dave chalk said it does more harm then good) - find a friends copy, and use that install disk (not sure about this either) Will any of these work? Any other suggestions? I loved emperor, so i'm desperate!
  4. Quite frankly I loved the first three prequels... they were well written... but i agree with this cartoon. It (the butlerin jihad) has some of the crappiest writing i've ever scene. the style is like its written by c- high school student. the foreshadowing is just too obvious... when you foreshadow whats going to happen, you don't tell the reader what's going to happen! Example... when xavier goes to giedi prime to inspect security the last line in that chapter is something to the effect of "With his inspection tour behind him, Xavier left lovely giedi prime, confident that he had seen and done everything neccesary. And completly unaware of the vunerabilities he had not bothered to discover..." Like I said, C- student... he start off sooo many sentences with AND. you're never supposed to do that... it makes it sound tacked on. Sorry about that rant... if you'll excuse me a moment, i have to run out to buy a copy of the machine crusade
  5. I started visiting fed2k when i bought a copy of dune 2, i actively played redalert and tiberium sun at the time and came here for more info on all the games, movies and books. it was really cool that there were also a lot of the book readers here as well. and after emperor came out and bought that one i was comming here daily for maps and info... And i didn't bother register till i wanted more interactivity and community.
  6. I use a lot of deployed kobra's. (6-8) especialy since they heal themselves. this works better when their elevated. (4-5) I also mix in a few deviators and laser tanks. And if its charged, the chaos lightning. Use the rush against itself! How many palaces would i need to charge it once about every 2-3 minutes? anyone
  7. I was wondering if any one knows if there's an escort function for emperor like in red alert?
  8. In the book series When pardot kynes first comes to arrakis he see's water merchants with cows that are wearing special stilsuits Some freman had these as well
  9. I would have loved to have seen jodorowskys dune. H.R. Giger was the art director and the coolest part Salvidor dali was playing shadham he would have been great, especially with that huge handlebar moustache. Why was it cancelled?
  10. Sorry i pulled out my keyboard and realized my keyboards too old (1988 ) to do
  11. I know i like his music inspired by middle earth. I was suprised to find out he did the harkonnen music. it seemed like a departure. normally he's melodic but
  12. Okay i get it. but that still means the humans in dune would at least have evolved one or twice. even now scientists claim were noticing a change in us. Now, more and more people are born without their wisdom teeth. these teeth were rendered useless by fire and cooking, as wisdom teeth were used for tearing meat from bones.
  13. Im starting to write down the guitar parts of the house harkonnen themes in Emperor in tab form. I'll also try some keyboard for ordos. But Before i waste my time is any one remotely interested, cause if not i won't spend as much time on it I have one song already all i have to do is a couple of solos.
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